Birding groups oppose ‘six giant wind turbines’

After the two groups wrote to the Air National Guard to complain about a planned wind turbine at Camp Perry — and threatened a lawsuit — the guard put construction on hold and promised to carry out a new study.
Alex Green
Mar 7, 2014
Two birding groups that succeeded in halting a planned wind turbine at Camp Perry have turned their attention to the wind turbine at the nearby Lake Erie Business Park.

The American Bird Conservancy and the Black Swamp Bird Observatory have written to Dan Ashe, director of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service in Washington, D.C., claiming “six giant wind turbines” are being built at the business park. The letter asks the service to look into the project and “take decisive action where appropriate”

After the two groups wrote to the Air National Guard to complain about a planned wind turbine at Camp Perry — and threatened a lawsuit — the guard put construction on hold and promised to carry out a new study.

The business park’s owner, James McKinney, defended the wind turbine as a green energy project and said the business park is doing its best to support the U.S. government’s efforts to turn away from fossil fuels and shift toward renewable sources of energy.    

The letter to Ashe, signed by Michael Hutchins, national coordinator for the Bird Smart Wind Energy Campaign, and Kimberly Kaufman, director of Black Swamp Bird Observatory, claims wind energy at Lake Erie Business Park threatens a major corridor for migrating birds.

“It is also adjacent to a wildlife refuge and has the highest density of bald eagles in the state of Ohio,” they wrote.

McKinney, founder and chairman of Dublin Commercial Property Services Inc. in Port Clinton, said the business park actually has just one wind turbine, a 900-kilowatt machine that’s been up for about two months.

“I don’t know where they get the other five” he said.

A map on the website that shows other wind turbines is an “illustration,” he said, and no other wind turbines are currently under construction.

“We complied with all of the rules and regulations set forth by the state of Ohio” McKinney said.

He had no comment when asked if an environmental impact study was carried out before the wind turbine was built.

McKinney said it’s important to pay attention to what actually goes on at and near his wind turbine.

“We are a heavy industrial site with heavy industrial activities all around the site” he said.

Nearby Camp Perry has gunfire going on much of the time, he said.

“Our goal has been to separate us from the typical manufacturing sites by offering green energy opportunities” he said.

The Obama administration supports green energy and so does U.S. Rep. Marcy Kaptur, D-Toledo, who has found funding for various renewal energy projects in northern Ohio, McKinney said.

Many of the groups fighting wind energy are funded by the petroleum industry, McKinney said.

Laury Parramore, a spokeswoman for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service, could not immediately confirm Ashe had received the letter. As a general rule, the agency prefers to get involved in proposed wind energy projects before they have been built, she said.

If there were allegations bald eagles had been harmed by the turbine, the agency’s law enforcement officers would investigate, she said.



We have plenty of birds and not nearly enough wind power. Wind power is an important part of our energy future so why postpone it?
The birds wil learn to avoid these turbines.


I have been to numerous wind turbine sites all over the world, and can tell you that at the base of each one of them is a large pile of dead birds! *******************************NOT!


Re: "NOT!"

So why is a 30 yr. moratorium necessary?

"For wind power, US extends permit for eagle deaths":

Licorice Schtick

We have plenty of energy, but Too Many People with too many bird brains, and not enough birds. Humans are responsible for the decimation, extermination and extinction of too many species. They're a plague.

Humans should stop wasting energy, stop exterminating God's creatures, and stop proliferating like rats.


Re: "They're a plague." "stop proliferating like rats."


So how do you foresee the unfolding of the "final solution" Mein Fuehrer?

Licorice Schtick

Godwin Lives!

swiss cheese kat's picture
swiss cheese kat

Many of the groups fighting the petroleum industry are funded by the solar and wind industry.

Stop It

Birds fly into high rise windows all the time. Do we take the windows out and replace them with brick?

red white and blue

We need less tree huggers in this world

Stop It



doG doesn't like you sying that.


But really, the derogatory term of "tree hugger" can be used by conservatives to dismiss the bird lovers or the advocates of alternative energy choices. Which way of thinking are you dismissing today you ugly terrible stup!d repuglican conservative slimy thug name caller? Perhaps both?


In this sense, perhaps the term "birdie huggers" would be more apropos?


Of course Marcy supports it, she supports anything where she can spend other people's money. She wouldn't be a true Democrat if she didn't.
Time to retire her and revoke her pension and perks.


At least Marcy makes sure that some of the federal tax dollars WE all pay goes back to projects in OUR area. When Republicans run the show, they typically vote down new projects and the federal grants (and our tax dollars) go instead to other states. The current Cincinnati streetcar project is an obvious example...


Re: "Cincinnati streetcar project,"

“'The frustration is that the other 51 neighborhoods in the city are suffering,' said Christopher Smitherman, a City Council member and former local president of the N.A.A.C.P. 'And these guys are talking about how they want a choo-choo train running through downtown.'”

So this guy is a Repub?

Aren't they still up to their eyeballs in debt over the two taxpayer financed stadiums?


Agree with all, we need to save money and be more efficient, we have millions of birds, I love birds too but energy saving is more important, also birds lay tons of eggs, guess we need to also stop all air travel, airplanes, hot air balloons whatever up in the sky, just a bunch of BS to get in the news.

Really are you ...

Efficiency? How efficient is it if you generate your own power to power your own house? Not relying on the grid? Electrical generation produced within your house. No possibilities of birdie killings or air pollution. Zero near or long term environment harm and user friendly. One less bill to worry about. An all electric house would get rid of a gas bill more money in your pocket, one less bill to worry about. Something that would pay you back for selling electricity back to power companies when you are not running everything in your house. No power outages. Who is to say these six turbines will lower your electric bill? An Electric motor in your auto with this generator, no pollution, no need to recharge, and no need to stop at the gas station, one less thing to spend money on. Now that would be too efficient. That would be real a life changing deal. A downside on auto applications is the automobile would weigh less and have more storage space. And who would want to take this power producing out of an older auto and put it in a newer vehicle? Not very effecient?

Really are you ...

Rethink. Yes think about being self sufficient. Think about making electricity, technically you can't make electricity, for your own needs right where you need it. Think about doing this without combusting anything. Think about making electricity without the sun, wind, water, or anything nuclear. Think about a generator that is compact in size, yet produces a lot of power. Think about the possibilities. Yes rethink about building another turbine, solar panel, power plant... When people, nah just think.


Think again.


Wind turbines "Cuisinart" birds.

Solar plants incinerate birds.

Oil, nat-gas & coal generate CO2.

Collectively, it looks like the bunny, birdie and tree huggers want us all to freeze in the dark.


I am pro- wind power. But, to put wind turbines in the middle of the largest migratory route in the US is just not the way to go. Birding brings tens of millions of dollars to Ottawa County.It is just a terrible choice to try to do this right in the Magee Marsh area.

Put them in an area that is already industrialized. Along Cleveland's lakefront is a much better choice.




Good point!


Re: "Cleveland's lakefront"

Reads like a case of NIMBY.

And then transmission lines will need to built.

One of the major problems with wind & solar are that they're abundant in isolated areas.


tzu4u: But it is ok to have a nuclear plant there, right? Also, it's in an industrial park, how much more of an "industrialized area" would you like??

The Big Dog's back


Marie Jane

The Comedy of the Stupid!

China's, quick moving, un-scrubbed, coal polluted air makes up 10% of California's smog.

Keystone is dragging on while our government swoons over wind and soon Canada will make a smart move and make a deal with the rest of the world (and, we will forever be importing oil for our needs.)

We are wasting our natural gas to fire up un-natural wind (natural wind is not a 50-story machine composed of toxic chemicals built in China using our exported coal which comes back to this country in the form of smog).

Whether the wind blows or not, we will be sitting in the dark, no coal, no oil, no gas, no nuclear.........with those rotting 50-story wind machines sitting in our back yards because all the wind turbine manufacturers have gone bankrupt and there are no decommissioning funds available, reminding us that when the great greenwashing occurred, our common sense left.

We will have destroyed life sustaining mature forests and millions of years old mountain tops for a dependent and destructive machine with a 12 to 15 year life expectancy.

Wake up!

Time to call an end to the wind turbine agenda.



Your assertions concerning wind power are not based upon facts. You should really try to educate yourself instead of repeating non-facts that you were told.