Death penalty unlikely in screwdriver stabbing

The man accused of using a screwdriver to kill his estranged wife won't face the death penalty unless more evidence surfaces, Erie County prosecutor Kevin Baxter said.
Emil Whitis
Jul 20, 2011


The man accused of using a screwdriver to kill his estranged wife won't face the death penalty unless more evidence surfaces, Erie County prosecutor Kevin Baxter said.

An Erie County grand jury last week indicted Jeremy P. Gallant, 26, on charges of aggravated murder and grand theft of a motor vehicle.

Gallant is accused of repeatedly stabbing his wife, Maria Vera, 22, in the head and body during an argument June 1 at his mother's Berlin Township home.

"A lot of these murders are heinous crimes, but there are only a few narrowly defined circumstances when the death penalty can be brought forth," Baxter said. "The act has to go beyond prior calculation."


Darwin's choice

Besides, it would take up to much of my time.........


I wonder if the death penalty would be sought if Mr Gallant had stabbed Mr Baxter's daughter in the head.


Yet another injustice by our so called Law Makers in Washington. Is there any justice any more ??


More evidence?  She had a freakin screwdriver in her head!


hell, in the anthony sowell murders they found a head in a bucket, in his house mind you, and judge ambrose said that wasn't enough evidence for murder ..... they needed the rest of the body for evidence ..... NOW HOW FREAKIN GOOFY IS THAT?


Of course Baxter isn't pushing the death penalty, take too much time and as we all know with Baxter's past track record, he isn't one that applies himself to too much, unless it concerns the Baxter family inheritance or Christa Harris. We all know how Baxter applied himself when he skated away without paying over $200,000 in monies owed to the county in taxes for his failed boat line and even had JO DEE Fantozz forgive the monies owed. Yes he is quite the piece of work!!!


read the article - they need evidence of prior calculation.


Although I can't go into detail...there is MORE THAN ENOUGH evidence of prior calculation.  This is just another punch in the gut to the family :(


Isn't this the case where the mother called 911 when she saw him attack his wife? How can this not be a death penalty case but Casey Anthony's was? Doesn't make sense. They have more evidence in this case then the Anthony case.


Although I can't go into detail...there is MORE THAN ENOUGH evidence of prior calculation.

Read the prior news stories. Did the monster have the screwdriver with him when Vera went into another room to talk with him?

Gallant had been released from jail just a week ago in an unrelated case.

Vera stopped by the home Wednesday morning with her two children, ages 1 and 2, to pick up some personal items, deputies said.

When she arrived, Vera and Gallant went into another room to talk, leaving the children with Heuckroth, deputies said.

Heuckroth told deputies she heard a commotion and went into the room, finding Gallant attacking Vera.

She told the dispatcher Gallant was strangling Vera, apparently unaware her son had used a screwdriver in the attack, deputies said.

The monster decided to strangle her since she was still alive after using the screwdriver.

That mug shot with the evil eyes would make a good target at the range. Run off a few copies for target practice.


I looked into this some time ago and could find NO evidence an Erie County jury has EVER given the death penalty. So, this come as no surprise. I am still holding out hope Randleman will be test case #1 for the needle application from Erie County.

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Richards Brother

He looks like such a fine young man.  I especially like his neck tattoo.  Where do these people come from?  Is there a rock somewhere that socially inept people crawl out from under?  Cant we dump them all in the middle of the lake and let them swim for thier survival?



Your link to Facebook is the same as

Unless one decides to join Facebook, nobody can view your page. I do not have a Facebook account but I can view some Facebook pages.

When will the Sandusky PD get an email address for anonymous tips reporting crime or gang activity? The drug tip hotline should take a backseat to the more serious violent crimes.

Truth or Dare

  Maybe I'm nieve when it comes to the law, very nieve, but if I recall correctly, he pursuaded her into another room to "talk", right,, separating her from his mother and their children first.  Where did that screwdriver come from?  It was just laying around the room?  The results were heinous,  her brutally stabbed  w/a screwdriver and choked , struggling for life, left braindead and because of the law, her family unable to donate her organs so that others might live, a piece of her living on, their children left Motherless, a family who'se daughter, sister, aunt, cousin.......... this wreaks!          

Hey Centauri;  That "evil" look, it's what you may  see in severely mentally ill individuals..  You would know the look better if you were ever assaulted by  someone suffering from severe mental illness.  I call it the "no-soul-eyes"  look".  The real person is gone!!  Maybe the SR can do some indepth research and  spell out what's needed  "beyond prior calculation".   I'm left wondering if this couldn't possibly help another hi-profile case individual not receive the death penalty?  Gotta have more than just  some kinda "prior calculation", right?    Like I said, this wreaks, and I'm not a firm supportor of the Death Penalty.  Maybe Erie County just doesn't have enough money to proceed with two Death Penalty cases?!   


The problem with the death penalty is we don't use it effectively. Way too many appeals, way too many lawyer fees, way too long of a time frame.

I would like to see him, when found guilty, taken outside the courthouse, put a rope around his neck, and just let him dangle from a tree for a few days.

Julie R.

Had this sociopath b*stard been making allegations about Baxter and the rest of his corrupt arse-hole buddies in the joke that calls itself a judicial system ~ a JOKE that spends 99% of their time and energy on their OWN self-serving agendas ~ I'll bet they would have found enough "evidence" fast.  


Hmm, Centauri, and Come On People:

There has to be ADDITIONAL factors besides just prior calculation for a death penalty conviction. Please read the following link and you will see that there are 10 aggravating/mitigating factors and at least one of them has to apply to the case in order for the death penalty to be sought.

Personally, I wish the death penalty could apply in this case because this guy is one evil son of a puppy.  The eyes are the window to the soul.  To kill is awful enough, but to do it in the manner that he did shows a level of malevolence that is beyond comprehension.


 I love how everyone quotes what was in the paper.  Whats reported and the facts aren't exactly the same here....

Richards Brother

Enlighten us cockynurse


Jimbo2 is correct!  This liberal UNION county has NEVER applied a direct sentence of GUILTY with a death penalty sentence for MURDER and had it carried out.  NEVER!  So, tell me libs, what does THAT tell you about the metropolis of Erie County and the city?  That is why I see NO chance (or Hope and Change) for the Randleman case to result in a death penalty sentence.  Get used to it NOW!  It is coming so do NOT be shocked, surprised, or mad because there is NO justice.  Prepare yourselves for the direct reason for this as liberal VOTERS being responsible for this.  That's right, I said it.  It is because of YOU allowed this to be the NORM of our liberal, criminal justice system.  It is NOT one prosecutor, it is NOT one judge.  This has been going on since the HISTORY of Erie County, way BEFORE you were born or when you were wonderful little liberals.  It is "business as usual" so WHY would it be a surprise or shock to anyone?  This is YOUR mirror for the demographics of where YOU live.  If this screwdriver stabbing case does not qualify for the death penalty, then NOTHING ever will.  Here we have repeated WARNINGS from the family, repeated violations of a restraining order, and KNOWN violence of Jeremy Gallant.  He committed a HEINOUS act.  We, as a society, are charged to protect innocent individuals by making sure the LAWS are obeyed and justice is served.  The record of this liberal, UNION county speaks for itself.  For some reason, the liberal premise is always the suspect's LIFE is much more important and VALUABLE than the victim.  He gets to live in prison PAID by our TAXES.  After a paultry amount of time, it will be the EXACT SAME thing, "You are FREE to go!"  Don't believe that?  How MANY convicted KILLERS have been released from state corrections and came right back to Erie County?  Do ANY of you remember those stories in the Register?  Of course not.  YOU only get upset for a few months, THEN it is the liberal and accepted premise of; "BUSINESS AS USUAL!"  Ha! Ha!       

Truth or Dare

Hey cockynurse;    You have the facts regarding this case?  Cause by all means,  feel free to share them and enlighten us all!  Trust me, I take what I read in any newspaper with a grain of salt.  After all, they're just as good at making the news as they are selling  the news.  The SR wouldn't be the Lone Rangers in putting their own little spin on a story, now would they?!  


Trust me, I take what I read in any newspaper with a grain of salt.

I love how everyone quotes what was in the paper. Whats reported and the facts aren't exactly the same here....

Some people are thinking.

Unfortunately most people take what in written in newspapers as absolute truth.

I am trying to recall a local case where newspaper stories were used as evidence in a court case. Newspapers have been known to put out non-factual events into print that prosecutors have used as evidence.


All taken

 I just don't understand. If you do a crime like this and you are found guilty, you should be put to death. There should be no such thing as life in prison. It is death or parole after so much time. Anyone that murders someone should get death period,unless it is an accident!!!!! This was not an accident, so if found guilty you should go to your grave for what you did!!!!


This is what you call just another Erie COUNTY MISSCARAGE OF ERIE COUNTY JUSTICE


i agree with those who said you can not believe everything you read! there is so much more to this that was never posted on the register, and what was reported don't even fully fit what actually happened. I usually don't lean towards the death penalty but in this case this man deserves to be on death row!! Rest In Peace Maria hopefully one day you get the justice you deserve!


According to the above news story, there appears to be no hope for this monster. Did the system fail society? There is more to the story. Pay attention to the dates of his criminal past.

Why did the system release this monster onto society?

Check out his mug shot in Texas

The system dropped the ball allowing this monster to prey on society. Why wasn't this monster in a mental institution? The system is broken.




 Nooooo... Please dont say mental institution...That means Not Guilty by Reason of Insanity !


I am tired of seeing a person commit a murder and not get the death penality. Gallant intentally killed this woman and now he should meet the same fate. The judicial system in this county and country is nothing but a joke. Who is really at fault? In my opinion it starts with the judgesand the attorneys. It is a fact that attorneys are the ruinnation of this country. You had an attorney put a killer back on the streets only to kill again. The officer that found Randleman must of had a strong constitution not to put him down. I feel it would of put a strong message to people that do not care about a human life. Just look at the number of children beating up people and leaving them for dead. I guess a weapon in a persons hand or numbers of kids makes them invincible. It's time that judges and attorneys stop looking for a big taxpayer paycheck, get their heads out of the sand and start helping the police departments do their job correctly. Everyone knows if you commit a crime in Erie County all you get is a slap on the hand. You judges and attorneys have fought against the police departments to long. It's time to open your law books and start reading.

Julie R.

I agree. It's time for the attorneys and the judges to start opening up the law books and start reading. I'm not even an attorney and I could write a book on all the illegal crap that I witnessed and/or heard about in a case that never would have been had it not been for ATTORNEYS.  

One of the ILLEGAL things I heard about ---- somebody said that he had to go the 2nd floor of the Erie County courthouse to talk to a certain common pleas court magistrate.  I found that odd especially since this very magistrate had already said (quote) that he was prohibited by law to talk to anybody in the case and he was even prohibited by law to address any of the complaints that were filed.  (?)

This person then said that he didn't get to talk to the magistrate that day but by chance "he just happened to run into the JUDGE" and talked to him. Considering how Ohio Law flatly prohibits NOT magistrates but JUDGES to talk to any parties in a case without the presence of ALL parties --- I would have to say, once again, you're right ---- the whole bunch of them better start opening their law books!


Julie R.

Wonder what it takes in corrupt Erie County to be so ENTITLED that some even get personal meetings and have personal conversations with the JUDGES?


i knew maria vera. we were in cosmetology together. we may not have been really close best friends, but she was such a sweet heart to me and to EVERYONE. this makes me sick to my stomach.

if there's a hell, i hope this guy rots in it, and i hope his ass just goes up in flames.


R.I.P. maria, you will be missed.