UPDATED: Seven shot, one badly beaten at former DJs Sports Bar

Seven shot have non-life-threatening injuries, Sandusky police Chief John Orzech said. The man who was badly beaten was flown by medical helicopter to a Northern Ohio hospital.
Courtney Astolfi
May 18, 2014


(UPDATED 11:30 a.m.) : Sandusky police Detective Dana Newell released the following details about the 4:30 a.m. multiple-victim shooting:

• No arrests have been made in the case. Police are now reviewing surveillance video to identify the alleged suspects.

• There is the possibility there was more than one shooter. "For that many people to get shot...you have to reload. There could be multiple shooters," Newell said. 

• None of the seven shot are children, all are adults. No names have been released. Officers have touched based with victims in the emergency room, but have gleaned few details from them thus far.

• "We've got a group of people from out of town that came in, I don't want to say yet from where," Newell said.

• Shots were fired both inside and outside the Cleveland Road bar, near the Shell gas station, which now goes by the name of "Geno's." Gunshot victims were primarily bystanders and do not appear to have been involved in the altercation, Newell said.

• Officials do not yet know what sparked the beating of the man. 

• Newell could not yet say if the incident was gang-related. 

Check back for more updates as they become available.


UPDATED 9:02 a.m.: Correction: Police are interviewing a witness currently, not a suspect as previously stated.

No names have been released.

Sandusky police detectives are interviewing a suspect now at the Sandusky police station.

Stay tuned...more details to follow after that interview is completed.



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7 That's a good start!


How do you shoot 7 people and none of them are in a life threatening condition, but one person gets beat up and he is the one that needs a lifeflight?


What's wrong with you? Your handle says it all.

Dr. Information

Going to go out on a limb and say not one of them has a concealed handgun license. More reason to arm good citizens who abide by the laws.

Intelligent Citizen

I have a hunch that the gun used was probably not legally purchased either. Just a hunch though.


Some advice for those continuously causing problems at this place: Take some shooting lessons (and more target practice) to make sure you complete the job PROPERLY. One (or more) idiot dead and the other idiot in jail is fine with me.


Can the SR find out why the city has not shut this place down. There has been article after article about under age drinking, illegal gimbaling, drugs, fights with knives and guns, curfew violations. What more dose it take. The people that live around there can't be happy about it.


If they shut this place down, they will just find another place, remember Big Os?? Maybe put a large wall around Hancock st and let them shoot each other....cage them like the animals they are

From the Grave


Licorice Schtick

By "they" I presume he meant drunken idiots and violent thugs.

Licorice Schtick

The belief that we must allow a place for drunken idiots and violent thugs is a foolish mistake that just perpetuates the problem. Any establishment that caters to them must be shut down. We have this problem because we tolerate it. No quarter for drunken idiots and violent thugs! Not in Sandusky, not in Erie County, not anywhere!


I wish they would take some shooting lessons so that they would finish the job the first time around instead of us having to pay the hospital bills. I'd rather pay the undertaker.

Licorice Schtick

Appealingly expedient, but most of use prefer something more closely resembling due process.


Oh it was just a bunch of good kids playing cops and robbers in the parking lot of a five star establishment. Where's the problem?


This is a waste of space. No info, no story. Edited at 9:02. What was edited. The headline tells more than the story. These few sentences tell us nothing.


Looks like nemesis was the messenger on this per his statement on Friday that he overheard something was about to go down at this very spot.


Yep, perhaps he was projecting?


What's the matter Babo, upset because they haven't arrested the perp with a Cedar Point ticket stub in his pocket?


I really hope they get this a$$hole. One of my family members were shot because some dumba$$ started shooting. As I a stated before it is way past time to shut dj's down.

Einfach genug III

You say they need to shutdown this business, but your family member still goes there?


How can they control their family member? They can suggest, but cannot stop someone from doing what they want.


What the fu** does that matter? You also hear about Daly's. No one deserve to be shot. She like others were trying to enjoy themselves. I don't go to bars myself whether its these dumba$$es here or at Daly's the pump I can go on. They all have made the paper for dumba$$ people acting stupid.


4:30 in the morning and just enjoying themselves ?? At a place that is known for drugs and shootings ? They were probably all just relaxing and getting themselves prepared for Sunday morning church services


Just because you go to bed early some people don't. Just as some people work days and some prefer nights just because you don't that's your business. I Personally After Working All Week On Friday and Sat dont i usually dont lay down till five or six in the morning. So to each it's own.


Be a safe bet none of them have jobs lol


By state law any establishment that has a "legal" liquor permit has to close by 2:00 AM. How are they still open at 4:30 AM??? The city needs to clamp down!!!!

Licorice Schtick

Per the terms of the permit, they don't need to close, just stop serving.

But a permit does not supersede local law, in that if zoning says you gotta close at midnight, you gotta close at midnight.

We need a zoning change that closes commercial establishments at midnight, allowing exceptions only when they don't cause trouble and when nearby families are unaffected.

Einfach genug III

From what I read this happen at 04:30 AM, what reason is there to be out at that time of the morning even if you worked afternoon shift. Yeah you should be able to go wherever you care to, but what you and others have said, why would you go to a place that has major safety issues?


Sadly if you shut DJ's down it just goes elsewhere say the Dog Pound or wherever. What this comes down to is our judges do not enforce the law starting mainly with O'Brien. If you never have consequences for your actions then you just do whatever you want.


O,Brien, it seems the Italians with Italian last names, O'Brien s sentences longer stays and higher fines.

Raoul Duke

First you have to understand what consequences are, and second, you have to care.

The General

Jimmmmmmbo whats up bra?


All area local judges are WAY to soft on the consequences of the actions of drugs, DUI, etc.... HARSHER PENALTIES would result in less crime. It may not eliminate it, but it may make some think twice about starting or doing drugs, etc.....

Licorice Schtick

The belief that we must allow a place for these jerks is a mistake that just perpetuates the problem. Any establishment that caters to them must be shut down. We have this problem because we tolerate it. No quarter for drunken idiots and violent thugs! Not in Sandusky, not in Erie County, not anywhere!

Little Giant

I have lost all respect for Mr. Ruta. As the owner of this property he could remove his problem tenant yet he does nothing. Maybe people need to start boycotting his businesses?



Unfortunately this is probably one of this slumlords biggest money makers he owns a lot of trash


I thought the same thing, why would he evict a tenant that pays?


There was a 16 year olds birthday there yesterday 0.0

Einfach genug III

At what time did this take place?


From the invite I saw 11-2:30am.


A 16 year old birthday party at this place until 2;30 a.m. ?? Chuckie cheeses must have been booked. This place this time,,you are begging for trouble ! I am starting to believe that these people do deserve to get the s#!+ beat out of them


That would be P.M. DUH


Maboom, please read the comments before posting and making yourself look stupid.... It says till 2:30 a.m. that would be in the morning. Duh ????


I think the place has a Buffet that goes around in a circle. Thats probably why they went there instead of chuckys.


Sadly, if it is closed down, which it should be, the trash will just go somewhere else and do the same. Trash, trash EVERYWHERE in this town anymore~SAD! Can anyone say~TOO MANY DUMP RENTALS?!

he said she said

from what I understand, it was an out-of-towner that started shooting. I don't know why. After this there was a fight IN the ER of the hospital--my guess is going to be same folks fighting about the shooting.
I wasn't there, I don't know what was going on but I do know that I woke my kids up by calling to make sure it wasn't them and this was at 4:20 when the scanner woke me up.


I here its a guy from lorain. That tells some what. Anyone who went to shs or any of the Lorain schools know the hate between Sandusky and Lorain is at a all time high as there has been more than a few Sandusky people shot at or beat up by Lorain and elyria people.

Einfach genug III

Huh, I guess the thought of having Debate Teams neve crossed the minds of SHS and Lorain schools.


You make it sound like two big cities having a rival with each other. I can tell you this...nobody cares about Sandusky and Lorain having a "Rivalry". It just has to do with who had the balls to pull there gun out and start blazing. Words were exchanged, and somebody put their money where there mouth was.

he said she said

santown419, Akron, Cleveland and Toledo, Chicago and Detroit all have something against Sandusky. I don't think it is a 'rivalry' between cities because of high school games. If that is the case, the police better start looking at Fremont too because that's who we had a rival against when I went to school. These knuckleheads might be young but they are not playing a kid's game.

Believe half of what you see and nothing what you hear.


Unfortunately there is no answer to this problem, well there is but not one that will ever happen...close it down they go somewhere else....put them in jail they'll get out....watch the movie Escape From New York.....that'll give you great ideas!!


It says former DJ's Sports Bar. What is it now?


They should name it the " Blood Bucket ".

he said she said

There was already a bar called Bucket of Blood here in Sandusky. It's been closed and torn down for about 20 years if not more.


Mormon church imp


Ole lil shauncy clinton and his boys got beat down. To bad noone got blasted and layed in the morgue. Tired of hearin bs bout this ratchet establishment! Someone has great intetest in dj"s 4 it 2 be still open. Shut the hell hole down. But I see why Sandusky wont shut it down. Cuz if the blacks keep shooting each other. The shooters might get better and actually start killing there targets. Its called legal GENOCIDE. Let them kill each other off and we can get our town back. Keep practicing shooters.


Bring back duffs


I'd rather take a beating.

Good 2 B Me


Dwight K.

Well I guess its a good thing that they were probably shooting sideways


That and the smoke from their blunt probably got in their eyes and blurred their vision. I really wish someone with good aim would start patronizing this historical Sandusky establishment. That or make it where the first sound of a gunshot is heard the doors automatically shut and lock and no one can get out, and can only be reopened by the police and if it takes them 2 hours to arrive on the scene then dang that's unfortunate


Then you and your herion addicts friends and family can take over.


Hey Mr sanman, last place I would want to take over, and not one of my friends do drugs or family members. Kinda sounds like this is your hang out, sorry if I touched a nerve I'm sure you're one of the innocent people who just like to hang and chillaxe ! Hope you aren't one of the seven good people who got hurt last night.


No dumda$$ I don't hang there or any other bar can't you read. What you want your family or friends or kkklan to do or chillaxe whatever that means you can't control just like I can't control. Yes I have friends and family who on occasion just like any other bar frequent there so what.


Hey sandytown, by the articles in the paper and things that go on there, it is pretty much druggies, thugs, and low life's that hang there especially at 4:00 a.m... It sounds like your family and friends that go there are part of the problem, not the solution. But I'm sure with all the losers that are there at 4 a.m. your friends and family are the "good ones" there !!


Look miss baby momma has changed her name to dwight. Still the same message.

Dwight K.



Look miss baby momma has changed her name to dwight. Still the same message.


Look miss baby momma has changed her name to dwight. Still the same message.


Look miss baby momma has changed her name to dwight. Still the same message.


Look miss baby momma has changed her name to dwight. Still the same message.

Dwight K.

Ha OK dude


Sideway grip is actally call Super Modified Gangster Grip (google it).

Julie R.

They'll never shut this place down no matter how bad it gets. It makes the Carmelo Ruta Inc. too much money.


I agree Julie. I don't blame him for all of this as I don't blame geno but a lot has to go to him for continuing to allow it to be open.


Easy way to shut it down...the victims need to sue the owner of the business plus Ruta as property owner. But then Ruta owns the courthouse and every public official too so never mind.

Ralph J.

The county auditor gave Ruta a big break on property taxes. Where are the school lawyers to contest this.


Yes, I noticed the property has not been reappraised since 2006. The property is 1.22 acres on high value Cleveland Raod with all that CP traffic and is only valued at $166,000 for the land and another 218,000 for the building.

I thought the Auditor was required to reappraise all properties every three years. If so, this property was due to be reappraised in 2009, 2012.


The City was much more peaceful when the bikers ran things.

Really are you ...

The saga may be ongoing. Heard there may have been more shootings at Firelands Hospital at around 11:20am. Just heard, don't know how true or to what extent.

Einfach genug III

Maybe we can hold a prayer vigil and blame everyone but those who go there for what happens!

he said she said

Not everyone that goes there is a trouble maker. I KNOW a few people that go there to have a good time. They all have jobs, they take care of theirs, and they don't cause trouble.

So maybe you should blame the ones that can't go out without showing out for the problems.


I heard the great savior of our city CP has employed a boat load of them from the surrounding Democrat havens of Detroit and Cleveland. But god forbid we should raise the admission tax.


Just a few thoughts. 4:30 AM you should be sleeping if you are not working, I don't care how old you are.
A 16 year olds birthday party should not be in an establishment like DJ's. A child's birthday should be celebrated during the light of day!

he said she said

It was in the daytime from 11 AM to 2:30 PM

MI Smooth

I'm sure this was all just a big misunderstanding about who was going to sing lead in the choir at church this morning. These were good people just trying to get their lives together. Hell, I'm sure they were all working on getting their GED's and planning on college.


.....and go on to their doctorates.

God Of Thunder

It boils down to this.. No one knows how to fight anymore.. It used to be a one-on-one thing. Nowadays, they are all a bunch of frickin heroes when it's 5 against 1 or with a gun in hand. Most of the people who are in groups or that have to shoot someone in an argument would get their a** kicked going at it solo.


I see a lot of comments on here about how this place should shut down. I disagree. "They" will migrate, I stress the word migrate, to other establishments and take their nonsense with them. Take for example the Brass Pelican on Perkins Ave. When Big O's shut down, "they" went down the road to Brass Pelican. Now Brass sucks.


What I want to know is, why does the register keep calling this place DJ's? It has a new name and you put that in small print with the former name in the headline? If I used to run DJ's I would be pissed at the registers lack of reporting ability. I don't think any of this nonsense happened when it was "DJ's" but after it was sold off it started. I guess that would take some real reporting though and this trashy town can't even get that right.


It has less to do with the place than with the people causing the problem. Shutting down the place will have no effect whatsoever on the violence or those engaging in such behavior. What WILL have an effect? A serious crackdown on gang activity or comparable crimes.

When these idiots actually do REAL jail time, actually have to pay REAL compensation -- when they see real and SERIOUS consequences for their acts -- we'll see some improvement. If nothing else, things will improve purely by virtue of getting these thugs off the streets!

No more bleeding heart policies. No more plea deals. No more slaps on the wrist. Violent crimes warrant the strongest possible punishment. It's past time that's exactly what these perpetrators get!


and it's not even summer yet. If only those condos, hotel and conventions center would have been built at Battery Park we wouldn't be having these problems.


hearsay is that it all started with 2 girls arguing on the dance floor.

4:30 in the morning? Don't most places close at 3am last call 2:30 because of liquor license requirements to stop serving by 3. Question: do they even have a liquor license. If so maybe liqour board needs to look into if they were still serving.

God Of Thunder

There is no liquor license. From what I understand it's a B.Y.O.B establishment. The guy who runs it just 'leases' it out to people for parties. These have been some parties. Wish they served lunch, I might have to try it (he says dripping with sarcasm).


John Taffer needs to go in and clean this place up!!!


CLose this PLace!

The General

Yo Yo Yo...listen up. I have cartons of cigarettes heavily discounted.
Kools ( oh yes)
Parliments uh huh

Sooo listen up.... for y'all out there.... buy 2 cartoons of NEWPORTS, get the 3rd at 1/2 price.

Also limited issue of Schlitz Malt Liquor, Ole English 800, Heineken, AND Hennessy as well....let me know


As of this AM's print edition Ruta evicted the tennent. Maybe someone explained to him that he could be sued 7 times over. As property owner he has liability.


Evicting the tenant took a certain amount of guts...


My understanding is the next location for this group of morons will be the old IAB club.

The rats scurry away only to reassemble at a new location. Closing this establishment just moves the location it doesn't change the outcome.

Licorice Schtick

Wrong. That belief just perpetuates the problem. Any establishment that caters to drunken idiots and violent thugs must be shut down. We have this problem because we tolerate it. No quarter for drunken idiots and violent thugs! Not in Sandusky, not in Erie County, not anywhere!

Whiskey in a Teacup

Someone is in the loop?


Thugs are already infesting other bars/restaurants. 2 or 3 years ago there were shots fired in & around the crow bar. Daly's, Brass Pelican & a woman was even mugged & knocked down during dinner hours outside the Cameo. I have a feeling this year's Bike Week downtown will end up an all out war!

Licorice Schtick

Wrong. That belief just perpetuates the problem. Any establishment that caters to drunken idiots and violent thugs must be shut down. We have this problem because we tolerate it. No quarter for drunken idiots and violent thugs! Not in Sandusky, not in Erie County, not anywhere!


Why would he have to "reload" if 7 people were shot? Many guns, including my .40 Cal hold 11 shots.


Even more of them hold 15.

GooseyGrandma's picture

WTF~~~ SR just says "Stay Tuned"- like you are watching a 2-day TV program coming up next--woo-hoo break out the popcorn...Just Stupid! And secondly---Det Dana Newelhas just contridicted himself by stating "• "We've got a group of people from out of town that came in, I don't want to say yet from where," Newell said." AS TO WIT; in yesterdays edition on this story>>> it stated that there was a group from ELYRIA and a group from SANDUSKY who were fighting inside of DJ'S, and one of the people from Elyria WAS INDEED THE SHOOTER"" WTF Sandusky Police;;;Sandusky Register and any other legal people involved in this case????? I'm so Thankful I do not live in that pitiful city any longer Because there has been a big Dark Evil and Gloomy Cloud hanging over THAT CITY for more than 5 years now... Even this... back just a few months ago my 5 year old granddaughter was outdoors riding her bike and a man with a gun who had been being watched by the DT's wrestled him to the ground and he had pulled out a loaded pistol... They shoulda drew their weapons and fired him Down-DEAD! At least shoot his hand off or something-- that way my lil granddaughter would not have been in harm's way!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! But did The all-mighty SPD go up to my daughter's house and Give Her an apology!!! NO NO NO NO NO I thought their standing Motto is "To serve and Protect"" protect WHO-- The Murderers, The Rapists, The drug Dealers, The Alcoholics, The baby-killers, The stranglers,Juvenile Delinquents......It all makes me so sick I could throw UP!!! Have a nice day!

Stop It

AW c'mon....the SWs just want to party and shoot the nite away. They ain't out to hurt anybody. Thay was just shootin' at legs and s&!t.

Licorice Schtick

We have this problem because we tolerate it. No quarter for drunken idiots and violent thugs! Not in Sandusky, not in Erie County, not anywhere!


We have this problem because a sizable portion of the electorate and the government (local AND national) believes that large segments of the population should be relieved of any responsibility to support themselves or their offspring.

It's amazing how the cost in time and energy of earning a living can leave one without the a surplus of either with which to engage in this sort of behavior.