Bike Week expanding downtown

Motorcycle Fest set for June
Andy Ouriel
May 2, 2014


Forget about tip-toeing into new territory.

Ohio Bike Week’s making major strides in expanding its footprint all across downtown Sandusky.

City commissioners recently voiced no objections to plans calling for bike week-sponsored events overtaking more space in downtown Sandusky, specifically along the waterfront.

Rather than taking up more north and south space — many activities already occur on Columbus Avenue and Jackson Street — planners want to expand the festival in eastern and western directions.

“This is a reaction to all the businesses in Sandusky” Ohio Bike Week’s primary organizer Steve Ernst said. “When we first started in 2004, we could literally rent the 100 and 200 blocks of Columbus Avenue, but now the businesses are filling up. Downtown is changing, and we want to change with it”    One such instance of change scheduled for this year involves the Jackson Street Pier on Shoreline Drive.

During the event’s second half, when a majority of activities emanate from downtown Sandusky during a “block party,” planners have scheduled several events at the pier.

To accommodate the Goodtime, Jet Express, Pelee Islander and other boat traffic, planners have arranged for a vehicle to shuttle passengers at no cost to and from the Paper District Marina, a primary off-site free parking area.

Spreading the event out actually offers a benefit to public safety, Sandusky police Chief John Orzech said.

“I think that the pier is going to alleviate a lot of congestion for us and for the people,” Orzech said.

Expanding the event also allows for some positive traffic changes.

Among them: opening up Washington Street in downtown Sandusky on Thursday and Friday during the block party. In past years, the street shut down on Thursday, Friday and Saturday for the block party.

“That’s going to be a huge advantage for us,” said Orzech alluding to a main route remaining open in case of emergencies.Street closures in downtown Sandusky for Ohio Bike Week

Street closures in downtown Sandusky for Ohio Bike Week
Note: All closures subject to change

Thursday, June 5, and Friday, June 6

•Jackson, Washington and Wayne streets to remain open Thursday and Friday but closed on Saturday, June 7.

Thursday, June 5, until noon Sunday June 8

•Motorcycle-only traffic and parking on Columbus Avenue, between 300 block by courthouse to Schade-Mylander Plaza, from 1 p.m. to 2:30 a.m at the start of each day.

Wednesday, June 4, until noon Sunday, June 8

•Shoreline Drive from Jackson to Wayne streets closed to all non-motorcycle traffic.

•Cars may enter the 100 and 200 blocks of Columbus Ave. from 2:30 a.m. until 12:30 p.m. each day. Vehicles may be issued a pass directing them to vacate this area by 1 p.m. each day of the event or be towed at owner’s expense.

2 p.m. Wednesday, June 4, until noon Sunday, June 8:

•No parking or traffic on Water Street between Jackson Street and the east entrance to the city parking lot behind Daly’s Pub.

5 p.m. Wednesday, June 4, until noon Sunday, June 8

•No parking or traffic on Market Street between Jackson and Wayne streets. A fire lane will be maintained beginning at 5 p.m. Wednesday.

•No traffic or parking from the driveway of the First Federal Savings of Lorain to the driveway of Key Bank building on Washington Row. Traffic to these businesses may be rerouted from Jackson and Wayne streets with exiting traffic flow on Washington Row

8 a.m. Saturday, June 7, until noon Sunday, June 8

•Washington Street from Jackson to Wayne streets closed.

•Motorcycle-only reserved parking on Washington Street between Jackson and Wayne streets.

•Motorcycle-only reserved parking on Columbus Avenue north of Washington Row to Schade-Mylander Plaza.

1 p.m. Saturday, June 7, until noon Sunday, June 8

•No traffic on Washington Row from Jackson to Wayne streets. n Motorcycle-only reserved parking on Columbus Avenue between Adams Street and property line of Erie County and Sandusky properties in the 300 block of Columbus Ave.

Proposed parking lot closures made available to Ohio Bike Week attendees

Beginning at 3 p.m. Tuesday, June 3, through noon Sunday, June 8:

•Portion of Jackson Street Pier.

Beginning at 5 p.m. Wednesday, June 4:

•Entire Jackson Street Pier.

Beginning at 5 p.m. Tuesday, June 3, to noon Sunday, June 8

•Rear of Sandusky State Theatre parking lot on Jackson Street.
•Rear of Daly’s Pub parking lot on East Water Street.

Beginning at 5 p.m. Friday, June 6, to noon Sunday, June 8

•Erie County parking garage on Columbus Avenue.

During event’s duration

•Along Shoreline Drive: In the east 100 block and the west 100 and 200 blocks; Gravel lot on Shoreline Drive just east of Chesapeake Lofts; Paper District Marina.



So as a business owner in the 200 block of Columbus, where am I suppose to park, or my employees? Does anyone know?

From the Grave

Two weeks that you can't park right in front of your own store...hmmmm.


Well trust me I don't park in front of my store.... I do however need access for me to bring in deliveries of products.... I honestly do not understand how asking a simple question as to if anyone knows if parking is available to the people who own businesses Downtown have allotted parking, gets such a jack*** answer... I have no problem walking to my store in fact I did yesterday morning and funny how in front of my store I don't see my car...... My concern is for my workers who some are elderly and can walk long distances.... and if you have seen how far you sometimes have to walk it's ridiculous to think of someone having to walk that far.... BUT as a business owner I guess I would work those days to prevent that from happenings and enjoy the downtown excitement of bike week.... while you sit and post stupid comments to every person that post something on an article..... get a life you worthless troll

The Hero Zone's picture
The Hero Zone

What I do for supply runs is come by before 11:00 a.m. and the staff has usually let me drive up outside my shop, unload, then leave to park elsewhere. They were courteous and understanding and I used extra caution driving slowly down Market St.

Unfortunately I don't know what to say about the employee access if they have special needs other than doing the above or ensuring someone else can drop them off close to the closed off portion so they don't have to walk far or worry about parking.

If you'd like a little solidarity on feeling like you are attacked for asking a question I'm with you, heh.

From the Grave

Why ask a question like that in this forum? Ask the city commission or Steve Ernst.
Plus, what did you do last year?

The Hero Zone's picture
The Hero Zone

My sentiment about questions was more general in the context of other articles. As a fellow constant commentator (and one with whom I enjoy joking with or providing various links to support humor) no doubt you know what I mean. That kind of "Hey should Congress really being doing X?" then the responses from the usual suspects along the line of "Why do you hate Y people? You sure sound like a Z-ist!" So yeah, it was a broad way of saying "I get it, just because you question something doesn't mean you hate it or want it destroyed."

As for what I do? I simply stay open for the weekend. The amount of geeky bikers is delightful to experience and they often have cool stories to share. Also, since I sell things like bottled water and candy bars anyway, I just buy more for that weekend to cater to the crowd. My normal in-store prices are often cheaper than the other vendors' so we get some business in that way. Though to be fair to the vendors I always have sent my guys and girls out to enjoy the fried cheese curds, unlimited birch beer refills, etc. Playing nice with other small businesses really helps everyone!

From the Grave

Bring back the Meter Maids!

VTX Rider

This is a very valid question. I think the business owners downtown should be offered a parking permit and an area to park when the streets are closed. You might want to pose this question to the city commissioners. The only problem I foresee would be how to monitor the designated parking so those without a permit would not park there. Glad you are open during Bike Week by the way.

The Bizness

You can walk a block or two. Why would a business owner want to park directly in front of a store anyways? That keeps potential customers from getting a spot. Not to mention foot traffic is one of the most important things a small business needs and these down town businesses get TONS of foot traffic.

I am not a biker but this event is great for our city!


I agree that bike week is an awesome event for this town... again you assume also that I park in front of my shoppe.... I do not, you know what they say about assumptions..... I have been in business, and am doing well with foot traffic so I'm not sure what business you own or where you got your phd in business management but I know how to run a successful business... I do it daily! I was asking a simple question as to if a parking area was reserved for local business owners who decide to stay open during bike week... so I can inform employees and event staff at my store where to park.... that is all. I think it's so strange how a simple question is viewed as a gripe or complaint when I'm just trying to get knowledge of the events. Also I am very much aware I can walk a block or 2 because I do some of my workers can not.... so if you don't know peoples circumstances and health issues perhaps you should shut your lips and prevent yourself from sounding like a tool!

The Bizness

You, and your employees, can walk to work from a parking lot two blocks away :)


How about the disabled, in wheelchairs, on oxygen, crutches, with COPD (Coronary Obstructive Pulmonary Disease) and unable to walk two blocks? The Americans with Disabilities Act does not say "except for Bike Week". Was there federal monies used to improve downtown, the Bayfront corridor walkway? There are specific LEGAL requirements to provide accommodations for those with disabilities.


Last year I saw a few people in wheelchairs at the block party. They seemed to he having a good time.


The Jackson Street Pier belongs to the citizens of Sandusky.
To deny them access is intolerable, especially in the summer.

The Bizness

You will still have access, just won't be able to drive there.


For those with disabilities, this is denying access in violation of ADA.


No it's not, any more than closing roads for parades and other events. Are you always such a whiner?


I am handicapped.
It is a paved pier, it was paved so it could be driven and parked on. Why should a tax paying citizen of Sandusky be denied use of the pier?


You could say that about any festival that occurs in any city across the country when they take over a town square or street for the festivities. You are not being denied use of the pier, you are being denied temporary use of the parking area. They are providing a Free shuttle to get to/from the pier that will probably have handicap access.

Lets get rid of the festivals and celebrations that do not have their own fairgrounds!


I'm not a huge fan of Bike Week and usually don't attend any of the activities associated with it. Having said that, DON'T BE A BABY!!!!! You have approximately 355 other days during the year to have complete access to that pier. Find somewhere else to go during Bike Week and quit whining like a little child.


There is no "except for Bike Week" language in ADA.


There are a lot of laws lacking in reasonableness. So what?




Sandusky, Ohio, home to the 365 day Whine Festival. How dare you have something construed as fun just to inconvenience me by restricting access to an area I don't normally visit.

Dr. Information

People will find excuses to grip about everything these days. Sorry if you are inconvenienced for a couple weeks during the summer but bike week brings in a lot of money to this area.


The vendor do not pay Admissions Tax, City income Tax or any local Food Service licenses as the restaurants do. They are not subject to food service inspection as local vendors. They come take the money and leave while the residents get the bill for security and safety. If you don't own a bar, you are inconvenienced, kept up with noise and ripped off paying for their party.

The Bizness

They are inspected, and they buy temporary food licenses.

Dr. Information

@Nor'easter. Yes they are inspected AND yes they pay a permit fee/temporary license to sell, sold by the city of Sandusky. Well, there goes your theories out the window.


The facts, they burn!!!! -Nor'easter.


According to the agreement that was fostered by Ard, They are exempt from permitting and only subject to the Bike Week promoter.


You people complaining about parking in front of your business should be thanking Steve Ernst for bringing you revenue. He brought a great thing to sandusky! No matter what kind of business you own I'm sure you are doubling your sales for the week! If you don't like the traffic then close your business for the week or for good, because apparently you have no idea how to make money!

Dwight K.

What do you mean "you people"...


Im not complaining, as stated to the other arshlucks.... I'm simply asking if parking is available to business owners and employees.... I would thank him if he came into my store.... I love bike week unlike some downtown businesses I plan to stay open... you people are ridiculous and defensive over nothing.... and trust I can run a business, that's why we own a business, and aren't living off the system or slaving away for minimum wage at a thankless job we hate then coming home attacking people on the Sandusky registers website, for asking a question.... get off my sack people

From the Grave

No. Bikers rule those two weeks. Is that clear enough?


I love Bike Week. My neighbor HATES Bike Week. Know how we handle it? I attend. She doesn't. I wander all over downtown. She stays out of downtown for a few days. Afterward, I tell her how awesome everything was, and she tells me how much she hated everything. Then we move on.

Wow. Problems solved! You're welcome. Thank goodness SOME of us are grown-ups!


BIKE WEEK is a great thing to have in our town , it bring in thousands of people who spend lots of money. so if you dont like it then you dont have to attend it only last a week and there are alot of people who have a great time during that week, then it will be back to boring old Sandusky

TeddyBear11's picture

Everyone has got use to the cedar point traffic and all the revenue it brings over the summer,so why cant we do the same for bike week and its only for a few days..I hear the cash registers ringing chaching chaching.


Enforce the traffic, intoxication, disorderly conduct and noise laws and Sandusky would not have a budget problem.


And half the year round residents would be in jail.


move the thing out in no mans land so we dont hear all the noise from the bikes....and they can do all look forward to do such as: t-contest p-contest drinking contest and run around half or totally NaKED AND DRUNK keep it out of our town PLEASE
Thank you

From the Grave

There you go!


And then the local businesses get nothing. Real smart.

Stop It

Sandusky does not know a "real" biker party from it's rear end.

What you have over there is 'biker lite'. Be thankful.

yea right

great event..great for downtown..bad planning on the cities part..again..what else is new..just like this 10 t's

local man

Get the Sandusky Merchant Association to rent a golf cart for the week to provide transportation to employees needing assistance to get to their store locations. What is so hard to figure out in this situation?

Good 2 B Me

We also have Cedar Point to deal with for several months out of the year! Oh no...should we complain about Cedar Point now too? Maybe we should suck it up like big kids and accept the fact that most of us choose or have chosen to live in a Vacation Destination.

As for the question about parking for employees, I understand what you are getting at. I would ask the City Commission about it and be very specific as to why you are asking. Explain the hardship that it causes to certain employees and hope that they have some common sense and a little compassion!

Best of luck to you and everyone else that works with OBW. I personally LOVE it and will be at as many events as I possibly can be, including Downtown!!

See you there!