Man charged with animal cruelty

A Rocky Ridge man was arrested Friday for allegedly slamming a puppy onto the ground.
Alex Green
Apr 23, 2014
Tristen Smith, 18, of the 14000 block of W. Second St., was charged with animal cruelty. He spent a few hours in the Ottawa County jail before he was released on $3,025 bond.

Ottawa County deputies were dispatched to the Smith family’s home on Friday after a report of an injured dog, according to adeputy’s report.

Smith told deputies his 18-month-old walker coonhound sustained injuries after fighting with one of the family’s five dogs.

He told deputies he did not injure the dog. A passing neighbor, however, saw deputies at the home and said, “Why don’t you show him the other dog that is in the house,” the report said.

The neighbor’s comment sparked an outburst from a woman who lives at the home, who told the man to get off her yard, the report said. The deputy then asked about the family’s other dogs, in addition to the four he showed to authorities. Smith entered the home to retrieve a 4-month-old lab-St. Bernard mix, the report said.

The puppy cried continually as Smith held it in the air and the deputy examined it. The animal had an apparent leg injury, and the woman told deputies she did not have enough money to get it fixed, the report said.

The deputy then spoke to a neighbor, who said he did not see anything that day, but he did see Smith frequently abusing the dogs, according to the report.

The man said Smith recently picked up the older dog by its neck and threw it on the ground.

Note: This story has been corrected to show the woman at the residence is not Smith's mother and it was the older dog, not the puppy, who the neighbor said was abused. 





If you have the deputy's report, what are the discrepancies? Other than the woman not being his mother which is not significant to the story.


To get the real facts, Thanks for clearing that up for us.

Tell us more about Tristen being 18 and living with your daughter 13 in your home.

get the real facts

Sorry forgot I have to spell everything out here. Tristen is my 19 year old daughter's boyfriend. But ya I not only harbor dog beaters but pedophiles...your all so intelligent and am so glad it is not any of you in this situation


Time to break out the boots. The dung is getting deep.


"the report" or "according to this report" were written 8 times. Reporters don't just make this stuff out of thin air. They usually have to go right off the report.

get the real facts

No...I have the actual report...I had it faxed directly to me from the sheriffs department. I don't just want to comment on here that it didn't happen and expect everyone to just believe it didn't happen but abuse did not occur here. Discrepencies are the puppy was not involved in the incident at hand, the puppy got her paw caught in our fence when trying to jump over it and fell backwards, it was not a neighbor who reported anything, as the accused was talking to the officer the reporting person was walking around to other neighbors, I never said I wasn't taking the puppy to a vet...I said I couldn't afford it that night and she wasn't in dire danger, her life was not threatened, no dog was picked up body slammed or kicked. We have saved two of our dogs from bad situations. One we got from the pound because they were going to put him down that day. Another the owner said he was going to shoot her because she didn't like people...she is one of the most loving dogs you would ever meet. I am not saying that the writer here did not have the report but I am saying that he put his own twist on it to make us look like horrible people and did not report the facts such as the officer writing "the owner is doing everything she can for the puppy", or "The coon hound in the backyard was not injured." I just want them to print the truth as it is and not write it like we have these dogs that are not fed, beat up, unclean, and such. This situation has just gotten way out of hand. I want everyone to know that all of our animals have been investigated and their has been no abuse found and there never will be because our animals are well taken care of. A reporter can use "the report" and "according to the report" but leave out a few key words that change the whole meaning.

Julie R.

So ok, if what you say is true then please accept my apology for what I called this guy ...... but I do so hate reading stories of animal abuse.


Why are the bland statements always so familiar from friends of thugs & criminals? (and usually spelled wrong):
"Mind your own business", "Don't disrespect this person", "You are no one to judge them", "You don't know all the facts", "It's society's fault", blah, blah, blah. Even AFTER Randleman admitted to killing Officer Dunn, there were still those posting statements like these above.


Kids a doucher hope a dog bites him in the face or something cool like that


The whole family are animal lovers I'm sure. When your pet that you love in injured you don't wait to take it to a Vet! If you can't pay the bill, then don't have FIVE dogs! Stupid is as stupid does.