Senators concerned by Secret Service allegations

Three agents called home from diplomatic trip to the Netherlands after one agent allegedly found drunk inside hotel
Associated Press
Mar 27, 2014


The Democratic chairman of the Senate Homeland Security Committee and a senior Republican senator expressed concern Wednesday over an alleged incident involving a drunken Secret Service agent in connection with President Barack Obama's overseas trip to the Netherlands.

On Sunday, the agency called three agents home from the Netherlands just before Obama's arrival for talks with foreign leaders in The Hague. One agent had been found inebriated inside a hotel, according to reports.

Sen. Tom Carper, D-Del., the Homeland Security Committee chairman, said Wednesday he is "troubled by the reports regarding the behavior of a few Secret Service agents serving on the president's detail in the Netherlands," according to a statement. His office said he's asked the Secret Service for more information about the episode.

Sen. Chuck Grassley, R-Iowa, the ranking member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, said in a statement that the incident "shows that the agency has to deal with some in its ranks who fail to respect the important job the agency is tasked with." While he said that he appreciated "swift action" by Secret Service Director Julia Pierson, the senator added that "it looks like she's still got work to do to regain the trust of the American people."

The latest embarrassing incident involving a drunken Secret Service agent comes a year into the term of a new agency director who already has been confronted with a handful of incidents since the Colombia prostitution scandal nearly two years ago. In that episode, 13 agents and officers were accused of partying with female foreign citizens at a hotel in the seaside resort of Cartagena, where they were staying before Obama's arrival.

Agents can consume alcohol only "in moderate amounts while off duty" or on temporary assignment, according to an updated Secret Service professional conduct manual obtained by The Associated Press. They also can't drink within 10 hours of reporting for duty.

A Secret Service spokesman on Wednesday declined to comment on the incident, except to say that three agents were sent home for "disciplinary reasons." White House spokesman Jay Carney, briefing reporters traveling overseas with the president, said Obama believes that everybody representing the U.S. holds themselves to "high standards." He said the president respects the Secret Service director's "approach on these matters."

Obama named Pierson as the agency's first female director last March in a sign he wanted to change the agency's culture and restore public confidence in its operations. Since then, Pierson has had to face some alleged misbehavior on the elite service, which is charged with protecting the president and investigating financial fraud.

In November, two Secret Service agents were removed from Obama's detail after one was allegedly discovered trying to re-enter a woman's hotel room because he left a bullet from his weapon behind. In a subsequent probe, investigators came across sexually suggestive emails that the agent and another supervisor had sent to a female subordinate, The Washington Post reported.

The agency disputes that recent reports of misbehavior is indicative of a widespread trend. And an inspector general's report made public in December concluded there was no evidence of widespread misconduct, in line with the service's longstanding assertion that it has no tolerance for inappropriate behavior.

Pierson said in a letter to former Acting Inspector General Charles Edwards that, while the agency agreed with the report's 14 recommendations, she was concerned about how the survey was conducted and its results.



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Peninsula Pundit

Let's go and get a personal dose of why the National Guard was the first line of defense in Iraq, going door-to-door in an urban setting, suspecting the next door you open could be your last as you bust down door after door.
And people cheer when they see soldiers having war games in downtown cities, not connecting why it is they are training in that manner.
I'm a patriot for America as well.
But you have to know what the target is before you act.
I love this one from the website you posted:
'Phase 3 – Those with the principles of a West, Cruz, Dr. Ben Carson, Lee, DeMint, Paul, Gov Walker, Sessions, Gowdy, Jordan, should comprise a tribunal and assume positions of authority to convene investigations, recommend appropriate charges against politicians and government employees to the new U.S. Attorney General appointed by the new President.'
This idea is straight from Kiev.
What about the undue influence of corporate money in all this?
Why aren't the Koch Bros part of the tribunal? Or will they just be financing it behind the scenes?

'Meet the New Boss, same as the Old Boss'.

Americans with discernment will certainly pass and at least we will have all the crackpots gathered in one place where they can be easily rounded up and sent to the currently unused FEMA camps. Employment will rise as jobs are created to man them.

Really are you ...

It is all one big party. When Obama was down in Mexico or South America, wasn't members of his security detail caught partying with girls from a brothel?

Darwin's choice

A lack of respect breeds a lack of respect....


Peninsula Pundit

Don't you have a record that isn't broken?

Darwin's choice

Your blind following of that failure is pathetic.

Can't you see the almost daily stupidity that this administration is responsible for? Evidently not!



It's a Dufus thing Penn. He can't help it!


Hey, Deercrapper,are you blind and deaf or just another Comrade ?


I think the senate wants to put the smack down on the agents for cutting in on their action!!!

The Big Dog's back

Right wingnut rule: Bush responsible for nothing, Obama responsible for everything.


This one is probably the worst next to Carter in my lifetime. Bush was responsible for 911, although I believe Cheney was The Engineer. Just watch Loose Change and The Lost Tapes and you would have to be an idiot to have any doubt. Why do you think Bush was in Fl.and the F15's went out to sea ?

Erie County Resident

Just what decade is left wingnut Obama going to take responsibility for his administrations actions piddles?
In Amsterdam .. Hey SS get stoned, get drunk, get some hookers, it's party time for the Obama group back at the hotel.

Looks like a rerun of their South American trip.


Most of the current problems were created by the Previous Adm. from 2008 !

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You're the reason there are directions on shampoo bottles.....


How would you like to live here and have the idiot cutting The Missile Defense System out.

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I know you right wingnuts love micro-managing, but it's up to the dept. head to handle this.

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Leadership fail dog! The world is laughing at the golfer-in-charge, and his globe trotting wife. The breakdown of respect starts at the top, obama can't even spell it.....

Would you like to see the video?

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"The world is laughing" What world, right wingnut world? Right wingnut world, .00000001% OF WORLD/S POPULATION.

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Some day, when you can see over the edge of the toilet bowl you live in, you'll read back and laugh at your stupidity....