Wayward deer crashes through home

Wildlife officer later shoots animal
Courtney Astolfi
May 29, 2014


A wayward deer broke into a Sandusky man's home on Memorial Day, led police on a hoof-chase down Monroe Street then collided with a moving car.

No, it wasn't Bambi's mom, but this young male deer had a not-so-happy ending of his own late Monday afternoon.

A Wayne Street woman heard a crash in her laundry room around 4 p.m. and quickly noticed the animal had barreled through the window, blood dripping from its mouth.

Sandusky police called an Ohio Department of Natural Resources officer to the home, who flushed the deer outside.

The deer immediately jumped a fence and ran straight into a vehicle on West Monroe Street. Officers located the animal again at the Knights of Columbus hall on Columbus Avenue. The deer had injured legs from striking the vehicle, according to a police report, and it was still bleeding.

Police corralled it away from the public, where the ODNR officer killed the animal to put it out of its pain.



I wonder who got the hind quarter?


So, this happened like 4 days ago?


^^ I agree!!! ^^ I want to hear about the group that interfered with Life Flight last night.


Sandusky Scanner Live was all over this and much more entertaining! Thanks for trying register. Thanks for trying!


I'd like to know about the drug bust and growing operation in Port Clinton the other night near the city park, E 3rd Street. No one has posted anything yet anywhere.


I applaud Sandusky Scanner Live. Maybe the Register should befriend it & be on top of things. Even local A.M Radio 12pm "News Hour" had the beating/shooting at D.J's/Geno's as their FIFTH story when it should have been the top story! Sandusky for ya!