E. Strub Road closed for 25 days

Detour set through Woodlawn Avenue, long lines at times on Dewitt.
Andy Ouriel
Jun 13, 2014



Get ready to squeeze your vehicle into even tighter spaces along the already cramped Milan Road.

Beginning today, state officials plan to shut down a section of East Strub Road by Milan Road (U.S. 250) to all thru traffic for roughly 30 days.

“The pavement will be removed and replaced,” state transportation spokeswoman Christine Myers said.

Commuters can still access nearby businesses, such as Burger King, on Strub Road between Milan Road and Columbus Avenue during this period.

The detour’s slated for Woodlawn Avenue, a street running somewhat parallel to Strub Road off Milan Road.

Not everyone’s a fan of the change.

“Our post-construction concern, which ODOT ignored, centers around the design, which features two northbound left-turn lanes on U.S. 250 being merged down to a single westbound lane on Strub Road in a distance of less than 500 feet,” according to a statement from the Erie County engineer’s office. “Simply put, this project pushes ODOT’s traffic problem onto a county road, ultimately leaving it to us to find a remedy and a way to come up with the money to fund it.”

Too much on 250?

More orange barrels, cones and signs will now infiltrate Erie County’s busiest thoroughfare, since the Strub Road project jibes with a $32 million ongoing enhancement initiative on Milan Road from Cleveland to East Bogart roads.

Work will occur at night with at least one lane in each direction remaining open at all times.

Some work, such as crews installing sidewalks along Milan Road, has already happened.

But the brunt of work begins in May 2015, when workers along this 4-mile stretch aim to:

• Add sidewalks on both sides of the street.

• Create new turn lanes at busy intersections.

• Widen intersections and curbs.

• Make traffic signs more visible.



Detouring to Woodlawn is a VERY poor idea. There's no traffic light & I guarantee this will cause many unnecessary accidents by motorists trying to turn left. Good luck with that one.


I know I'm not a construction planner or anything like that, but it really doesn't seem to make much sense to me anyway to start up MORE construction on the main thoroughfare to Cedar Point just at the start of the season when they could do it at the end of the season and get a good chunk of it done before winter hits. My brother works for a cement company and they've had quite a few ODOT contacts over the years so it's not like they don't have materials that they can use in the winter if they needed to anyway. I know that this past winter was beyond normal but this is just insane!!!! I really think that the planning committee get together and decide to start construction when it will cause the most congestion - like they will next May. Thanks for that ODOT!


Idiots in Government. They would never survive in the real world.

Pterocarya frax...

The Kasich administration is showing proof that they do not care about you.


That idiot before him was so much better


Kasich doesn't design roads.


Woodlawn Ave is worse than driving on the Moon.All the craters.that should be repaved first.


ODOT, consider this you being put on notice.... If you don't put up a temporary traffic light at Columbus and Woodlawn for this you will have accidents and major backups on Woodlawn!


The left hand turn lane on Columbus to Woodlawn will be so long that it will prevent people on Woodlawn from turning left onto Columbus.

God Of Thunder

First of all, you can only do asphalt when it's warm outside and it's the best time to do concrete in this weather than winter on a major thoroughfare like this. Asphalt plants do not operate before April. They started well before the season, and it's not a quick easy project. Comes with the territory if you want better traffic flow. I do agree with the stupid decision to detour down Woodlawn rather than Dewitt where the traffic light is. I just hope they change the timing of the light since locals know that will be the safest route to go.


Glad I have no reason to go east of 250.


Didn't they just repave strub a few years ago?


It's just the Milan Road intersection.

Dwight K.

People complain if things don't get done and they complain when thing do get done...


Darned if you do.........darned if you don't ~ you are so right.
My biggest problem would be with the SE corner of 250 and Strub. Buy the bank instead of re-doing that corner every 3rd or 4th year. They re-did it again and gained ....what 8"? and the semis still take out the pole. Put a back entrance to Pet Supplies and Gordon's off of the Rt. 250 Menard's entrance for the semis. That's the worst intersection ever!


Not sure if they already did as I haven't been in that area for a while but, why don't they take that entrance to the bank just after the intersection out. I have seen so many close accidents because people are on the OVH side of Strub, go straight, and turn directly into the bank just past Milan Rd. Why not use/make the entrance pulling into Arby's entrance on Strub Rd? Just a thought, I'm an arm-chair engineer.

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Are we going to see this post at the top of this blog for 28 more days : )


Maybe they wanted to get the word out to other communities that there was road work, and the main route would be congested. So now the tourists would find our other local roads as an alternate route to congest, make it tough on us locals everywhere.

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AAA road tic if you have them.

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I think that each day of progress the SR should change the photos. Also the official detour is not Woodlawn is it? My understanding was that only major roads could be used for the official detour?


According to all of the signage on Columbus Avenue southbound, the official detour is Perkins Avenue.


I think we should all be grateful for the sidewalks! Way to go to the 5 girls who made it possible for us to have them.


What are you talking about?


sidewalks are being added to both sides of the street, which was a direct result of 5 girls from Perkins High school who petitioned the board to add sidewalks! This was not that long ago, maybe in 2010.