Register gets top honor

Newspaper, both earn Associated Press best daily newspaper and media awards
May 19, 2014


The Register earned the top honor at the annual Associated Press awards program Sunday, bringing home first place in the best of show general excellence category.

It’s the sixth time in the last seven years the Register won the best daily newspaper award in competition with 10 other newspapers. The news team has topped the category every year since 2007, except in 2012, when it placed second in the competition.

Newspapers in the Register’s circulation category include the Elyria Chronicle-Telegram, the Lorain Morning Journal and the Findlay Courier.

Sixty-four daily newspapers submitted 2,599 entries in the contest, which featured news and sports stories, features, editorials, columns, graphics and photos from 2013.

Digital editor Jason Werling and also earned top honor in digital news/best use of multimedia presentation with “Decision 2013” wall-to-wall election coverage, taking first place in the category.

Register reporter Courtney Astolfi nailed top place in the investigative category. Astolfi earned first place for her work on “Campbell Street House Fire, Murder,” about a resident who was killed by unknown assailants who set his home ablaze, destroying evidence of the crime.

“The reporter took the initiative to find the story, even after the police initially turned her away,” the judges wrote. “She also managed to humanize the victim without losing objectivity.”

Astolfi also earned third place for best investigative news.

Reporter Andy Ouriel earned first place in the best business writer category.

Register sports editor Mark Hazelwood earned best special sports section second place for "100 Years Forward," a special magazine celebrating the legendary coach's perfection of the forward pass on the Cedar Point beach.

Chief design editor Mike Schaffer and lead design editor Nick Davis took first place for best front page. Schaffer also snagged first for best headline writer, and Davis earned first place in best info graphic and second place for best full page layout.

Design editor Karen Holcomb earned second place in the best graphics artist category, and design editor Karen Mork took second in headline writing.

Photo chief Luke Wark earned five AP awards: Both first and third place for best breaking news photos; third place in the best photographer category; and third place in best general news photo and photo essay categories.

Photographer Angela Wilhelm won first place in the photo essay competition; second in best sports photo; and second in best photographer category.

Register managing editor Matt Westerhold earned second place in the best editorial writer category.

The awards program took place in Columbus, with more than 300 in attendance. 


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Congrats! Definitely earned it!


Congratulaions to all the winners. Keep up the great work.

yea right

must be blind..they can not spell without spell checker. go look at the newest blog.. haha "the(y)" yea forgot the "y" and then they removed my comment cuz it did not suit them..really sr is a dumb paper


Must be some stiff competition!


Well deserved. Excellent journalism!


Great job to everyone @ Sandusky Register! Stay on top! Congratulations to you all!


Congrats! Keep up the good work! Please consider adding links to the winning articles and photos.

Jason Werling

Factitious, we will work on this today. And by "we" I mean me.

Fibber Mcgee

Just want to add my Congrats as well. I may not always agree with your agenda on some stories, or pictures with no names related to the story, but you do get the news out there quickly and accurate.


Well deserved recognition!


.... and I have first-place reporting/writing awards from the AP in Ohio and Michigan.
Associated Press awards are based on submissions by the awardees. 'Best' is not based on a year of work or commentary from readers.
"Andy" might have a different idea. At least you changed THAT on line... but it remains forever in print.

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I don't mean to be disrespectful towards you, but you're such a Debbie Downer.


Andy changed what? What are you referring to?

Matt Westerhold

Soi: The first name of a person in a previous article was misstated as "Andy." Contrary Ann is pointing out that an error occurred in the previous article.



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Congratulations Register!

Keep up the superior work Courtney! I'm glad you got the recognition you deserve.

William Jeffers...



Congratulations SR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Peninsula Pundit

Well-deserved acknowledgment of the improved investigative reporting this paper has accomplished of late.
It is true that locally, they have no competition, as the other papers are Gannett Lapdogs who want to tell you about the great gowns celebrities wear on the red carpet.
If you want to read that pablum go read those papers and stay off these boards, Contrary, Booze Sneaker, et al.