Heroin strikes everywhere

Let's face: 'Heroin is real and it's killing us'
Mar 20, 2014




Life is what is killing us. We die because we are born.


Oh gee, how profound, Not.

I guess Black Sabbath's "Hand of Doom" had it right, 40 plus years ago....

Yep , we're all gonna die and some junkies are gonna fast- track the process and destroy a lot of other people in their wake.

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I've been reading the obits. Noticing all the young deaths under 40 years old and who died at their homes. I'm figuring most are drug overdoses or suicide. Very sad for their families.


Heroin has been around forever and was primarily used in the music field. It lost its luster a few decade ago but it is now becoming the drug of choice again.

Other recreational drugs offered escape from reality. This drug offers death.


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I'm confused by the new "overdose drug Narcan." Why are we saving people who know there is a high-probability of death from their actions ..... so that we can lock them up & they can return to society more dysfunctional, problematic, and diseased. I know a lot of people that have caught the Hepatitis Alphabet while incarcerated. Then society will have to pay for those costs too.
Ii'm saying that incarceration is the wrong tactic to begin with. Treatment - Truth about all drugs - and different consequences are needed.


I have to agree in part with you. These people are trying to hide from what is really the problems they have. Until an underlying problem is fixed, they will not stop. Drying them out or stopping their drug addiction isn't the answer unless you fix the underlying problem at the same time. Whatever is the problem needs fixing bad so they don't self medicate again. All the truth in the world about drugs won't stop anything unless the pain hurting them goes away. For the love of pete it is just common sense. People escape for all kinds of reasons. Fix that and you might have a shot at a drug free society. Take away the drugs and all you have is a nation of neurotic and psycotics living in pain and fear.

Darwin's choice

40 years ago, you couldn't find heroin any where! Funny how the CIA has made it easier to get than most anything! That is the real problem. Incredible how, even with the largest fighting force on planet earth, the lowly Taliban grow and export their product! And, in larger yields than they've had in history....

Ralph J.

Heroin is ignored by the DEA and LE but aggressively go after pot. Ignore pot and go after the heroin. Nobody ever died from pot. The heroin is now laced with Fentanyl making heroin more deadly. Fentanyl is 50 to 100 times more potent than morphine.



Lets hope that the drug Krokodil doesn't take hold here. Krokodil [ cocaine, lighter fluid, gasoline, paint thinner and alcohol] is 10 times cheaper than Heroin.


It's already out in Arizona; it won't be long if it isn't here already.


"Heroin is real and it's killing us"

Speak for yourself. It's killing THEM - those who make the poor CHOICE to use it.