Erie County files bridge damage lawsuit

Erie County officials want to recoup at least $38,500 from a trucking company after one of its drivers allegedly caused significant damage to a bridge in Oxford Township.
Andy Ouriel
Apr 14, 2014


Officials sued Uniontownbased Kuntzman Trucking along with company driver and Alliance resident Anthony Blair when he“negligently struck” a bridge on Wood Road near Ransom Road in January 2013, according to a related lawsuit filed in Erie County Common Pleas Court.
The complaint says Blair’s truck weakened the bridge’s structure, utility beams and guardrails, with damage totaling $38,500. Officials also want to recoup interest and other costs possibly incurred from the lawsuit.

“Both defendant Blair and defendant Kuntzman are jointly and severally liable for the damages proximately caused by defendant Blair” the lawsuit stated.

A status conference, updating the judge on the case’s progress, occurred this past week. Both sides plan to meet in July and could see each other in trial come October.

Officials reiterated the bridge is completely safe for anyone to drive on. About 150 vehicles per day traverse the bridge.

The Erie County “engineer’s office conducted inspections on the bridge, and the most recent occurred on Dec. 30, 2013,” said Jason Hinners, an Erie County assistant prosecutor handling this case. “Based on the inspections, the engineer’s office determined that there is no immediate concern for the safety of the traveling public over the bridge. The engineer’s office will continue inspections of the bridge on their regular schedule”


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Isn't it enough that they have a full-time truck weigh-cop on duty raising money for the County? Now you are gonna single out one trucking company for damage to an old pan deck bridge? C'mon Erie....chances are you'll just screw a local contractor out of more than that on the next project!


So who should pay for the damages to the bridge? The taxpayers of Erie County? The truck driver hit and damaged the bridge, he should be held accountable. Not sure how you are calling it an "old" pan deck bridge. The bridge deck was replaced the year before it was damaged and should be fixed. If someone hits your car do you pay the damages? Do you call it good enough and walk off? I doubt it.


Well said!