Local unemployment rates plummet

Huron County highest rate, Erie County lowest
Melissa Topey
May 24, 2014


Unemployment in area counties saw a dramatic plunge in April, according to data from the Ohio Department of Job and Family Services.

Huron County still had the highest unemployment rate in the region, at 7.9 percent in April, with about 2,000 people unemployed. This is still a 3 percent drop from the same month last year, and also down from March 2014.

Ottawa County’s unemployment rate was 7.4 percent last month, with 1,500 people officially out of work. That’s well below the month prior and also down significantly from April 2013.

In Erie County, 2,100 people were unemployed last month, with the rate at 5.4 percent. This, too, was down from March and from April 2013.

Sandusky County had 1,600 people unemployed in April. Sandusky and Erie counties were both below the state unemployment rate of 5.7 percent.


Einfach genug III

I wonder if a true representation would be if we had the following data.

1. How many previously unemployed attained jobs and are not receiving assistance.

2. How many of those who were receiving unemployment have left the area.

3. How many who were classified as unemployed have now gone on SSDI.

4. Are those previously classified as unemployed who have used up their weeks of benefits and are no longer classified, are they dropped from the official numbers reported?

5. How many of the previously reported have taken seasonal jobs (for example, CP, seasonal tourist employment, those kind of jobs).

I would just think that the data can be tweek to make everything just fine and dandy looking. Maybe they could also provide the % of "the unemployable" or is that something that might shock the mind, I believe in college (a real long time ago) we touched on that subject and it was between 2.5-3.0% of the population.



How many are working but are paid in cash and not reporting income?


1. This would mean they're not unemployed, because they have jobs, so why does this number matter in the unemployment rate?

2. If they're not in the area, they wouldn't affect the area's unemployment rate. Again, why does this number matter?

3. Also seems irrelevant.

4. The official numbers are based on a phone survey, not on the number of people collecting benefits. So again, this number doesn't matter when it comes to the official rate.

5. Seasonal jobs are counted as "employed" in the unemployment rate. Sooo...if you have a seasonal job, you're not unemployed.


You are trying very hard to find the negative or create a negative. Things were probably calculated the way they have always been. Unemployment and SSDI are really not related. Either you have a job or you don't. Period! Maybe it's not the job you want or feel you deserve but it is still a job which classifies you as employed.

Einfach genug III

*Because*, I don't like "massaged" data. Unemployment & SSDI aren't related except one could be used while trying to get on the other due to employment opportunities. (Edited due to autosub from my cellphone).


There are a number of different employment measures used by govt.

In this context, "unemployed" only refers to those who are collecting unemployment benefits.

It does not mean: All those who are out-of-work.

Nationally, many use the U-6 figure as the 'true' unemployment rate.

It refers to those:

"Total unemployed, plus all persons marginally attached to the labor force, plus total employed part time for economic reasons, as a percent of the civilian labor force plus all persons marginally attached to the labor force"

Currently, the national U-6 number is: 12.3%

To my knowledge, local U-6 numbers are not provided, though guesses could probably be made.



Actually, you're really wrong. In this context, "unemployed" does NOT refer to those collecting benefits. It refers to those who responded to the telephone survey by saying that they are not currently working but are looking for work.


I would love for the statistics to show how many just simply ran out of benefits, still not working and that is not a negative statement, just the truth. No way to calculate that.


'Erie county lowest' Hmm... I always thought 5.2 was lower than 5.4.


" Either you have a job or you don't. Period! "

That is easy to understand.

What I don't understand is:

Why a few people are trying to pick that apart and find flaws in it ?


Re: "fact"

Not a "fact," because the term "unemployment rate" doesn't mean whether one has a job or not.


Still has nothing to do with SSDI!


Re: "SSDI,"

Nationally, many whose unemployment benefits ran out filed for disability or SS.

"Jobless Tap Disability Fund"


Einfach genug III

Take a look at how the numbers swelled applying for or being approved for SSDI say use the last 10 years for data.


Filing for it and getting it are two very different things.


"The Government Entitlement Program That’s About to Dry Up":

"Since 2000, SSDI beneficiaries have increased by 73 percent."


The Big Dog's back

Wow. An article from a CONservative site.


Wow. Usual off-topic nonsense from the Troll.


<-------Karma----->It happand to me ----Karma could happand to you---Don't make fun of people on SSDI or government assistants ----It could happand to YOU AND IT DID HAPPAND TO ME---KARMA---KARMA----

Einfach genug III

I think you misinterpet Karma.



Metaphysical nonsense.

Correlation is NOT causality.


However you measure it, our economy is recovering. Despite all the efforts to hobble it - a restrictive tax policy, uncountable new government regulations, huge federal budget, back-breaking deficit and spiraling health insurance costs - our much maligned capitalist system has not only survived, but is actually recovering. (Imagine the incredible recovery we could be enjoying if we had a government that actually worked for, not against, a growing economy!)

The lesson to be learned from this is that our free market system works. It works best when our politicians get out of the way and just let it go about its business; but it even works when they do their damndest to throw roadblocks in its way.

Unfortunately, as an engineer I know that even the strongest, best-performing substance will break if it is stressed enough. And today our politicians and bureaucrats are stressing our incredible economic system as never before and if this doesn't change it will fail - it is not a question of if, but when.

The Big Dog's back

Do you actually believe what you are writing? Rules and Regs were stripped. Why do you think we a the Great Recession?


ohioengineer --
Are you kidding with that economic analysis ?
I expected realism from an "engineer ".