UPDATED: Seven shot, one badly beaten at former DJs Sports Bar

Seven shot have non-life-threatening injuries, Sandusky police Chief John Orzech said. The man who was badly beaten was flown by medical helicopter to a Northern Ohio hospital.
Courtney Astolfi
May 18, 2014

(UPDATED 11:30 a.m.) : Sandusky police Detective Dana Newell released the following details about the 4:30 a.m. multiple-victim shooting:

• No arrests have been made in the case. Police are now reviewing surveillance video to identify the alleged suspects.

• There is the possibility there was more than one shooter. "For that many people to get shot...you have to reload. There could be multiple shooters," Newell said. 

• None of the seven shot are children, all are adults. No names have been released. Officers have touched based with victims in the emergency room, but have gleaned few details from them thus far.

• "We've got a group of people from out of town that came in, I don't want to say yet from where," Newell said.

• Shots were fired both inside and outside the Cleveland Road bar, near the Shell gas station, which now goes by the name of "Geno's." Gunshot victims were primarily bystanders and do not appear to have been involved in the altercation, Newell said.

• Officials do not yet know what sparked the beating of the man. 

• Newell could not yet say if the incident was gang-related. 

Check back for more updates as they become available.


UPDATED 9:02 a.m.: Correction: Police are interviewing a witness currently, not a suspect as previously stated.

No names have been released.

Sandusky police detectives are interviewing a suspect now at the Sandusky police station.

Stay tuned...more details to follow after that interview is completed.




7 That's a good start!


How do you shoot 7 people and none of them are in a life threatening condition, but one person gets beat up and he is the one that needs a lifeflight?


What's wrong with you? Your handle says it all.

Dr. Information

Going to go out on a limb and say not one of them has a concealed handgun license. More reason to arm good citizens who abide by the laws.

Intelligent Citizen

I have a hunch that the gun used was probably not legally purchased either. Just a hunch though.


Some advice for those continuously causing problems at this place: Take some shooting lessons (and more target practice) to make sure you complete the job PROPERLY. One (or more) idiot dead and the other idiot in jail is fine with me.


Can the SR find out why the city has not shut this place down. There has been article after article about under age drinking, illegal gimbaling, drugs, fights with knives and guns, curfew violations. What more dose it take. The people that live around there can't be happy about it.


If they shut this place down, they will just find another place, remember Big Os?? Maybe put a large wall around Hancock st and let them shoot each other....cage them like the animals they are

From the Grave


Licorice Schtick

By "they" I presume he meant drunken idiots and violent thugs.

Licorice Schtick

The belief that we must allow a place for drunken idiots and violent thugs is a foolish mistake that just perpetuates the problem. Any establishment that caters to them must be shut down. We have this problem because we tolerate it. No quarter for drunken idiots and violent thugs! Not in Sandusky, not in Erie County, not anywhere!


I wish they would take some shooting lessons so that they would finish the job the first time around instead of us having to pay the hospital bills. I'd rather pay the undertaker.

Licorice Schtick

Appealingly expedient, but most of use prefer something more closely resembling due process.


Oh it was just a bunch of good kids playing cops and robbers in the parking lot of a five star establishment. Where's the problem?


This is a waste of space. No info, no story. Edited at 9:02. What was edited. The headline tells more than the story. These few sentences tell us nothing.


Looks like nemesis was the messenger on this per his statement on Friday that he overheard something was about to go down at this very spot.


Yep, perhaps he was projecting?


What's the matter Babo, upset because they haven't arrested the perp with a Cedar Point ticket stub in his pocket?


I really hope they get this a$$hole. One of my family members were shot because some dumba$$ started shooting. As I a stated before it is way past time to shut dj's down.

Einfach genug III

You say they need to shutdown this business, but your family member still goes there?


How can they control their family member? They can suggest, but cannot stop someone from doing what they want.


What the fu** does that matter? You also hear about Daly's. No one deserve to be shot. She like others were trying to enjoy themselves. I don't go to bars myself whether its these dumba$$es here or at Daly's the pump I can go on. They all have made the paper for dumba$$ people acting stupid.


4:30 in the morning and just enjoying themselves ?? At a place that is known for drugs and shootings ? They were probably all just relaxing and getting themselves prepared for Sunday morning church services


Just because you go to bed early some people don't. Just as some people work days and some prefer nights just because you don't that's your business. I Personally After Working All Week On Friday and Sat dont i usually dont lay down till five or six in the morning. So to each it's own.


Be a safe bet none of them have jobs lol


By state law any establishment that has a "legal" liquor permit has to close by 2:00 AM. How are they still open at 4:30 AM??? The city needs to clamp down!!!!

Licorice Schtick

Per the terms of the permit, they don't need to close, just stop serving.

But a permit does not supersede local law, in that if zoning says you gotta close at midnight, you gotta close at midnight.

We need a zoning change that closes commercial establishments at midnight, allowing exceptions only when they don't cause trouble and when nearby families are unaffected.

Einfach genug III

From what I read this happen at 04:30 AM, what reason is there to be out at that time of the morning even if you worked afternoon shift. Yeah you should be able to go wherever you care to, but what you and others have said, why would you go to a place that has major safety issues?


Sadly if you shut DJ's down it just goes elsewhere say the Dog Pound or wherever. What this comes down to is our judges do not enforce the law starting mainly with O'Brien. If you never have consequences for your actions then you just do whatever you want.


O,Brien, it seems the Italians with Italian last names, O'Brien s sentences longer stays and higher fines.