Unemployment rates fall in 21 U.S. states last month

Ohio experiences largest month-to-month drop
Associated Press
Apr 18, 2014

More than two-thirds of the states reported job gains in March, as hiring has improved for much of the country during what has been a sluggish but sustained 4 1/2-year recovery.

The Labor Department said Friday that unemployment rates dropped in 21 states, rose in 17 and were unchanged in the remaining 12. Meanwhile, hiring increased in 34 states and fell in 16.

The unemployment rate varies from as low as 2.6 percent in North Dakota to as much as 8.7 percent in Rhode Island. South Carolina has experienced the sharpest rate decline over 12 months to 5.5 percent from 8 percent.

The rate nationwide stayed at 6.7 percent in March for the second straight month. That national rate stayed flat because someone was hired for almost every person who entered the job market last month.

Employers added 192,000 jobs nationwide in March, close to the average monthly gains of the past two years.

Ohio experienced the largest month-to-month drop in its unemployment rate: 0.4 percentage points to 6.1 percent. That steep drop occurred because the state added 12,000 jobs last month, while the total number of people in its job market fell 11,200 to 5.75 million.

Unemployment rates can fall when people leave the job market, as well as when employers hire.

North Carolina reported the second largest year-over-year drop in the unemployment rate: a 2.2 percentage point decrease to 6.3 percent. Part of that decline came from the loss unemployment benefits for jobless workers. Because those workers needed to look for jobs in order to receive benefits, the loss of the jobless aid likely caused them to give up their hunts and no longer be counted as unemployed.

Several states continue to lag the gains made across the country. Unemployment remains elevated in Nevada (8.5 percent), Illinois (8.4 percent), California (8.1 percent) and Kentucky (7.9 percent).



U6 12.6 to 12.7% Just so you know 12.7 is worse than 12.6% http://www.portalseven.com/emplo...
Maybe if Hillary and her State Dept wouldn't have lost 6 BILLION dollars they could pay for education? Nawww That would be too simple for you folks. Besides all 500 million would do for education is just be funneled back into building a library for your god.


You mean like 8 million signing up for insurance under the AHCA?
...and millions more signing up in states where their governors (mostly Democrats) accepted Medicaid? Even Ohio's top man, who originally said he would NOT accept the Medicaid help accepted the Medicaid help.


Re: "You mean like 8 million signing up for insurance under the AHCA?"

Is that 8 million who have bought insurance... or most getting medicaid... how many paid for an insurance plan? Till those numbers are answered we don't know how many are helped by AHCA, and how many ended up going on medicaid (which they were elligable for before obamaScare came along) and how many clicked onto the webisite and simply priced, or checked what their coverage and various plans were for insurance through obamacare will be. Saying 8 million signed up is not really what has happened.

We have been waiting for the actual numbers of who went on medicaid and how many actually bought an insurance plan for 3 or 4 months... since obamacare's first deadline was... then after the second deadline... now the third... or is it the fourth? Since this is all done thriough computers is it really that hard.. or impossible to get these numbers? Really?


I know math is hard and all but let me walk you through this.
7 Million- lost insurance according to CBO
8 million have signed up according to Obama.
That's 1 million people who gained anything. And we are not even sure if the number is that high as the presidential number is being reported from know liars who bias reports.
(You could purchase a healthcare plan for every man woman and child in the US with the 2 trillion they have spent so far.)


I see the majority of the states with the decline of unemployment are held by Republican Governors, the ones with the least decline are democrats.


So let's see, according to well-accepted knowledge from months/years of posters on here, lower unemployment numbers just mean "people have stopped seeking work and thus are not counted".
That certainly could be said of Ohio, I suppose. Didn't Huron Schools just eliminate five more teaching positions?
Log on to the Ohio Means Jobs website and see how many of the jobs posted there are expired - some by a month or more. The Governor's pet project.
Even the "Job Store" is no longer the JOB store...


You're right. It's all about wording. In the first paragraph it states about 2/3 of the states reported job gains, but in the second paragraph it only lists the numbers of unemployment dropping. It never did state that those states had actually got job gains, it only leads us to conclude that it does.

The Hero Zone's picture
The Hero Zone

You are correct and I appreciate you pointing that out. There are many sneaky presumptions put into articles like this. Once a reader like you becomes aware of them it is amazing just how you see that practice everywhere else. Those who don't have as inquisitive a mind or strong reading comprehension skills are happy to just be flung in a general-yet-railroaded direction of presumption.


Unfortunately I've been noticing the trend for about five years. Wonder why? Lol. Seems as though there's no real journalists anymore, and ya have to become your own investigator to come up with the truth.

I do have an inquisitive mind, but sometimes I can't articulate it well. It's a talent you possess and is admired.

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The Hero Zone

I appreciate the compliment, thank you. Unfortunately many of my thoughts seem to be rather long-winded(?) and apparently there are some on here who call me narcissistic. Buuuuut my heart is at the core of each of them and if people don't want to read it then I suppose their eyes can glaze over a bit as they scroll.

I can promise you this: the more you are on here posting, exploring, reading, and responding the better you can articulate whatever you wish to present to we in the peanut gallery of the SR forums! If you really want "hard mode practice" you can use your real name to post, though I can understand if you don't want to do that.


Oh my goodness no!!! I'm not ready for that "hard mode practice" yet! I'm just a beginner!

A narcissistic? Nah. An intellectual? For sure on that one!


I can not and will not vote for a party whose main thrust is to;

a) Block every attempt brought forward by any President as was their mission statement after the last Presidential election
b) give additional tax breaks to the wealthy and tax-dodging corporations while suppressing the middle class and low wage earners
c) push for untold amounts of money to flood our election process thus again aiding only the wealthy
d) continue to hold down living wages (if you want to call $10.10 a living wage)
e) create immoral wars to benefit the oil barons and the Bush family legacy and pride
f) downplay the pay scale differences between men and women
g) trying to privatize Social Security, Medicare, Medicaid, schools and the Post Office so corporations can make even more money and then dodge the taxes they owe
h) use every tactic they can to keep people from voting and create the lies of "voter fraud"
I) willingly accept the radical ideas of the T-party to gain a few more votes

Nope. Nope. Nope. I will NOT saddle up to party like that. I have more respect for myself and no respect for those who are trying, through ANY means they can, to steal our DEMOCRACY. nope.

Stop It

This ISN'T a Democracy as much as you would like it to be so. It IS a Republic. Get used to it or try to change it. You can't just "think it" so.


The facts remain "Stop It". It's one MESSED up party. (This coming from a former Republican!) They have no heart, soul or concerns except for those who "pay to play". The Oligarchs are living well off the rest of the Americans. It's easy to see in the income disparities if anyone cares to look. The theory of "trickle down" isn't working out so well for America's future.

Dr. Information

Why does anyone who makes it in the country by working hard have to pay for everyone else that doesn't.

Its a dog eat dog world. America was created on Life, Liberty and the PURSUIT of happiness. Nothing guaranteed.


Especially liked b,c, and d. While we are at it right next door (Huron County an elected official was silent as manufacturing jobs left. Yet he helped get a state farm bill passed. Of course when established business gets tax dollars that is not welfare.