Black Medicine Artist: 1997 SHS grad making his mark in rap

"San-Sandu, San-San-Sandusky; Sandusky is my city. Let’s roll. Who’s coming with me?"
Andy Ouriel
May 5, 2014


Sandusky resident Derek Kimberlin is a diversified agent.

Already a designer and concealed carry instructor, many might also consider him to work in marketing or tourism.

Well, he sort of does, based on his latest lyrical production showcasing Sandusky and about two dozen businesses located within the greater area.

Kimberlin, also known as The Black Medicine Artist, recently released “Sandusky,” a three-minute song and video shedding some positive light on some of his favorite local spots.

The catchy beat mixed with clever rhymes exploded in popularity, becoming a viral sensation and fetching more than 3,000 views on YouTube since debuting about three weeks ago.

Watch the video in the player below

“I spent a lot of time on certain songs, and I didn’t think this would take off,” Kimberlin said. “But this is my home and where I live and the places that I go for a good time. I have a lot of friends and family that run businesses here. A lot of people are fed up with the bad stuff that goes on here, but it’s not going to run me out of my town. I love it here.”

The city native got into rap music soon after graduating from Sandusky High School in 1997. Ever since then, he’s remained conscious of incorporating bits and pieces of his favorite artists — such as Johnny Cash, Hank Williams III and System of a Down, among others — into his music.

“Rap music is not all about drugs or the struggle,” Kimberlin said. “For me, I had a decent childhood. I wasn’t struggling, but you can still be a rapper and make good music. It’s an outlet for me. It’s not what I want to be but just a hobby I really like”    After shooting the music video for “Sandusky,” Kimberlin edited and finalized the footage in a unique studio — complete with a pennypress machine and 6-foot-tall Frankenstein statue — at his Decatur Street home, where he’s produced dozens of other songs.

“Rapping is who he is,” Derek’s wife, Dawn Kimberlin, said. “If he did not have rap, there is no Derek. Ever since he was little, he has been around music”

Kimberlin, who previously performed at the now-defunct Underground, plans on releasing yet another CD, which would be his fourth. There are even plans to release a second version, or remix, of “Sandusky” with many more guests, including a possible cameo by a boy and his boot.

“There is a lot of good things here,” Kimberlin said. “I’m proud of my city, and I want to show people that”


Dwight K.


Good 2 B Me

Oh Lord...please shoot me now.

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The Hero Zone

It was a fun, supportive song with nothing obscene. It's great to have such an energetic person who's willing to reach out in his own way to showcase his hometown.


Absolutely. I mean, I just called my lawyer to see if he could have "Sandusky" removed from my birth certificate, but I completely see what you mean. Pride is what I'm feeling.

Bicep tattoos all around.

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The Hero Zone

What would you have preferred? People express themselves differently. You are welcome to compose a piece and share it, too.

This man spent hours to compose, edit, and combine the audio and visual. Something he didn't have to do and from how it sounds he did it out of appreciation for our city. Not everyone likes rap and I get that, but the amount of effort he put into this is a compliment in itself to us. Especially because the song didn't succumb to the presumed stereotype of the genre talking about fleeting materialism, drugs, violence, broken homes, or murdering law enforcement.


Actually, I feel terrible about my comments. Who am I to drag down the burgeoning rap scene in Sandusky. I think it really captures the heartbeat and mentality of my hometown. I was only a bit disappointed not to see him include Smokes 4 Less in his bit, but hey....can't have everything.

And while the Pie Factory may indeed be the cat's meow, it can't hold a candle to the beloved Scotto's.




Was he the cashier at Silverman's in the mall? Somehow, I see him in a skinny leather tie.

Dwight K.

I like at the end where that truck is illegally parked at the pier

Gyro Cart Guy

Been working on my "East Coast" of the County response. It's a work in progress, and I don't have a video yet.

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