Orange-barrel season has begun

ODOT to spend $14 million in Erie County this year
Andy Ouriel
Apr 21, 2014


Forget about red, yellow, green or black.

Orange is the new traffic color poised to dominate state and federal roadways in Erie County this year.

Ohio Department of Transportation officials have reserved about $14 million this year for several construction projects situated within Erie County’s boundaries on corridors such as Ohio 4, U.S. 6, Ohio 13, U.S. 250 and Ohio 99.

Some projects have already started, including intersection improvements at Milan (U.S. 250) and East Strub roads in Perkins Township.

Among the largest in terms of value: A $5 million preventative maintenance project, basically an attempt to preserve and extend the road’s life, on Ohio 2 from the Edison Memorial Bridge to U.S. 6.    

The projects, most scheduled to start and end this year with some carrying over into 2015, include intersection improvements, bridge enhancements, road resurfacing and sign upgrades along highways.

“As part of our mission statement, the Ohio Department of Transportation is dedicated to investing funds to maintain our existing highway system,” state transportation spokeswoman Christine Myers said.

The department’s “commitment to Erie County and the other seven counties that make up our district is to provide a safe, well maintained highway system to the residents of northcentral Ohio and all who use those roadways”


Seen it All

Ahhh, the state flower is starting to bloom! :-)

Forward Looking

How about using reflective roadway line work in this $14 million? Each time the ODOT does work the roads get less safe with low budget line striping that doesn't reflect with the highly reflective asphalt making line stripes invisible when it is raining.


Go get on the pike. Eight miles of barrels, not a person or piece of equipment in sight all the way!