Two bodies found in town home

Erie County detectives calling deaths suspicious.
Andy Ouriel
May 18, 2014


Erie County Sheriff officials discovered two badly decomposed, unidentifiable bodies Saturday afternoon inside a Beachwood Villas townhouse.

“We do understand, from speaking with the neighbors, that there were two individuals living here, and maybe (the dead bodies) are those two individuals,” Erie County Sheriff Paul Sigsworth said.

When asked if foul play’s at work, Sigsworth said, “We can’t rule anything out at this point.” 

No weapons were initially found during a preliminary search. Fresh blood wasn’t located around the bodies.

As of late Saturday, many details — including who the two dead people are — remain unknown.

But here’s what’s been confirmed:

Officials first learned about the suspicious deaths from a postal worker. 

“We got a call this afternoon, around 4:30 p.m., from the condo association at Beachwood Villas that the mail carrier contacted them, and the mail was accumulating in the mailbox,” Sigsworth said. “Deputies were dispatched to conduct a welfare check on the residents. Deputies did not find any indications of a forced entry into the home that could be an indication of a burglary."

Around 6 p.m., deputies set up a perimeter with yellow tape around the home at 1512 Cleveland Road E. unit No. 2. At about 7 p.m., a Ohio Bureau of Criminal Investigation’s member joined in to search the scene.

As the investigation began, deputies feverishly polled neighbors, asking them if they knew anything about the two people inside the home.

Sigsworth said one of the two bodies appears to be an older woman who lived at this home.

“I am shocked,” Beachwood Villas resident Lori Gray said. Gray lives about three townhouses away from the scene. “It’s very peaceful and very quiet around here.”

Local officials plan on further investigating this matter in the coming days.

“We need to make positive identification of the individuals inside and then determine how they came to their demise and determine exactly what had occurred here," Sigsworth said.


seriously 1137

Wow. That's a lot of details to put out there before they are identified. It'd be awful to find out your loved ones were found dead by reading it in the paper first :(

my oh my

Unfortunately that's how the media rolls and not only cause grief to families but to also hinder and ruin criminal and civil cases in court..


Ok. Where does it say next of kin were not notified??? Said they ate working to confirm identity. I will bet they know who they are but are not saying officially. And chances are some of the kin have been to the scene and have been advised that the findings are pending confirmation.


When john debski was murdered, did you know the family found out throw the paper? The cops notified them he passed but told them it was peacefully...just a thought hopefully spd has stepped up there game on not telling the paper without letting the family know

seriously 1137

Uh wow. I assumed. Since they had not been identified (as that is a major part of the story) that family wasn't notified. Geez.

Dwight K.

Of course no fresh blood would be found around decomposed bodies

Stop It

My thoughts instantly upon reading.


They gave out the address. reverse address look up or the auditors site will tell you who owns or lives there. Both sites have the same name. Police should have done this research and notified family to identify the bodies before publishing the address. Just my opinion.

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I believe they know who lives there, but there's always a possibility it could be someone else. They'll need someone to ID the body that knew them or dental records for a positive ID.

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The property owners name, says property owner is elderly?


Regardless of who knew what, how is it that no one noticed? Are we all so self-involved that we don't take the time to say, 'wait a minute, where is so and so?' If the mail or newspapers are piling up, ask the police to do a wellness check. Pay attention or it could be you!

And no, I'm not placing blame if you didn't. The choices we make dictate the life we lead. Something went seriously wrong here and I just hope it doesn't happen again.

Einfach genug III

Well if there is no signs of entery and no signs of violence, and depending on the location of the bodies, I'd look at the furnace. Just "Meine zwei Cent".


Even if the family came to claim the body's, If they where badly decomposed they still have to do dental records,finger prints to make sure they are who they are.Or if they had tats,ring's,scars that family member's knew they had..Then maybe they would know for sure.


My problem with this is it takes a while before a body starts to decompose - especially since our weather hasn't exactly been overly warm to speed up the process. Even in a heated apartment/condo/whatever this still would take a while, meaning the mail would have built up a lot sooner than this. Also this the smell would have gotten to someone - at least I would have think it would have - and it just seems really odd that no one found them before now. If they were elderly, it's possible that they rented it out to someone over the winter - a lot do - and the true owners were/are in like Florida or Arizona (someplace warm)and these people are the winter renters. Who ever they are It's sad that they've gone unnoticed for as long as they have. No one deserves that.


I would guess that this will come back as natural causes . If anyone will believe that