Mom: Huron teen jumped by group of 15

About 15 teens or young men brutally beat a 17-year-old boy Friday at Huron River Fest, according to police and the victim's mother.
Emil Whitis
Jul 15, 2011

About 15 teens or young men brutally beat a 17-year-old boy Friday at Huron River Fest, according to police and the victim's mother.

Even after beating Nathaniel Enderly unconscious, the assailants didn't stop until a woman called police.

Immediately after the attack — at about 10:30 p.m. — a retired U.S. Marine found Enderly lying face-down on the pavement in the 200 block of Williams St., a police report said.

Enderly had stopped breathing, so the Marine performed a "chest manipulation" on his lungs to start him breathing again, said Melissa Baker, Enderly's mother.

Huron police and firefighters arrived at the scene and stabilized Enderly before taking him to Firelands Regional Medical Center.

Doctors used five stitches to seal a wound on Enderly's chin, and six stitches for a cut on his nose. He was also treated for a concussion, Baker said.

"He's getting better, but he's still kind of out of it," Baker said. "Doctors told us it's pretty normal for someone who's recovering from a concussion."

The fight was likely the boiling point in a long-running feud between two groups of teenage boys — one group from Sandusky, the other from Huron, Baker said.



What I find more interesting is the fact that this story JUST made it to the paper. This happened last Friday?

my oh my

The riverfest or whatever it is called nowadays is right back to where it used to be that being a drunk fest...I witnessed some unpleasant events there last week as the cops walked on by and turned their heads to the incidents......NO MORE RIVERFEST!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


We came late... brought our own soda and snacks and enjoyed the fireworks.. We didnt want to have the kids see all the drunks so we sat far away from the festival itself.  It was a nice fireworks display to bad for the excessive drinking.  It takes it away from a family event, its more for the single younger crowd who like to waste money on alcohol


Does Sandusky have its problems? YES Does Perkins have its problems? Yes  Does Huron have its problems? Yes    Every city has wanna be thugs, etc. Yes, that means you Perkins and Huron, you have kids who think they are hard and Sandusky does as well. Let's get all of the thugs together and drop them off in Chicago to see how hard they are. Sandusky realizes it problems, but does not have a way to deal with them like the rest of society. Perkins and Huron handle it the same way they always have and that is simple reasoning of it "can't be my child". Within 10 years, we will be a county school district and everybody will have to learn to get along and that includes the communities.

Julie R.

I find it interesting that there are so many comments on this story yet hardly any at all on the story about the evil little b*stard that obviously raped his stepmother after he murdered her. Is it because people are just naturally assuming that this group of teens from Sandusky was black? I guess we'll just have to wait and see on that one.


Sorry if I offended anyone.   I love Sandusky.  I went to SHS.  Long live the Blue Streak!  Go SHS!


And oh by the way, It's Friday!  Get drunk!!!


I am!


Sorry for getting all of you worked up.




okay, seriously people. GROW UP! a kid got jumped and all you can do is argue about whos town is better? really? do you even care about the kid or are you that immature and self-absorbed that you cant get your head out of your own little pathetic world? i am younger than most of you on here and i am seriously disgusted. you people are adults and you are fighting like little kids! EVERY SINGLE TOWN has bad people and good people. NO town is better than another. no wall is going to stop the problems. Nathaniel i'm sorry this happened to you and i hope that you get better soon and the people who did this to you get caught. for those of you that are concerned about more than arguing about what town is better. good for you! as for the rest of you that can only argue about towns and stuff that has nothing to do with this boy and makes you sound self-absorbed and dumb, grow up and get a life!!


WOOOOW... PERKINS2060: or watever it is.. get ur mind right.. perkins is sandusky first off.. and it doesnt matter where the hell ur from sandusky..perkins.. huron... port clinto wtf does it matter.. i went to perkins my whole life and i still aint gonna down sandusky.. kids are gona be kids NO MATTER WHERE THEY ARE FROM.. your just ignorant as hell..honestly... i know lots of people from perkins that went to prison and ext... perkins is NO better then sandusky...i just dont kno even what to say after reading all these comments besides your ignorent..


 its nathaniel enderby, thanks 

Mama of 4

First off Nate I am so sorry what happened to you. I am the mother that was jumped in Sanduksy nad it embarrassing and hurtful not to mention unnecssary. And what a couple people said was right they are cowards and certinaly dont look tough for beating up a kid 15 one one. They look like lil weak punks who could fight you one on one so they brought all thier 'cousins' to help. Sad thing is all these kids are probably around the same age-17- and will the adults in this town soon.

Second Huron isnt that great of a place to live. I lived there with my parents and by meself for 10 years and I hate it. There is crime -all be it not as bad as Sandusky OR PERKINS yes them too- but it happens and is kept under wraps. ALso if you are not born there, have family in the sity or are rich, you are most likely an outcast. I hated going to school. And not just me, plenty of the people there are very stuck on themselves- not all but alot. Just had to get that out there.  And I also think that  agree with the people that said Huron shouldnt have the Riverfest of they dont have enough police. Williams St right RIGHT BY THE RIVERFEST- which is surprising that no one but one guys saw anything considering I went down and up Williams St. every night during Riverfest and it was quite busy. Hire more from other town for the event, call in reserve, on one gets a day off during Riverfest, something.

Last off people from wether it be Perkins, Sandusky, or Huron need to stop fighting. Here we are telling kids to stop fighting and we are fighting. Maybe the ones that are fighting are ones raising the kids who fight? Be proactive no reactive.


 Doesn't matter what kind of fued was in the past-these boys knew better.  No respect for a human life. What's next?   The only relieving aspect of this is there were no weapons involved...this time.  They need the strictest of punishment laid on them to stop this escalating behavior in its tracks.

yea right

yes i agree Perkins is much better than Sandumpy..

perkins cops are fatter..why they have all the good dounut shops

schools are better..why they are newer than sandusky's

Perkins is the "gateway" to sandusky..aka US 250

the list goes

tax payer

I agree with my oh my says, the Riverfest has gotten to where the former Water Festival was years ago. It becomes less of a family event, turns into drunks all over the place, inappropiate actions, and cops walking around making fun of the guy who is disabled. I am ashamed of what we allow people to do at these public events at a park and boat basin that I continue to pay for. Put-In-Bay has nothing on Huron when Riverfest is happening. Teens on the loose should not surprise anyone, but this happened on a busy street where there were folks all over the place. Did no one observe this?

my oh my

Put in Bay Police are the same way they turn a blind eye to almost everything that happens over there.They dont want any bad press. I for one could be a huge whisteblower on what goes on over there. I know a lot of bad things from there..........They fail to mention there's at least one RAPE every weekend,every bar over serves and serves underage patrons.They have smoking in the bars and illegal gambling and the bartenders are slipping drugs in girls drinks so they can rape them.......Need I say more????


 I agree tax payer....I saw way too many drunk and obnoxious people last year. I would have loved to watch the great fireworks display but I chose not to attend this year. My 8 year old son doesnt need to be around sooo many drunk people. I also missed out on the cabbage and noodles. On a positive note...I didnt have to witness a group of savage teenagers beating a kid who is already down ! Like you said...Did NO ONE observe this ???  Sad...sad....sad !






Julie R. says

I find it interesting that there are so many comments on this story yet hardly any at all on the story about the evil little b*stard that obviously raped his stepmother after he murdered her. Is it because people are just naturally assuming that this group of teens from Sandusky was black? I guess we'll just have to wait and see on that one.


What that guy did to his family was appaling but this was a 15 on 1 brutal beating.  Were they black?  There must have been "spectators".  They knew he was out but continually kicked when he was unconscience.  Bunch of heros.





Julie R.

A lot of people don't go to the Riverfest anymore for that reason. There was a ton of people over in the Discount Drug shopping center that brought chairs and watched the fireworks from there.  


 seriously people. GROW UP!



Get revenge.


FIFTEEN against ONE is too much for anyone to fight.  They should ALL get arrested and held accountable for FELONIOUS ASSAULT and possibly ATTEMPTED MURDER.  I would like to know what triggered 15 youth to decide to beat this kid to near death.  WHAT was the causal factor that 15 individuals looked at ALL the people at River Fest and decided to pick on this 17-year-old kid?  There is a story about a Huron High School student getting arrested for intoxication.  The same student got expelled from school.  I WONDER if this might be a related?  I hope not.  I WONDER what caused 15 people to simply PICK ON this kid and NO others?  Notice the "politically correct" Sandusky Register FAILS to list any description of the massive amount of assailants or suspects from Sandusky.  Does ANY one wonder WHY?  Can ANYONE explain that?  I can see Melissa Baker, mother, on a soapbox in support of her son.  I cannot blame her as 15 against 1 is a heinously violent crime.  But, her synopsis and excuse that two groups (GANGS) of teenage boys, one from Huron and the other from Sandusky boiling over is a LIE!  If it were true, then she just implicated she has knowledge that her own son is a member of a GANG.  Hey, Sandusky Register, how about some "investigative follow-up" on this story to find out WHO is being arrested for this?  If ANY crime requires investigation by the media or LE, this one definitely qualifies.  Can you find out if there will be any arrests?  If NOT, then WHY?  This story has substance and should not be swept under the carpet.  The River Fest will NEVER be a success for a family venue if there is no follow up to this incident.            


Notice the "politically correct" Sandusky Register FAILS to list any description of the massive amount of assailants or suspects from Sandusky. Does ANY one wonder WHY?

@ Taxpayer

We think alike in many ways and we differ in other ways.

Feel free to contact me for in private messages.

Do not worry. I will not seek your identity.

I admit that I know who is who of the trolls who have followed me. I put out a couple of subtle hints for the trolls.

I follow your comments Taxpayer.  You seem to have some insider information.

Feel free to contact me so that we can share what we know.




 We keep hearing that it was fifteen on one who did the counting? Why didnt they help? Yes lets hear what was the color of the thugs ? How do they know they were from sandusky and not from norwalk , or perkins or anywhere else? Did they yell out we from sandusky ? Huron is known for covering up its crimes.