Man charges, woman stabs

Kitchen knife popped artery in drunken boyfriend's leg causing bloody injury
Courtney Astolfi
Jun 6, 2014

A Sandusky woman is behind bars for the alleged Wednesday night stabbing of her boyfriend.

Crystal Baker, 25, of the 400 block of W. Jefferson St., was charged with felonious assault, domestic violence and tampering with evidence.

Baker and a group of friends were hanging out in her Jefferson Street home Wednesday night, according to a Sandusky police report.

At some point just prior to 11:30 p.m., her boyfriend, Tyron Goudy, 28, returned to the residence intoxicated and began arguing with Baker, who was in the kitchen, Sandusky police Detective Jon Huffman said.

As Goudy continued to get worked up, some of the other people in the home were forced to hold him back, Huffman said.

“(Expletive), I'm gonna hit you,” Goudy allegedly threatened.

Baker grabbed a large knife off the counter and continued exchanging words with Goudy as the others kept him restrained.

But Goudy managed to wriggle loose and charged at Baker, Huffman said.

“With a knife like that, it would go right in,” Huffman said. “You'd hardly have to do anything.”

“I ended up stabbing him,” Baker later told police.

“She was holding the knife and just moved it a bit, she didn't even realize she hit him,” Huffman said.

The blade left an inch-long, half-inch-wide gash in both his left hand and right thigh, according to the report.

When the blade entered Goudy, he dropped to the floor and began to slip out of consciousness: the slice had pierced his femoral artery and he was losing large amounts of blood, Huffman said.

Scared Goudy would bleed out, the group called police. Huffman said if they hadn't, Goudy could've died within a matter of minutes.

Paramedics rushed Goudy to Firelands Regional Medical Center, where he was treated for his injuries.

When police questioned Baker, she was cooperative and shared the same story as the other witnesses did, Huffman said.

When they spoke with Goudy, he said he didn't know who stabbed him, police said.

Baker was charged with tampering with evidence, because she later told officers that she'd tossed the knife in the backyard after the stabbing, Huffman said.

Baker also told officials she was “tired of getting beat up,” according to the report, with Huffman citing a history of domestic violence in the relationship.

Officers arrested Baker and took her to the Erie County jail. She remains there on $33,000 bond.


Dwight K.

Oh what a shame he was saved


Agreed, but she should not be hanging around this 'type' of peeps!! Anyone can figure this out with a 1st grade diploma (Tyron Goudy) think......


So let me get this straight, they jailed this young lady for defending herself? Hope she lawyers up.


What was she supposed to do, gift wrap the knife and give it to the officer?


Since when is self defense a crime?????


Especially in your home...she had no duty to retreat and he charged her.


Playing devil's advocate here for a moment - because personally I think if a guy's hitting a woman he's fair game to whatever he gets - but unfortunately, and this is if I'm reading the article correctly, he had not physically come in to contact with her first THIS time. That's why she was charged. Her lawyer may - hopefully - be able to get her off due to previous attacks, but only if there were witnesses but if she didn't call the police on any of those it might be a little harder too. I really hope she leaves this piece of trash on the side of the curb in a dumpster where he belongs!!!!!


“(Expletive), I'm gonna hit you,” Goudy allegedly threatened......"But Goudy managed to wriggle loose and charged at Baker, Huffman said." It also states in the article that the witnesses and the woman's statements matched. He threatened her with bodily harm and then charged at her. Was she supposed to wait till he HIT her first then stab him? She defended her self before she was hit. To me that is the definition of SELF DEFENSE.


Thanks ladydye I was thinking the same thing over and over we hear about guys beating up women because they were drunk that's bs. I don't agree with a man or woman hitting each other unless they have to but if you have to defend yourself it's by any means necessary.


Yes she had to wait for him to hit her. Do you not know the meaning of self defense. N btw there is no self defense in ohio. Even though i think its messed up a woman cant strike first. Honestly it needs to change. Women are no match for a man. Krystal is only 4'11'' like for real what could she do to stop him.


Good for Ms. Baker! I would have stabbed him too. That's a dangerous situation that she is in. I hope she realizes that it's time for her to get out, before someone gets killed.

Bottom Line

Anyone else want to wager that when it comes time for her to sit down with the prosecutor and collect a case against this guy that she pulls the "oh I don't remember exactly what happened" card? They'll be back together in no time... Just betting the odds here.

the rantmaster

sorry to say but this is not self defense! the article stated that the witnesses had him restrained and she picked up a knife and continued arguing and fighting with this domestic loser. i get so sick of hearing about "battered woman syndrome" being a defense. she should have left while this guy was restrained and called the police and him arrested and removed from the home, that was an option so there for this is not self defense. when you grab a knife and continue to fight with someone anticipating the fact you may stab someone tells me she had time to leave and call the authorities.


It was her residence. He should have left. Castle Doctrine as in a woman or man's house is her or his castle applies in Ohio.


This could have happened in a matter of minutes or even seconds. How do you know. How do we know. There might not have been time to leave, call 911 in the time he was restrained. It was her home. It does not state how long he was "restrained". She might have only made it to the front door, the driveway, or her car. Noone knows. Guess your theory isn't much better.


the rantmaster: According to Walker's The Battered Woman Syndrome (p. 95-97, 1984), there are four general characteristics of the syndrome:

The woman believes that the violence was or is her fault.
The woman has an inability to place responsibility for the violence elsewhere.
The woman fears for her life and/or her children's lives.
The woman has an irrational belief that the abuser is omnipresent and omniscient.
More recently, Battered Woman Syndrome has also been associated with post-traumatic stress disorder in that domestic violence involves exposure to severe trauma and so the reactions of a battered woman may be due to flashbacks or other intrusive experiences from previous traumatic events so that the woman believes that she is in danger, even if she is not.

This syndrome has been used as an explanation for reactions to abusive situations in court cases but has also been used as an educational tool in order to raise the awareness of the impact that domestic violence can have on women.

the rantmaster

one more thing, it does not look like she is to upset from the looks of that mug shot. ill just never be able to figure out how some people can look so happy while being booked into the county jail.


she knew she'd make the paper!


Request a "speedy jury trial" & do not accept anything less than a complete dismissal.


If this happened more often, maybe there would less men abusing women...


they'll plea it down.

The Answer Person

Reap what you sow.

MI Smooth

I'd be willing to bet that neither one of these "Einsteins" missed any work over this baby mama drama....


Rantmaster must be a man. Figures. She was in HER home so she did not have to leave. He threatened her and charged at her. I would have done the same thing. She probably grabbed the knife due to his violent acts in the past figuring something good was not going to happen. I agree she should have left him a long time ago but anyone who sticks up for this man is probably a man lol. If I was her I wouldn't look concerned about him either. After being abused so many times, you kind of become numb to it and to your feelings about someone. Ok I'm done putting my two cents worth in. :)


I don't think she should be under arrest!