$24.5 million in tax refunds unclaimed since 2010

About 32,100 Ohioans have until April 15 to claim an estimated $24.5 million in income tax refunds left over from 2010.
Associated Press
Mar 29, 2014


The Internal Revenue Service estimated half of the refunds in Ohio are for more than $560. If the refunds aren’t claimed, the federal government gets to pocket them.

The money comes from employers who withheld money for income taxes for employees who didn’t file for a refund.

IRS spokeswoman Jennifer Jenkins told the Dayton Daily News most of the people who have money coming likely are among the working poor and didn’t file because they didn’t realize money was owed to them. Some probably didn’t meet the filing requirement of $10,000.



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The Hero Zone

This info is good to know, but the article doesn't contain relevant info for how to do so. So for any curious about more information on how to reclaim the interest-free loan you gave the Federal government: http://www.irs.gov/uac/Newsroom/ IRS-Has-$760-Million-for-People-Who-Have-Not-Filed-a-2010-Income-Tax-Return

(Remove the space between "Newsroom/ IRS", for some unknown reason a direct hyperlink to the IRS's own site detailing how to reclaim these funds doesn't turn into a complete hyperlink when posting here.)

While you are at it and are sick and tired of having an unknowable, ceaselessly-manipulated income tax fraught with "loopholes" and penalize the very people this article indicates, please check out:

The Fair Tax (national sales tax): http://www.fairtax.org/site/Page...

The Flat Tax (one-rate income tax, the "postcard-sized tax form"): http://taxes.about.com/od/statet...

Of course we will need to repeal a hundred-plus year old Amendment but that is on its way. Already we are at 22 states that have passed legislation setting expectations for participants in a Convention of the States. To follow the progress of states doing what Congress (including Senators who are supposed to represent states, another hundred year old amendment that needs repealed) please visit:


P.S. - While we're talking taxes, let's move Tax Day to the first Monday in November. For some reason it seems appropriate. I wonder why that is?


Re: "P.S. - While we're talking taxes, let's move Tax Day to the first Monday in November. For some reason it seems appropriate. I wonder why that is?"

That will only work for those few that own a business or owe money at the end of the tax year instead of those that lend the gov't money for no interest, by withholding too much money from each paycheck. The percentage of those who own a business, or owe taxes isn't very large, so all it will be is folks getting "money back from the gov't" just in time for Christmas shopping. They don't realize that in reality they just loaned the gov't money at zero interest. Most folks use it as a savings program. They are far from financial geniuses.

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Good idea! I'm thinking the general elections will be pushed to May though. I wonder why I think that....

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The usual Gov haters are out this morning.


Now if you said "big gov't" and used folks that prefer small federal gov't and gov't needs to be closer to the people, you would be a lot closer to being correct. But we are so used to you being wrong, why tell the truth now? We are used to exaggerations and generalizations from you.

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Problem is most of those "exaggerations and generalizations" have turned out to be true despite you right wingnuts denying it.

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Been into the cat's litter box eating "treats" already this morning obamabot?

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The Hero Zone

Please outline where my statements aren't in the best interest of our population? You may also defend our current tax system as being the best, most humane, most knowable system that ever existed. I am open to any of those and curious to see how it interlocks with your agreement with Sam about having a simpler tax system that would actually generate more money FOR the government and be in the peoples' best interest.


Yes I think that might be helpful pozycjonowanie