Toddler found in car

"What if she locked herself in? What if she found a box cutter that (was in the car)? I'm very concerned for those children."
Alex Green
Apr 30, 2014


A Port Clinton woman found a 3-year-old toddler in her car Tuesday, Port Clinton police said.
Krystal May looked out her 1200 block Fremont Road front window where she saw her car's passenger-side door propped open. "I went over and I saw a toddler sitting in it," she said.
She picked up the child and a swarm of kids ran over to the car, a Port Clinton police report said.
May contacted Port Clinton police, who arrived to the townhouse complex parking lot around the same time as the toddler's mother, May said.
The mother told police the infant was with her 6-year-old sister, who was watching the child at the Port Clinton Point playground, the report said. The 6-year-old said they wandered from that playground over to the Bay Meadows playground, about a quarter-mile apart according to Google Maps.
"(The mother) started yelling (at the 6-year-old) and said it was her fault," May said. Police have not filed charges against the mother, but the case is being reviewed by the Ottawa County department of Job and Family Services, police said.
The 6-year-old said she does not know how the child got in the car, or whether or not someone put her in it, the report said.
For May, a mother of three small children herself, it was a scary scenario that differed greatly from her usual nightly sit-down at her home computer.
On this particular night, she just happened to see her car door move. "What if she locked herself in?" she asked. "What if she found a box cutter that (was in the car)? I'm very concerned for those children."


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Since when has a three year old been considered an infant?


Since when has a 6 yr old been a babysitter!?!

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I didn't mean that as cocky as it came out. I just couldn't believe this "mother" would act like it was a 6 yr olds responsibility to parent her sibling.

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I totally agree, and thought about why my first response wasn't the same. My only guess is some people's mentality don't shock me anymore, sadly.


No charges filed?? It's the 6-year-old's fault?? Having a 6-year-old watch a 3-year-old at a park, no less!!! Then the older sibling goes to a park 1/4-mile away?? What if there was (heaven forbid) some type of accident, fell from swing, the monkey bars, etc. (not sure if that equipment is at that park) or with all the crazies out there, the child was abdducted?? Where was the mother when all this was happening?? Yes, I would say "Mother of the Year". What is in the water up there?? Animal cruelty, irresponsible parenting...SMDH


They might be waiting to file charges while they investigate this further. This wasn't the first time the parent did such a thing, I'm guessing, it was just the first time that she was caught!

Everyone is fam...

What kind of mother puts a six year old in charge of another child? And then have the audacity to blame the six year old?! She should be ashamed. I think CPS should do a VERY thorough check. I'm about willing to bet that this isn't the only neglectful issue going on.


I'm concerned for those children too. A 6-year-old is not old enough to watch her younger sibling for sure and the mother obviously needs some parenting classes. But knowing CPS here, nothing will be done. There are other mothers here just as bad or worse and they still have their children, their lame boyfriends and fairly lucrative pill sales to supplement their monthly check.


My soon to be ex-sister-in-law lived in the Bay Meadows apartment complex and unfortunately this "mother" is - or was, it's been a while since she lived there - was a common theme for the type of moms out there with young kids. At least the kinds of moms I saw when I was visiting my nephews anyway. I can only thank God that He was watching over these two babies while they were walking along that highway. With the Rt 2 construction I know that the detour is to go to the very net exit but if for whatever reason a person would go into town, they would be driving right down that very road where those children were walking. In addition to the school, which I couldn't tell from the article what time this happened so school busses could have been running - I don't know if they're on spring break or not - and a 6 yr. old and a yr. old are no match for a bus! They're no match for any type of vehicle!! I can't believe the police didn't do anything. Unbelievable!!! Hope the Dept. of Job & Family Services doesn't drop the ball as badly as the police did on this one.


I feel bad for these children that they have a sorry excuse for a mother. But children services in ottawa co suck, ive had personal involment with them and they wont do anything. Good luck to those children!


I agree. They do nothing. Apparently they have no foster homes or other alternatives because they rarely take kids away from bad parents or take them to court. A kid has to die before they do anything.


While watching this on Wtol 11 news last night, a spokesperson from Ottawa County Children Services clearly stated there is NO LAW in Ohio to determine what age a child can babysit??? This is clearly the dumbest thing I have ever heard! Yes I understand some children appear to be more Mature then others their age, however I don't know a SINGLE 6 year old capable of watching themselves let alone a younger sibling! And for the mother to have the nerve to be angry with her daughter are you kidding me! At the very least this woman needs some MANDATORY parenting classes. You can bet your sweet a$$ if the child would have been hit by a vehicle and killed she would be suing!