Ohio Supreme Court to take $28,000 deer case

Court will rule on local resident Arlie Risner's deer hunting case
Tom Jackson
Jun 6, 2014


Bellevue resident Arlie Risner's controversial $28,000 deer case is going before the state's top court.

The Ohio Supreme Court announced it will hear Risner's appeal of a demand by state officials that he pay about $28,000 in restitution for a deer carcass after he pleaded no contest to a hunting violation. State officials contend the buck's exceptional rack of horns made the animal very valuable.

Risner pleaded no contest to a charge of hunting without permission in 2010. He contends that he did nothing wrong and entered the plea to make the case go away and was stunned by the state's restitution demand.



Deer do not have racks of horns. They have antlers. There IS a difference.

Steve P

Isn't the "rack" the scoring system of the antlers, 8 point, 12 point, etc.

William Jeffers...

Deer and Hooter's waitresses are both scored by their racks.


So if the State can seek restitution for this deer, can I seek restitution from them the next time one hits my car?


This fine is totally outrageous. I hope the court rules in his favor but it is unfortunate that he will be stuck with attorney fees.