Viewpoint: Truckers roll

Three weeks ago, the Norwalk boys basketball team was best known for its recent 57-game regular season winning streak, the ninth-longest in Ohio history.
Mark Hazelwood
Mar 24, 2014


Today, it’s just a footnote.

The Truckers capped off their magical ride into area and state history Saturday afternoon, beating Columbus Bishop Watterson 65-58 in the Division II state championship game at Ohio State University.

With big cities such as Akron, Columbus and Dayton in its path, Norwalk showed that a small-town athletics team can still dream — and accomplish — big things.

Like many communities throughout the region and state, Norwalk has been hit hard by unemployment, crime and drug activity. But with each passing win, the crowds got bigger and bigger, as a group of teenagers brought positive attention and happiness that was desperately needed.

We salute the Truckers for not only their state championship, but the impressive win streak, a 76-3 record over the past three seasons. And more importantly, for bringing a community together, and reminding us all what it’s like to not only hope and dream, but accomplish big things through teamwork and perseverance.




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David can beat the Goliath's of the world on occasion. That's what makes high school sports so special. Good job Norwalk.

Stop It

There had to be quite a few parents and friends in that audience who couldn't see through the happy tears. I know that feeling. Way to go Truckers!

Peachy Keen

No offense to anyone in Norwalk, but can we move on, Sandusky Register?! Each day these big articles and photos about Norwalk basketball keep coming ad nauseum. I know a state championship is quite a difficult and rare accomplishment and I applaud the Truckers, but I believe Norwalk has their own newspaper, and I doubt they'd be taking up this much space in the Norwalk Reflector if, say, Sandusky, SMCC or Perkins won state championships. I watched the game on Saturday and it was great, and congrats to the Truckers! But having said that, I've really read more than enough about it in the Register at this point. There are hundreds of kids in all the area high schools who are accomplishing great things in academics, music, volunteering, etc., but of course their actions mainly go unnoticed because they aren't a part of high school athletics. (By the way, my own kids graduated years ago and I don't have any grandkids in school or any other connections to any current students anywhere. I just feel there has been more than enough coverage of this event, however awesome it may be!)