Drunken driver gets 15 years

Massillon man pleads guilty in crash that killed one, injured three
Courtney Astolfi
Mar 13, 2014


The Massillon man whose drunken driving took the life of a Bellevue woman last fall was sentenced to 15 years behind bars Wednesday morning.

Morgan Jevec, 24, pleaded guilty earlier this year to five felonies — one count each of aggravated vehicular homicide, aggravated vehicular assault, failure to comply with the order of a police officer and two counts of vehicular assault.

His charges stem from a fiery Sept. 17 crash in which Jevec, whose blood-alcohol level registered 0.136 precent, was driving a vehicle that slammed into a car driven by Tracy Albright, 36, at U.S 20 and North Sandusky Street in Bellevue.

Reports of a reckless driver speeding west through Monroeville and headed toward Bellevue were phoned in, but officials’ attempts to stop the Grand Marquis were unsuccessful.

Jevec’s vehicle collided with Albright’s Blazer at 11:11 p.m. and she was soon pronounced dead. The three passengers in Jevec’s vehicle sustained serious injuries, and both vehicles caught on fire.

During his Wednesday appearance before Huron County Common Pleas Court Judge James Conway, Jevec made a short statement to the court.

He said he prayed the victims would find forgiveness, and that he could find forgiveness for himself.

“If not, I’m going to live my life in turmoil,” he said.

Knowing that he, defense attorney Dave Longo and Huron County prosecutor Russ Leffler had already agreed to a 15-year prison term, Conway’s sentencing came as no surprise to Jevec.

“There is time that is due” he said.

Both of Jevec’s parents offered statements on their son’s behalf, but Conway ultimately went forward with the agreed-upon sentence.

Jevec could see early release after serving 10 to 11 years, Conway said. His license will likely be suspended for life, a condition of his seconddegree felony vehicular homicide charge.

Hefty financial repercussions may also be included in Jevec’s penalties. His three passengers —Steven Gresser, 31, Christopher Watters, 48, and Ricky Treherne Jr., 32— are seeking restitution for a total of $1.29 million, Conway said.

“Given the significant damage, a lengthy sentence is appropriate” Conway said.

Jevec received seven years for his homicide charge, more than three years for aggravated vehicular assault, more than two years for failure to comply, and one year each for the two vehicular assault charges. Conway ran the sentences consecutively.

Jevec was handed over to Huron County deputies and is awaiting transport to prison.



He is getting what he deserves. Stay home if you're going to drink dummy. Or get a ride by a sober driver. Why does it take a death to put someone behind bars for this?!

mimi's word

The riders in his car are just as guilty. They should recieve NOTHING!!! No one made them get in his car. The only true victim is Tracy Albright. I was young once too. I rode with people before and it was goofing around, had been drinking and etc. If they recieve anything it will be a shame!


your assumptions are questionable.

mimi's word

What assumptions? If they were riding with him and he robbed a store they would all be in trouble. I do not feel that they should receive any financial gain from this. You chose to be in the car, pay the consequences, including your own hospital bills.

O Really

Hefty financial repercussions may also be included in Jevec’s penalties. His three passengers —Steven Gresser, 31, Christopher Watters, 48, and Ricky Treherne Jr., 32— are seeking restitution for a total of $1.29 million, Conway said.---------------Unless the driver put a gun to their head these 3 shouldnt recieve a dime!!!!!
Seems to me that the 31,32 & 48 yrs olds should have known better than to get in the car with a 24 yr old drunk....I dont care what the arguement is!!!!!
These 3 are just looking for the payday at the expense of a kid that did something stupid & reckless. Any restitution should go to the family of the woman killed!


He should get life, death penalty, or lethal injection. He killed another man because of his stupid actions. Why is he getting out so easy?


So sad for the lady. He's a drunk punk. Hope in prison he gets ******.