Police: Multi-state roofing scammer behind bars

A man who has allegedly left a trail of theft and fraud from Ohio to Florida - and back - is behind bars at the Erie County jail.
Sandusky Register Staff
Jul 15, 2011


A man who has allegedly left a trail of theft and fraud from Ohio to Florida — and back — is behind bars at the Erie County jail.

Erie County Sheriff's investigators say former roofing contractor Gregory R. Haddox, 38, who most recently went by the name Eric Turner, has been booked on five counts of identify fraud, one count of forgery and one count of possessing criminal tools.

Haddox moved to the area about eight months ago, after fleeing from Palm Beach County, Fla., where, according to the Palm Beach Post, he faced a "litany of lawsuits alleging shoddy work and failure to pay subcontractors" in addition to felony charges for writing bad checks.

Haddox took up residence in the 4200 block of Miller Road and gained employment at a local roofing company under the false name of Eric Turner.

The roofing company then discovered files on Haddox's work computer indicating that he was working under an alias. The company immediately alerted authorities.

A warrant for Haddox was also issued out of Akron — where he lived before moving to Florida — in October 2009 for theft charges, according to the Palm Beach Post.

Erie County Sheriff's detectives are asking any residents in the area who have had dealings with Haddox under his alias Eric Turner to call 419-627-7553.

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Thank GOD he got busted..he screwed us over and many others!!! Time for a class action soon??


where's the rest of our money idiot???     Come on people, get aboard and take this trash down together!!!!

bored reader

That piece of garbage just called a few days ago wanting to get the balance of our insurance checks. Glad I didn't call him back!!


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local man

Yoder Construction has a responsibility to do any construction work in the area that their representative (sitting behind bars) arranged and financially mishandled.  Whether their firm does the work or subcontracts the work out, it was and is their responsibility to make good.  Call them and have your insurance deductible ready to be given to them and they should make good on the work.  This should be a wake-up call to all the so called local roofing companies who sold out to all types of behind the scenes financial deals from out of towners operating under their name.

Captain Gutz

local man,

Is that the law  or just your opinion?


You can be so careful picking out and doing your research on a company only to have the company subcontract the work and you haven't any knowledge that your roofer has brought in subcontractors. How are you supposed to research that situation?  There should be a law that your main contractor discloses on your contract  that subcontractors will be used and name those contractors so you can do your own research on them.   The customer has a right to have this information disclosed to him.   In this situation, the main roofing company didn't even do their homework to protect their customers until after the fact when the sub roofer had done a lot of damage not only to the customer but to the credibility of the general roofer's ruputation.  


This man belongs in prison so he can't do this to anyone again.  


Actually, I would think that when you contract with the main contractor, it should be his responsibility to pay his subcontractors and see that the work was done right.  The contract is with Yoeder and not the subcontractor.


this guy riped at least 2 companies in florida the one he got for 1.8 mil doing the same thing he was doing here


should be tared and feathered


Yoders Consruction should be responsible since they have screwed homeowners in the Huron and Eric counties  for years.  I have aleast 3 freinds in Castalia area the roofs they put on are worthless.  They say they have an "A" with the BBB but the truth is they just became acredited with the BBB last summer, after the storms happended.  Watch out for this group...


 Yoders has been a part of the community for OVER 40 years.  I can assure you that they have NEVER screwed anyone.  This is all the work of ONE man who has admitted to embezzling ALOT of money from the Yoders.  Yoders offer a 15 year workmanship warranty on all work for a reason.   They stand behind their work.  If anyone has a problem with their roof/siding they will stand behind it and make it right. 


@ Castaliahole - Just because they've only been accredited for a year doesn't mean anything.  Yoders has been around for over 40 years and that doesn't just happen for nothing.  You don't stay around for that long by doing shoddy work, or "srewing" people over as you suggest.    You're making yourself sound more  like a competitor trying to cash-in on this, than a concerned consumer. 

bored reader

They've done at least a dozen roofs on our road. We chose them based on our neighbor's rcommendation. They had done the roof at his church. They did our neighbor's roof and siding. He did hire shoddy subs. Fortunately, as far as I know, our roof was done by Yoder employees. Time to do a thorugh check. What's funny is now that I know he lived onls a couple miles from me he couldn't make it here himself when I questioned a couple things. Must have been busy finding victims. God has a special place for people like him!!

bored reader

Unfortunately, this is gonna hurt the very company he screwed. They will lose $$ and future business based on this moron. He really liked his name too. He started adding it to every sign that went up in a yard. You'd think he'd stay low key.


Just some information on your behalf. There's a site called angies list that is dedicated to rating businesses like this. I am in no way affilliated with this company, but most area companies sub their workout its alot cheaper in their behalf and as their costumer isnt it your job to look into a company and not just take a salesman word. i laugh ive been in this business and its a tough one,but really a company thats been around 40 yrs and are local i'm not sure are doing shoddy work. maybe we should wait untill all the facts are out about this guy before anyone points the finger at a company.seems he scammed alot of people in Fl doing the same thing under his own business and the state attorney seemed to let this guy slip out of there hands,so maybe hes just a con man and prolly coning yoders ouut of alot of money also. The area people that have gotten scammed did he tell them he was working for yoders or did he maintain that he had his own company? Lets not just point the finger yet...

bored reader

Disclaimer.. I didn't mean to impy Yoders did shoddy work. I was talking about the subs he used. I know the two he sent to do our downspouts for the gutters had absolutely no home improvement experiance at all. Just one reason I have't offered up the final payment yet.


Most major companies use subcontractors in every walk of life. Besides construction workers, subcontractors can include clerical workers, marketing professionals, Internet technology consultants and people who work in technical support or customer service Sometimes, companies also hire sales representatives, financial consultants and even attorneys on a contract basis.

  Subcontractors are not a bad thing, if the company that employs them monitors their work and holds them accountable for their work.  The companies that employ subcontractors must assure they have the proper insurance, worker's compensation and licensing.  They have gotten a bad rap by the media who writes articles only about the bad subs. 

Mel Yoder & his company has been around for over 40 years.  They have been reliable and do excellant work.  If there IS a problem with their work they DO come back and make it right.  No one is 100% in their work and if they say they are it is a falsehood.  Do you give 100% in your job each & every day?

Kudos to Mel Yoder & his family.  My prayers are with you as you go through this nightmare.  Yes they did my roof and I am proud to say that!


 Thank you George for being understanding, and for keeping us in your thoughts and prayers.  

Julie R.

This scam is nothing compared to what dirty elected public officials pull off on a daily basis!


Honestly, is BBB all that?           Is Angie's list better?                                  Isn't the BBB rather outdated?


This mans actions are unacceptable, and are in no way shape or form indicitive of how we operate.  If it wasn't for our company coming forward IMMEDIATELY after finding out who he was, and what he was up too,  he would still be out there hurting more people.  I can assure anyone who is concerned, that our company WILL stand behind any contracts you have with Mel Yoder Home Improvement.  Our company is a victim in this as well.  So before people start pointing fingers please wait until all the facts are out there. We haven't been around for over 40 years by doing shady business practices.  This is the work of two men,  Gregory Haddox aka Eric Turner and Gary Haddox aka Gary Turner.  If you have had ANY dealings with these two men please call the Erie County Sheriffs department, or Mel Yoders Home Improvement 419-433-7663.  Thank you for being understanding and for those sticking by us in this hard time.  We will recover from this and continue to provide excellent roofing & siding for the community.  


You know what? I have never done any business with this company, But I believe that they are also victims in this scam. These con men are everywhere in this country everyday, doing thier dirty work, this scumbag happened to land here. And yes folks, the longer the company is in business, the more reliable they tend to be. Its called a reputation for a reason.