Embroiled Vermilion police officer keeps his job

Officer was accused of entering office without permission and being dishonest during an investigation into his actions.
Andy Ouriel
May 20, 2014


A Vermilion police officer gets to keep his job after he reportedly broke into a police administrator's locked office and then was dishonest about his action during an internal investigation.
A commanding officer, however, did recommend Patrolman Dale Reising to be fired.
While away from work for about six weeks, Reising still received about $4,200.
Pick up a copy of Wednesday's Register to read more about the action.



And again, business as usual. Law enforcement breaks the law, "internal investigation" finds it ok, taxpayers continue to pay his salary. Just business as usual.


This is a perfect example of why people have such a bad attitude against law enforcement. Not all cops are crooked. Not all cops are like this. He knows what he did. He knows he lied. He should MAN UP and resign. How can anyone trust him? What will he break into next? What else does he lie about?

Dispute Lite

If you read the 'internal investigation' it was determined that this officer not only broke several laws but also broke several department rules and it was recommended that he be terminated. The department did everything right. This comes down to the corruption in Vermilion's government (Mayor, Law Director, ect.). The police department wanted this guy fired, but the higher ups in the city are keeping this guy for some reason. It is a sad day when we have guys like this still wearing a police uniform.


In Ottawa County, he would be facing a F2 burglary charge for breaking into a locked public office and a felony falsification count for lying during the official investigation. The Chief needs to contact the county prosecutor and demand the case be presented to the grand jury.