UPDATE: Letter about missing emails released

Fremont law director wants to know how emails about city business got deleted; details blacked out
Mar 3, 2014


Fremont law director James Melle released a letter today he sent to the Ohio Attorney General's office last month requesting assistance regarding the deletion of public records from city email accounts.

The letter is heavily redacted, however, and does not reveal the nature of Mell's concerns.

Read the letter

The Register requested Melle and the Ohio AG's Office provide the exemption in the public records statute of the Ohio Revised Code, ORC 149.43, that allows for the redaction of this information. Melle responded the redacted parts are part of confidential law enforcement investigatory records.

The Ohio AG's office has not yet responded to the request.

Generally, in order for a law enforcement agency to start an investigation it must file an initial incident report with all the information initially reported to the agency before an investigation can be started. 

Melle, who was elected law director in 2011 after serving 12 years on the Fremont City Council, declined to detail his concerns when contacted by the Register Monday. 

"As a former city council member I have a conflict so I requested the assistance of the Ohio AG s offce," he said.  "I'm not going to make any comment about a matter that is being investigated.” 

It's not clear which agency initially started the investigation or filed an initial incident report, and Melle was asked Monday afternoon to provide that information and a copy of the initial incident report. 

The Toledo Blade reported the AG's office agreed to review Melle's concerns and the AG's office also was being tight-lipped about its review.

"Since no one is charged with anything, we aren't saying who the allegations are against," AG spokeswoman Jill Del Greco told the Blade. 



Well played Mr. former fremont city mayor. Well played!!!!!


The AGs office will investigate this but not a pervert state trooper. Freaking amazing.


Actually, if the alleged victim of Vitte's alleged misconduct or his mother or the Chidlrens' Services Caseworker filed an Affidavit with the Law Director charging a crime and citing the fact that the County prosecutor has potential conflicts (Vitte's attorney also works for Sandusky County), he probably would contact the AG's office. See RC 2935.09. This only applies if the acts occurred within the City of Fremont.

Stop It

I'm sorry but redacted emails of any gov't agency looks like foul play. There are ways to recover that data, as well.


Well this is yet another wonderful example of the incompetence in AG DeWine's office. Law Director Melle contacted William Schenck in March 2013. Mr. Schenck is the triple dipping old enough to retire Chief Assistant to AG DeWine who was arrested for drunk driving recently. The video of the arrest revealed he urinated on himself. Mr. Schenck blew off the concerns for nearly a year. One would think the senior advisor to the AG would be more professional.

I don't believe for one minute that AG DeWine can't find more highly qualified people to work in his office. It's another example of the AG's office ignoring official misconduct while employing political hacks who are not fit to serve.