Man charged with animal cruelty

A Rocky Ridge man was arrested Friday for allegedly slamming a puppy onto the ground.
Alex Green
Apr 23, 2014
Tristen Smith, 18, of the 14000 block of W. Second St., was charged with animal cruelty. He spent a few hours in the Ottawa County jail before he was released on $3,025 bond.

Ottawa County deputies were dispatched to the Smith family’s home on Friday after a report of an injured dog, according to adeputy’s report.

Smith told deputies his 18-month-old walker coonhound sustained injuries after fighting with one of the family’s five dogs.

He told deputies he did not injure the dog. A passing neighbor, however, saw deputies at the home and said, “Why don’t you show him the other dog that is in the house,” the report said.

The neighbor’s comment sparked an outburst from a woman who lives at the home, who told the man to get off her yard, the report said. The deputy then asked about the family’s other dogs, in addition to the four he showed to authorities. Smith entered the home to retrieve a 4-month-old lab-St. Bernard mix, the report said.

The puppy cried continually as Smith held it in the air and the deputy examined it. The animal had an apparent leg injury, and the woman told deputies she did not have enough money to get it fixed, the report said.

The deputy then spoke to a neighbor, who said he did not see anything that day, but he did see Smith frequently abusing the dogs, according to the report.

The man said Smith recently picked up the older dog by its neck and threw it on the ground.

Note: This story has been corrected to show the woman at the residence is not Smith's mother and it was the older dog, not the puppy, who the neighbor said was abused. 



I do hope the deputies had the presence of mind to remove all the animals from the property.

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What is cool is that animal abuse is now a felony in all 50 states. It's called Nitro's Law in Ohio.


It's not the law yet. Lets hope soon though.

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"Nitro's Law was signed into law on June 30, 2013!"


Good, I hadn't heard that! The first link you gave didn't say that either.


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You mean they got to keep the dogs??????? You have got to be kidding me!!!!!! Where is the HS or ASPCA at ????? I sure will be calling my self....


All of you should be ashamed at what your writing! You all need to get your facts straight before you say anything!!!!! 1. she is not his mother 2. The dogs were fighting and he was trying to stop them. 3. The puppy that was inside was hurt from trying to jump a fence. You all need to just get a life and worry about your selfs. You all are what is wrong with society today all y'all do is gossip. These people are great people and would not even hurt a fly! It's not there fault the neighbors are drunks and like to bully kids! When all this was happening they failed to mention the kid next door got arrested to for being drunk who in there right mind lets there child drink think children services should be called! Y'all just need to shut your mouths before you get in trouble!




The comments you make are correct in that people should not rush to judgment until all the facts are known, but your comments do not explain everything. I would assume the deputy would not charge the boy with animal cruelty unless there were good reasons. Secondly, if the family cannot afford to have a vet treat the puppy's leg, why do they have 5 animals? There has been a number of animal cruelty cases from that area of Ottawa County.


Did the Deputy take the animal from those a-holes?! Looks like a case of "like mother, like son" Hope to hell the animals are somewhere safe now and the judge throws the book at this creep. Even though Ohio has some of the weakest animal crulety laws in the nation!


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get the real facts

Well now here we go...I am the so called dog beaters mom...but really not his mom...I want everyone to know that Alex Green the author of this lovely article has done nothing but write lie after lie. I have the police report and have compared it here to be sure I am not going to spout off lies. First let me say no animal was abused here..yes I know that is what is being accused but again just because that is what is written here does not make it the truth. Just as all of you I used to believe what was in the news media because why would the twist the truth, but that is exactly what happened. We have four dogs of our own and my daughter's boyfriend had some unforseen circumstances and needed a place to live until he graduates so he moved in with his 2 dogs. His dogs are outside dogs and ours are inside. Our very territorial rat terrier got out the door before the kids could tie him out and got into a fight with the coonhound in the backyard. Mr. Smith, the accused, and my daughter went out to break up the fight. Well what is the correct way to split two dogs that have the intent to kill eachother?? Mr. Smith used his foot to break them apart and then proceeded to pick up the hound and the hound fought his way out of his arms thrusting himself down to the ground to go back at the terrier. My daughter brought the terrier into the house. Now to address the so called neighbors- the caller was about a block and a half away and does not even live in this town so I am not quite sure how he can see this frequently. Oh and did I mention he is a drunk? I did tell the officer that I could not afford to take the pup to a vet but I said that night..a Friday night on a holiday weekend. We called Monday morning and got the hurt terrier and pup to the vet the first available appointment. Just wanted to clear that up...the pup has been to not one but TWO vets in two days. The dog that Mr. Smith is truly being accused of hurting is the coonhound in the backyard not the puppy. The puppy got hurt before the dog fight. If the officer was so worried about the dogs being frequently abused why did no one check on them until Monday when I demanded the officer to send someone out right away? Tell me why weren't they concerned with the coonhound that was supposedly kicked and body slammed? Tell me why my 13 year old daughter is going to school and being called a dog beater?? Tell me why people only have the right to innocent until proven guilty when it is about themselves?? Tell me why if our dogs are truly being abused they are still here?? Tell me if the dogs were frequently being abused did no one turn it in before?? I have contacted the Sandusky Register and asked them to call me so they can write the correct information according to the actual police report...I don't just want our side written but the side as the law saw it. I have not received a call back and I am sure I won't but I will continue to call them. You can all read this article and you can believe it all you want but the truth is only the people that were here, god, and the dogs know what happened. Oh and to address the person that said this area has all kinds of abuse animals...this end of the county has nothing else worth writing about...we don't have shootings, burglaries and the such. Finally let me just say you can all wish us harm, call us names, think we are filthy bastards, lowlifes, and whatever else but just bear in mind no matter where you are, what you say, what you do, how you act, or who you are your actions can always be interpreted differently by bystanders.