Two fall through ice on Lake Erie

It was unknown why the men were on the ice.
Alex Green
Mar 13, 2014


Two men fell through the Lake Erie ice early Tuesday about two miles off Catawba, near Green Island, U.S. Coast Guard officials said.

One man pulled himself out of the water, but the other man was unconscious in the water when crews arrived to rescue him, said Gene Davis, of the Coast Guard’s public affairs office.

Both men were taken by medical helicopter to a local hospital, Davis said. They were first taken to land, then to the hospital by helicopter.

Davis was unsure of the men’s medical conditions following the rescue.

Put-in-Bay Township volunteer firefighters responded to the scene with fire boats, as did the Coast Guard, Davis said.

The Ottawa County dive team also assisted.

Davis said he could not provide the men’s names, or say if they had vehicles with them.

A witness spotted the men and informed authorities, who were dispatched at about 6:41 a.m., Davis said.

It was unknown why the men were on the ice.



That doesn't seem to smart. Just saying. It was in the 50s two days ago. Let's have some common sense people.


The ice is plenty solid watched... Its over a foot thick still. You could drive a semi truck over it..' There are a few dangerous spots and if you know what your doing , you shouldn't have a problem.

O Really

I heard in the midst of the sub zero temps that a Land Rover SUV went thru the ice....I also believe that Land Rover was the scout vehicle for a coupld semi's that were to go to the island. So am not really sure but I doubt the ice is as "safe" after how many weeks of up & down temps + 2 days of 50 degree temps with a topper of yesterdays gale force winds....but then what do i know.....I have never played on the ice.


You never go between green an cataba, the crack opened up and the current is to strong... If they were expierenced it would never happen. The wind coming out the northeast is making the water rise and breaking the ice up a little. Use your head fellows.

From the Grave

So, for the VAST majority of people who don't have that insider info~STAY OFF THE ICE.


Very good advice, Grave. It's obvious that every year there are PLENTY of people who have no "experience" or "insider info" because people fall through the ice (or get stranded as the ice cracks/separates) every single year. This is serious stuff here.


I do use my head and I stay off the ice. Simple as that.

From the Grave



My brother caught his limit on Monday & Tue. And said it was a foot to a foot and a half thick, that's strong enough to drive a semi on.... Know were your going and were you can't go before putting yourself in a situation that you have know business doing.. Its not inside info. If I'm going onto ice I am going to get a report of what's safe and what's not.. Lol. Its simple stuff people. Its not nuclear physics. C'mon its ice., be smarter then the block of frozen water


The article states twice that it was unknown why the men were on the ice. What? No one bothered to ask?


Has anyone ever heard of women going on the ice or is it a guy thing?