10:15 a.m.: More, more and more school closings

Perkins, Port Clinton, Fremont, others ...
Mar 13, 2014


The following school districts are on a two-hour delay today except as noted:

•Bellevue — CLOSED
•Benton-Carrol-Salem and St. Boniface — CLOSED
•Christie Lane School and Work Shop — CLOSED
•Clyde Green-Springs and St. Mary's
•Danbury — CLOSED
•Edison — CLOSED
•Fremont public and parochial — CLOSED
•Help Me  Grow
•Margaretta — CLOSED
•Moroeville — CLOSED
•New London
•Port Clinton — CLOSED
•Western Reserve



I thought margaretta was closed now

Tsu Dho Nimh

It would be nice if Huron had a delay system.

Tsu Dho Nimh

double post


This list is way outdated, a bunch just closed. Add Margaretta & Bellevue.


Perkins PD just posted on FB that Perkins schools are now closed.


They likely will all close because I don't think they will run the buses unless the county is in a level one.


Perkins closed but Huron, Sandusky, and SMCC all went in at 8. Ok...


8:00? Huron HS starts at 7:25.


They need to update...Edison is closed.


Bad time to close to for this is the week of State testing. Safety before the tests is my thought. What a winter and I have heard it said next year will probably be the same kind of winter. Lets hope summer is great !!!


Over here in Port Clinton, the roads were VERY bad this morning. I know my wife and I would very much like the kids to be IN SCHOOL but there is just so much risk in allowing the buses out on the roads with our children in them slip sliding around. We only need to see the turnpike debaucle from yesterday to see that. Our schools had already notified parents that the school days will be extended by 30 minutes at least through the OAA and ACT testings. I fully support our school system in making these decisions. Not easy options, for sure. Anyone see Spring up ahead?


I agree reddog!