The Mailbag: What's up with the Venice Road overpass?

Q: What's new on the Venice Road overpass? It was supposed to start in July and I haven't heard anything. I would just like an update on this. - Carrie on Venice Road
Jasmine Pace
Jan 15, 2012


Q: What's new on the Venice Road overpass?  It was supposed to start in July and I haven't heard anything. I would just like an update on this.  — Carrie on Venice Road

A:  Hello Carrie, good question. I talked to Todd Roth, engineering supervisor for the city of Sandusky and he told me that the city is currently going over the construction contract for the Venice Road overpass.  They hope to award it to a contractor in August. If that goes according to plan, the construction phase is expected to begin in August, though nothing is written in stone, Roth cautioned. We'll be sure to keep readers posted on what's going on with this long-anticipated project as it moves forward.

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I thought ODOT was building this overpass. I certainly hope the engineering dept. in Sandusky will not be overseeing the work. What a fiasco that would be.

Amerian Dad

Face it........that over-pass is not happening any time soon!...........if the City and the State would have got off their A$$ when this was first proposed, it would be done by now! Typical for our high dollar appointed engineers office....


 I thought they were going to build it on 101 (tiffin Ave) not on Venice.


Make sure they put the paint color choices on the next ballot, we want to make sure it's painted right the first time!


Coming from the south....Have you seen the orange flags off of tiffin that kinda look like markers for the new road just before george street .  do not know if this is a blueprint for the overpass?


Jasmine Pace,

PLEASE, Do Your Homework!  This is an ODOT Project and has been an ODOT project from the beginning.  The city is obligated for 10% of the total project and completion is anticipated for fall of 2012.  LOOK IT UP on ODOT!


  Utility companies have been working out there for a couple of weeks putting in drainage and electrical poles.  And as noted above there are flags out for widening and extending George St out to Tiffin Ave.  The scrap yard and car dealership on George St are already cleared out.  Some something is definitely progressing.

The real question is what happened to the couple of people holding up the process and trying to squeeze more money out of the state than their property was worth.



I'll believe it when I see it happening.


Three things need to happen first before that overpass will be built. First thing is when that small shopping center closes down. Next, the fire station will close down. Finally after there is hardly any traffic on Venice Road, then will be the time to put in that overpass.



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