Comprehensive unofficial election results

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Andy Ouriel
May 8, 2014

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The program includes interviews, candidates, supporters and others. Our guests included reporter Alissa Widman, Kurt Landefeld and Sharon Barnes of Erie MetroParks, Joe Centers of the Norwalk Reflector, Sandusky City Schools Supt. Eugene Sanders, SCS school board member Tom Patterson and levy committee co-chairs Craig Hofer and Mary Aaron.

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Huron County election results

Ottawa County election results

Sandusky County unofficial election results

Erie County                                        VOTES  — % OF VOTE
62 of 62 precincts reporting...

Perkins Local Schools Levy

FOR THE TAX LEVY .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .       1,549       42.36

AGAINST THE TAX LEVY.  .  .  .  .  .  .   2,108       57.64


Sandusky City Schools Levy

FOR THE TAX LEVY .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .        1,479      69.86

AGAINST THE TAX LEVY.  .  .  .  .  .  .     638       30.14


Erie MetroParks Tax Levy

FOR THE TAX LEVY .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .       5,057      52.52

AGAINST THE TAX LEVY.  .  .  .  .  .  .   4,571      47.48


Castalia Village Tax Levy

FOR THE TAX LEVY .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .       84      70.59

AGAINST THE TAX LEVY.  .  .  .  .  .  .   35      29.41


Margaretta Township Tax Levy

FOR THE TAX LEVY .  .  .  .  .  .  .  .        379     51.85

AGAINST THE TAX LEVY.  .  .  .  .  .  .   352     48.15


Ralph J.


Ralph J.

BTW, I am the last to know.


And no death certificates either, libs!!


Haha. It is funny to me that the only thing that doesn't pass is Perkins Schools!!!!! If they want to pass a levy, you would think by now, they would know what they need to do. Dumb as*es
Keep it up and you will be merging with Sandusky, LOL.


I just open enrolled my daughter from Perkins to sandusky for next year because of what they offer. Sandusky is on the rise and I like the direction the schools are going.

Perkins Resident

Please tell that to the flood of Sandusky kids who are overcrowding our schools due to open enrollment. Thank you.


Open enrollment has nothing to do with the no voters. Open enrollment has saved Perkins schools financially the last 4 years. The issue is trust and also the fact that many people who live in Perkins live outside their means in order to escape the inner city. I don't even think it will pass once gunner is gone. However, it will pass if you mention merger.

Perkins Resident

Nothing in my comment said anything about no voters or voting no. Re-read my comment and try to respond again. The classrooms are overcrowded with Sandusky kids. So, again, please spread the word that Sandusky schools have more to offer than Perkins, to all of the Sandusky kids that are open enrolled in Perkins. Thank you.

44870 South

Excuse me...the "flood" you are referring to occurred occurred 4 years ago...Maybe your fearless leaders over there should have built more classrooms instead of a new football stadium. I know for a FACT that many of those kids have returned to Sandusky, as they figured out the grass is no greener on the other side. Besides, if not for those "open-enrolled" kids (because we all know Perkins doesn't consider them "Perkins kids"), Perkins would be shut down by now. I also have removed my children from the Perkins school system and many more are doing the same.

Perkins Resident

Thank you for doing so. I can only hope more follow suit.

44870 South

Really? I am a Perkins Alumni and live in me, Perkins wants my kid there.

Perkins Resident


44870 South

Why thanks! I appreciate that:)

Perkins Resident

No problem. Enjoy your Starbucks tomorrow. If you lived in Sandusky you wouldn't b able to. Well, according to our fearless leaders you wouldn't.

44870 South

Hahaha! Ok...that was funny...gotta give that to you! :) Starbucks! That was about the dumbest thing I heard yet from them.

Perkins Resident

I was honestly on the fence on which way I was going to vote until I read that nonsense in the paper about Starbucks.


Well, we actually did research, including going to most area schools and discussing what they would do for our very bright daughter. The school system that turned out the best, by far, was Sandusky City Schools! She loves it, has zero complaints, and is surrounded by great kids and teachers. The new gifted school, RCAAS, is the ONLY full-time gifted school in the entire area. It has kids open-enrolled from Perkins, Huron, Margaretta, etc.
My point is do not assume that Sandusky is terrible and has nothing to offer. Our ACTUAL experience is that SCS is great! I wish other area school districts well. It sure looks like they have some major challenges ahead.

Perkins Resident

I can't wait to vote no again in August.


I am not sure how one can vote NO on ALL taxes?? Taxes are a fact of life and they support services we need. That does not mean that all requests for an increase in taxes are justified. BUT to say vote NO on all taxes really would throw us back into the Stone Age where its everyone for themselves.

I mean really would we not want to educate kids, we will just let those who have murdered in Sandusky run loose and free to do it over and over again because there is no police or court system. When we suddenly are ill and need to be taken to the hospital there will be no EMS. AND if we take in our own cars there will be no roads, stop signs, roads if they even exist will not be plowed of snow or patched so we will dodge huge holes in the street, no signal lights you know all those things taxes pay for.

My advice if you wish to live in a NO tax place fine but don't take me with you I am not ready to be a hermit. We may not like taxes but they are a fact of life and necessary.


I don't vote no on all issues, but I would LOVE for it to be everyone for themselves, instead of every tax payer for themselves, lifetime government dependents, foreign aid for countries who hate us,and a soccer field at Guantanamo Bay prison the list goes on.


Oh, I agree with you there. I have long been against millions going out in foreign aid. AND that is to countries who love us or hate us. For one I think Iraq owes the US a thus has a debt for liberating their country. Sounds perfectly workable to be that US is given a 25% discount on all crude imported into the US.

I remember well not long after the second Iraq War the son of a friend of mine who happen to be the G6 (Community Affairs Officer) in Mosul. He said the US gave FREE cable TV, free medical/hospitalization, free electricity, free garbage pick-up to all the residents. They paid no taxes none what so ever. Said Iraqi in Mosul had raised a huge stink when gasoline at the pump went to 20 cents a gallon and wanted the US to pay the difference to bring it back to 5 cents a gallon when Sadamm was in power. He said the common phrase said to him by Iraqi citizens when they wanted this and that was.........Hey you US wanted Iraqi and now you have it so you pay for the things Sadamm gave us for free.

Sad part is the United States gives money out to foreign countries right and left and allows many of our senior citizens live in semi poverty for they will not help them. Yet be it an Iraqi and they get FREE everything compliments of US Government

God Of Thunder

I would like to know when 17 year old kids got to start voting in the primaries. When did that start. This i the first time I've noticed an envelope on the table at the polls.

Oh..I know. The state reps started to allow that so that the schools can give extra credit to more kids to vote for levies, that way, they don't have to fix the unconstitutional way that schools are funded.


The Primary is not an election... it's a preferential primary (where did you go to school?)

Anyone who will be 18 by the General ELECTION may register and vote in the Primary.

Where DID you go to school?

Perkins Resident

Does this mean we can continue to drink Starbucks?

44870 South



Levies are paid with property taxes correct? Well if Sandusky has a higher number of renters than it does property owners, why would anyone renting care if they voted for a levy?

42.3% rented
40.37% owned
17.29% vacant

The percent of owner occupied properties in Sandusky is 22.73% below the national average.
The percent of rental properties in Sandusky is 23.13% above the national average which is typical for urban areas.

Perkins Resident

All levies pass in Sandusky.


It is interesting, almost Socialist in a way. I find it odd that one can vote for a tax levy to be instilled on a property owner when they themselves are not property owners. It is sort of like the sin tax they are voting on in Cleveland to fund the sports facilities today. If you never use the facilities why do you have to pay taxes on a cold beer to fix them up. Don't get me wrong, these taxes at one time were justified, but in todays society, many school systems operate way out of the norm and education is second or third to sports and associated activities. So where is the sin tax? It is in the property tax in todays world! And ironically when the property tax goes up, so does the rent. And when the rent goes up and what percentage of that is subsidized by state and federal free money to low income renters, our debt goes up and the fed comes back wanting more tax $$$ LOL just love it in America today.

The Bizness

I am a home owner in Sandusky, and I voted for the renewal.


I am not criticizing you, the home owner. Sometimes I try to encourage readers to read between the lines I write to come up with their own thoughts. I have always written here to make people think. Well most of the time, sometimes I do B--- : )