Benefit honors former Sanduskian

Mother of four killed in Iowa, suspect arrested
Andy Ouriel
Mar 27, 2014


Community members plan to honor the legacy of their beloved friend and a dedicated mother this Saturday.

Former Sandusky resident Michaela Jordan, 30, died in Iowa from a single gunshot wound inside an apartment. Police arrested a 35-year-old man as the main suspect.

In her memory, friends and family members have organized a benefit fundraiser at Tony G’s Bar and Grill. All proceeds from the event will go to Jordan’s four children, as well as offsetting funeral costs.

“Her whole life revolved around her children and being the best mother she could be to them,” friend and fundraising organizer Cheryl Gilliam said.

Along with her four children, Jordan moved to Iowa in January 2013 to be closer to her brother and mother. Jordan attended schools in both the Margaretta and Sandusky districts. She worked at Friendly’s on Milan Road for 10 years as well.

Gilliam encourages anyone who knew Jordan to come out and share some fond times of her with others.

“Michaela was the kind of person who would always put others before herself, and now I hope the community will come together in her honor to help her children and family work through this terrible tragedy” Gilliam said.

Want to go?

WHAT: Benefit fundraiser for former Sandusky resident Michaela Jordan, who was slain in Iowa in late February

WHERE: Tony G’s Bar & Grill, 902 W. Adams St., Sandusky

WHEN: Start at noon 

MORE: Event will feature potluck, bake sale, raffle and DJ

COST: $10 donation at the door, with all proceeds benefiting Jordan’s four children and covering funeral expenses in Iowa



Oh no! I used to work with her, very nice person.


Is this event today? there is no date listed for the event?


This Saturday. It says in first paragraph. RIP Michaela.


thank you, cant believe i did not see that


No problem.




Does it REALLY matter that the Sandusky Register didn't mention you and the other person as the ones putting it all together? If you are trying to help your dear friend, and her family who are left behind, stop sounding so self centered and stay on task with what you are doing..just saying...
I didn't know this young lady, but may she rest in peace and I pray for comfort for her children and family.

Darwin's choice

Have your bowl of turnips this morning, sourpuss?


I'm not being a sour puss Darwin, I just thought it sounded a little selfish that four children no longer have a mother and all the lady is worried about is the fact that SR didn't mention her in the article. Aren't there more pressing issues at hand here, honestly.


I could care less about getting credit so calm down. I have had business owners who have donated and are complaining. It don't matter. I did this cause i'm a good person and I loved her. SO calm down. I just thought I would let people know since people are pissed. NOT ME!


Sorry for this young woman and her family... also sooo sorry to all the business owners who donated for the recognition and didn't get their names printed? Was it truly for her and her family or their own names they were hoping to get out there? Ridiculous! Thanks for the donations but please keep your money if that is what you thought you were " buying"!!!


Bdid, I think maybe the businesses may have been complaining because they gave the money to Jami Borough, and my comment was more directed at her original comment, which she has since deleted. She was P.O.'d at the Register for not stating that she and another person were the ones organizing the benefit.
My comment in no way shape or form was to take away from the tragedy that this family is facing, only to make Jami more aware that she sounded very self - centered in such a grievous time. :)