U.S. 6 closed for semi rollover

Ohio Highway Patrol troopers are urging drivers to use Ohio 2 instead
Courtney Astolfi
May 8, 2014


A semi trailer rolled on its side at Ohio 269 North and U.S. 6. Troopers have closed down U.S. 6 in that area and are asking drivers to detour via Ohio 2.  The road could be closed overnight, as crews must secure multiple downed power lines before they begin cleaning up the wreck.

The driver was taken to Firelands Regional Medical Center with minor injuries, troopers said. 



Slow the hell down what the heck you thinking


Western version of Cleveland's dead mans curve. When will they ever learn?


trucks are always takin that curve fast and coming over in the other lane, i hate traveling that road for that reason

Stop It

That curve isn't that bad. What kind of drugs are you on? Dumba$$e$ drive trucks every day. This one got caught.


Stupid, reckless, speeding semi drivers is all I have to say. Get hurt


Stop It - the curve may not be "that bad" but it's bad enough that it shouldn't be driven at full speed, especially by semi trucks. I know this isn't the first time an accident has happened at this curve and I also know it's not the first time the accident has been with a semi-truck. All the other commenters are correct, they do take it to fast. But they aren't the only ones. I live not to far from that curve and it's a curve that EVERYONE takes to fast. People being reckless and stupid is the reason for accidents like this.


And once again SR can't be bothered with a time stamp.