Ohio Turnpike reopens all lanes after pileups

Three killed after Wednesday crash.
Associated Press
Mar 15, 2014


Authorities say traffic on the Ohio Turnpike is back to normal following a massive pileup Wednesday that left three people dead about halfway between Toledo and Cleveland.

A toll road spokesman said all lanes were open as of Saturday after a series of crashes involving about 40 vehicles that resulted in two separate pileups.

Adam Greenslade said a single lane will be closed for several hours early Monday to remove two tractor-trailers left behind on a two-mile stretch of the eastbound lanes southwest of Sandusky.

Victims of the pileups were a truck driver from Illinois, 20-year-old Hannah Matheny of Parma and 66-year-old Janice Robb from Schererville, Ind.

The State Highway Patrol said an injured trooper who was pinned between two vehicles during the crashes had surgery Saturday and was recovering.





I may have missed it, but I have been waiting for the details of this terrible crash, yet all I see in the Register is a repetition of the same old news releases. The Register had no problem dispatching a photographer to the scene to snap lots of pictures, but apparently did not have a reporter available to ask questions?


There were 50 vehicles involved, it is still under investigation! They can't do it in a few days! Good god.



Is this what you want? Or you want the name and reason of the crash. You want someone to blame? Looking for the dirty reason it happened? All the nitty gritty? It is called it is Northern Ohio, there was a snow storm, low visibility, and it was slippery.


What questions do you have?


You did miss it. All 3 names have been mentioned several times in different articles.


Like a lot of people in this area, I use the turnpike as a alternate road during bad weather. In general I have found it to be a good (and safe!) road, especially during the winter. As such, I am concerned that there was an accident of this magnitude and tragedy. Logical follow-up questions to ask would be:
- Was the accident related in any way to the road design?
- Does this particular stretch of road have a history of weather problems?
- Was there something about this storm that particularly contributed to the situation.

Again, all logical questions to ask and expect from a local newspaper that purports to be a public servant. And these questions have nothing to do with morbidity, voyeurism or any of the other nasty things that I have been accused of by the above people. You people need to get a life and stop assuming the worst about everyone who dares question the veracity of a newspaper article.


Did you read the article in the link I provided? The accident reconstructionist that is working the accident said the road was very slippery due to the weather conditions and visibility was near zero. So YES it was the storm. If you travel this area as often as you state then you know the area and the weather we get here. Why do you have such a hard time understanding the storm and conditions that contributed to the accident? I have never heard of the turnpike being closed for weather so I do not think there is a history of weather problems for that stretch of road.