Mother, daughter have gem of relationship

“We always say — ‘We bond over ‘Bonn Bons'”
Alex Green
May 11, 2014


To some, a Lori Bonn “Bonn Bon” might be nothing more than a vibrant jewel.

But for Tracy Thom and her daughter, Taylor, these aesthetic gems are a way to tell stories and express emotions.

This mutual hobby has become a reflection of their relationship, and perhaps the essence of Mother’s Day itself.

“We always say — ‘We bond over ‘Bonn Bons,” Thom said.

There was of course no better way for Thom to congratulate her daughter on graduating magna cum laude from Heidelberg University Sunday than by presenting her with a complete eight-piece bracelet. Taylor received her B.S. in Psychology from Heidelberg and is seeking a master’s degree in counseling.

Each piece has its own shape, its own design, and its own shade of pastel green or purple, so every individual “Bonn Bon” is quite expensive. Therefore, all eight were accumulated over a period of a few years, Thom said.

She presented Taylor with the marvelous and newlycomplete bracelet earlier this week.

It included a letter that used pictures of particular “Bonn Bons” to replace words, since each bonbon has a literal meaning.

“I’ve so enjoyed watching you blossom out into a wonderful caring and intelligent young lady” Thom wrote.

But the words “blossom out” were not written. Instead, a picture of a “Bonn Bon” was used to communicate those two words, since this particular purple and green bonbon had the same literal meaning.

“You’ve always made me so proud to be a name dropper — ‘My daughter is an honor student at Heidelberg University”

The words: “Name dropper” were also replaced by a “Bonn Bon”

Thom’s letter was packed with emotion that only a mother could have for her daughter.

So much so, it caught the eye of jewelry industry mogul Lori Bonn herself, all the way out in California.

“I think it’s really lovely to see a mother and daughter who have such love and respect for each other,” Bonn said. “I thought it was really heartfelt”

Bonn, too, was genuine in her statements, since she has already used this story in a social media ad campaign.

A photograph of the loving duo and Thom’s letter are at the very-top of Bonn’s Facebook page.

“I really just thought others would also like to see it” Bonn said. “And with Mother’s Day, it is all very timely”


There you go again


Erie Countian

Huh? This is a ridiculously pretentious and stupid article. I mean, WHO really cares? My daughters and I like Pandora beads. One of my daughters has her Master's Degree and the other a Bachelor's Degree. I love them very much. Does that warrant a special write-up, too?! I think not. The print version of this idiotic write-up in Sunday's Register even mentioned that these women's beads were very expensive! Well la-dee-da.

From the Grave

Hey, just don't read it.


Oh, for pity's sake. People here complain all the time that The Register doesn't do enough "GOOD news" stories, that it doesn't highlight enough local businesses, that it should spend more time telling us NICE things about our neighbors and our co-workers and less time focused on the City's "thug" element. So now The Register publishes a nice story about a mom and her daughter? On MOTHER'S Day? And some loons STILL aren't happy!

If you don't like stories like this, don't read them. Now go play with the police blotter some more so you can weep and moan about how there's no happy articles in the local newspaper. Jeez!