Teen crime spree ends in arrest

14-year-old allegedly brandished knife at store clerk
Courtney Astolfi
Jun 4, 2014



A Sandusky boy was arrested for an early Tuesday morning crime spree, brandishing a knife at a Walmart clerk, shattering windows at Sandusky High School and breaking into a Perkins Avenue gas station, police said.

The incident wasn't the boy's first run-in with the law—according to police reports, he pulled a knife on the very same clerk in a similar offense in September.

For his latest alleged crimes, the 14-year-old Putnam Street boy was charged with aggravated robbery, carrying concealed weapons, three counts of theft, breaking and entering, two counts of vandalism, obstruction, criminal trespassing, tobacco possession and assault.

The boy's crime spree kicked off around 1 a.m. Tuesday, when surveillance captured him breaking into the Hy-Miler in the 300 block of W. Perkins Ave.

The teen kicked and threw an item against the glass door until he was able to lift the pane up and squeeze inside, according to a Perkins police report.

He allegedly snatched multiple packs of cigarillos and tried without success to get into the store's cash register before fleeing the area on foot.

Around thirty minutes later, officers noticed someone tried to enter the Kroger gas station booth, noting marks on the window and several large rocks scattered around the area.

Two hours after that, around 3:30 a.m., a Walmart clerk was sitting in her car during break and noticed the boy entering and exiting the store several times.

The woman recognized the child from a Sept. 16 incident in which she confronted him over a stolen pop, prompting him to brandish a knife and flee, she told police.

So when the woman walked back inside and noticed a can of Rockstar fall out of his pocket, she asked if he was going to pay for the energy drink—just as she had in September, the report said.

The boy, again, pulled a knife from his pocket and told her he wouldn't pay.  He then asked “Do you want some of this?” before he allegedly lobbed the drink at her and ran off.

Perkins police soon responded to the scene, enlisting the help of Erie County deputies and their police dog, Butch.

The dog tracked the child to the area near Sonic Drive-In, and caught up with him behind a nearby hotel, the report said.

When a deputy told him to stop or else the dog would be released, the boy gave up and got down on the ground.

While officers were hauling him to the Erie County Detention Home, the boy overheard chatter on the police scanner about broken windows at Sandusky High School.

He admitted to breaking those windows, as well as the incidents at Kroger and Hy-Miler, the report said.

When officers informed the boy's guardian, his grandmother, about the events, she said he was “getting back” at her for an incident the previous day.



Dwight K.

I bet he was probably scared and wanting to cry when they were gonna release the dog on him...just like you see on Cops all the time

enough of the bs

Bullet to the head is the only rehab that'll fix this waste of society, product of its upbringing


How do you feel about the kid that tried to fry his parents by burning down the house for taking his laptop?


If you say a bullet to the head then it should be to the parents that have turned their backs on these kids. Both parents are drug addicts and the dad is dead and the mom is slowly killing herself. The grandparents are trying to raise their 4 grandchildren because their parents didn't want to. They do the best they can and sometimes that doesn't even matter. He is a troubled teen who can't figure out why his parents chose drugs over him and his brother and sisters and it's a shame. Just know the situation before you judge!!!


Boo hoo hoo


Dear Officer Krupke, we're misunderstood....


He can get his love n affection in the joint........