Baci NiteClub gives new promoter a spin

“We are trying to bring the energy back, you have to have good entertainment. I have nothing but good dance music”
Melissa Topey
Mar 11, 2014


The Baci NiteClub is trying to revive the era of the dance club.

Jim Mazza Productions has been hired into the club to DJ and conduct promotions after business has been slow.

“We are trying to bring the energy back,” Mazza said. “You have to have good entertainment. I have nothing but good dance music”

He plans to provide that by playing Motown music from the 1950s, ’60s, ’70s and ’80s.

Want to go?
•WHAT: Baci NiteClub, featuring Jim Mazza
•WHERE: 5909 Milan Road, Perkins Township

•WHEN: 9:30 p.m. Saturday

“People 30 and over should like what we are going to do” Mazza said.


There used to be several dance clubs in the area, including the Holiday, the Vogue, The Keg, The Barn and The Place, Mazza said.

People who visited the clubs could dance with someone, if only to see if they had chemistry, he said.

“Now, there are just bars,” he said.

Mazza will start spinning his songs for dancing at 9:30 p.m. Saturday. There will be door prizes as well, including four drawings for a room and two drawings for a dinner at Baci.


The Bizness

This are could use a nice dance club for the 30 and under crowd. Playing house, pop, and some hip hop.


And smartphone chargers at every table.

Dr. Information

I think they want this to be an upscale place. Not saying that some different music would be a bad thing but I think they want to keep the young (non spenders) out and bring in some people that will dress nicer (not in baggy pants, ball caps, shirts 3x to big for them along with ego's 10x bigger than there wallet.

Bring back a nice place where people can actually dance. Swing, cha cha, salsa..etc.

Cell phone chargers. Put the dang phones away. Stay at home if you want to be on your phone all night long. Dumb idea.

The Bizness

We will spend when a business is worth spending our money on. I spend a lot, but it has to be something worth it. This is a place I will never step foot in.

People under 30 do not always wear baggy pants, ball caps, and large shirts. You are thinking of a subset of people. There are under 30's in this town that work hard, are well educated, and want to have fun. This area needs to work on keeping young professionals or else you will be left with a bunch of 70 year olds going to Baci.

Simple Enough II

You got that right.

Simple Enough II

You got that right.


Is this old IAB club?

Dwight K.

Always heard that that was a swingers club


So they want to revive the club and they are bringing in Jim Mazza? Epic Fail!!! This guy is in his late 60s or early 70s. What worked for clubs in his era won't work now. You would think if they were serious they would bring in some of the areas better DJs. I hear Bryan Thom is available.


I disagree with you Knuckle. Being in my mid 40's I can remember all the places that we went to around here that where like dance clubs. The Village, Club Avanti and a whole lot more. That was good music then. I really won't go if you have the modern day music of today. The crowd that follows that kind of music in a club always seems to bring trouble. His age has nothing to do with it if he plays the right music. Maybe it will give us mid age and older people somewhere to go now where we don't have to worry if we will see or even be in some kind of fight or something going wrong. I for one will be there one of these Sat. very soon.

Good 2 B Me

The Village! I had forgotten about that place! Thanks for the memory!

From the Grave

Disco? Yeah, that was awesome...


Most people in their mid 40 (such as myself) aren't hitting the clubs every weekend anyway. Like it or not the club life is for young people, and my opinion is that this likely won't work, maybe it might bring in a few senior citizens but then they'll have to deal with lawsuits when they fall and bust a hip on the dance floor. ~ LOL

Seen it All

I use to love the music at Johnny Angels back in the day.

looking around

I can smell the seabond and toupee glue from here! The crowd he attracts won't make it past 9pm.


"The crowd he attracts won't make it past 9pm"

The Early Bird special starts at 4 P.M.


LOL. Yup, imagine all the walkers banging into each other on the dance floor. LOL

shoreline dude

This is a good thing at this time. I hope he does well and ROCKS it. Summer will be good for Baci and Jim and it will be fun for visitors. Love B.T. Also!


La maybe you could do stand-up! That was great!

From the Grave

You still wearing that fakakta suit? Don't you ever wear a jump suit like Wayne Cochran and the CC riders?
BTW, people sill love Motown, and with good reason!


In related news, the Baci Nightclub will be for sale in about 4 months. The sale will be announced once the owners learn that nobody will come out to dance to music that is 40 years old or older.

From the Grave

That includes Lynyrd Skynyrd now!

From the Grave

And AC/DC!




jim mazza was a drag in 1995 nice guy but too old us dinosaurs need to stand down and let the kids take over to get the energy back


Before you criticize him any more, are any of you doing anything to bring an idea to fruition?

You knock people who are at least trying to do something and will be the first ones in line to say, very smuggly with your know-it-all attitude, that you knew it was a bad idea. He's doing something and deserves a chance.

I don't know him and have no connection other than I love dancing and being able to understand the songs of that era. Dancing brings joy and I put the music on to keep myself young. Try it, I dare you.

The Bizness

I agree with you, but this area does need something for the 30 and unders as well.


This area has plenty for the 30 year old crowd. Just read the paper on Sunday. It will tell ya where they hang out.

looking around

Round House Wednesday Tradition and Catawba Inn Seniors Gone Wild! Now Silver Alert Night at Bacci's! Don't forget to wear your depends! LMAO!

And B.T. thinks he has problems with some requests, wait till Mazza deals with the old gals and guy's with dementia......It goes something like this........I think so and so sang was all the rage!

looking around

But then again it could look like this......


So much negative. Give it a chance. Someone else can start something different.


I think location is also a factor. That area is full of cops and highway patrol. One stiff drink and you risk a DUI. Not worth it. I really don't think Mazza is the right guy for this.


deer tracker, whom would you recommend? You?


I would not try to re-invent the past. I'm not saying anything negative about him but it is what it is, it ain't what it ain't and you can't make it is what it ain't!!!! Jus sayin'!


Okay I've got a question..have any here heard 25 & under talk? Heard of a coffee shop & Wi-Fi in Huron (younger crowd)..any thoughts? Btw, I do hope this guy makes it.

Nam Vet

This should start at 7 or 8 not 9:30pm. I think he will figure that out when very few older folks show up. I would go but not that late.