State piles on four more snow days

Ohio lawmakers OK 4 extra calamity days for schools.
Associated Press
Mar 12, 2014


A compromise to give Ohio schools four extra calamity days headed to Gov. John Kasich's desk Wednesday, as more snow whipped and whirled around the Statehouse.

The conditions outside were not lost on state lawmakers as they prepared to vote.

"Mr. Speaker, it's snowing outside. We need to pass this immediately," said Rep. Gerald Stebelton, a Lancaster Republican.

Lawmakers came to an agreement on Tuesday after encountering an impasse last month over two competing versions of the bill.

Schools have been waiting for relief. Snow, ice and harsh temperatures have led many districts across Ohio to exhaust the school year's five allowable calamity days — most commonly called "snow days," in which schools can close without making up the lost instructional time.

Many public school districts across Ohio have canceled classes for nine or more days this year, the bill's sponsors said. Some Guernsey County schools in the eastern part of the state have topped 17 such days.

The measure would let districts use the additional calamity days only after holding class on four other scheduled days off, such as holidays or school breaks.

Districts could continue to make up missed days through 30-minute increments tacked onto regularly scheduled school days. They also would have the option of using work-at-home "blizzard bags" and online lessons.

Under the compromise bill, districts could excuse graduating seniors for any makeup days that occur after commencement ceremonies.

The bill contains an emergency clause. It would take effect as soon as Kasich signs it, which he is expected to do.




Is the teacher's union silent?


So if we were off 9 days we still need to make up 4. If you were off 12 days you will have 9 calamity days. Why is the state so stupid. They GAVE us four days... sort of.


No, there would be 8 calamity days in total, so if a SD had 9 calamity days, only 1 day would have to be made up. If a SD had 12 days, 4 days would have to be made up. Ohio gets 4 calamity days to begin with, and they're adding 4 days to that.


"The measure would let districts use the additional calamity days only after holding class on four other scheduled days off, such as holidays or school breaks."

Maybe I'm just reading it wrong. It sounds like the schools get to use four calamity days, but only if they go to school on four other days. It doesn't make sense. It's six of one, half a dozen of the other. I guess the state is saying that schools don't have to make the days up at the end of the year, but they do have to make them up somewhere. That doesn't really sound like "additional" calamity days.


No Ohio gets 5 days normally, not 4. So they are adding 4 more to the 5.


Incorrect people. Read it again. Schools get 5 their calamity days, then have to make up 4 "contingency" days before getting 4 more calamity days.


Correct YoMamma. Schools have "contingency" days - these are either days made up via blizzard bags, holidays, extended days or making up in the summer. Schools have to make up four days with their contingency days. In the end, schools get 5 calamity days, then they have to make up 4 contingency days, then they get 4 calamity days excused. If your school didn't use blizzard bags, plan to go 4 extra days this summer.


Am I missing something here? It is not about how many days off or how many days have to be made up, but giving the kids an education and this requires a certain number of days of instruction. I sometimes think that we have lost track of what the whole purpose of school is. I recently traveled in China and there the children have little time for anything but their studies. I am not suggesting that we go to this extreme, but these are the same people that we will be competing with in the future. It is time to wake up America, and stop worrying about calamity days and start worrying about our place in a very competitive world.


Which is why Asia is subject to the stereotype that they're all geniuses.

The Big Dog's back

Spoken like a true Con. Get in line.

From the Grave

I think there should be school all year long, and kids can just take family vacations any time of the year(limited time off, of course). Also, start school LATER in the day so kids are not getting on buses in the dark. Take days off in bad weather ANY time of the year~their safety has to be a priority. ALL schools should be offering advanced college credit classes to college bound students, AND advanced vocational training to students who don't plan of college, so they can walk out of high school with some skills. Also, schools should find a new source of funding that the general public can't vote on, because the general public is too foolish to understand how important education really is. Also, teachers should have more specific training, especially in psychology and child raising.
Or we could just keep doing things the SAME way we were 100 years ago...