Child care centers to follow first lady guidelines

The Learning Care Group says it will limit TV and computer time for children, eliminate fried foods and more
Associated Press
Feb 28, 2014

The nation's second-largest for-profit child care provider is adopting Michelle Obama's healthy eating and activity guidelines.

The Learning Care Group, based in Novi, Mich., says it will limit TV and computer time for children, eliminate fried foods, serve fruits and-or vegetables at every meal, replace sugary drinks with water or plain, low-fat milk, and provide at least an hour of daily physical activity.

It will also allow mothers to provide breast milk for their children and accommodate mothers who want to breast feed.

The Learning Care Group says it provides early education and child care services to more than 100,000 children between the ages of 6 weeks and 13 years at its 900 centers around the country. The centers operate under five brand names: Childtime Learning Centers, Tutor Time Child Care/Learning Centers, The Children's Courtyard, Montessori Unlimited and La Petite Academy.

Mrs. Obama planned to visit a La Petite Academy center in the Washington suburb of Bowie, Md., on Thursday to applaud The Learning Care Group's decision.

The first lady this week has been marking the fourth anniversary of "Let's Move," the initiative to combat childhood obesity that she launched in February 2010. The healthy eating and activity guidelines for child care centers, which were released in 2011, are part of that program.

Some 13,000 child care centers nationwide are now following the rules, said Sam Kass, the executive director of "Let's Move."

Getting kids off to a healthy start is "absolutely vital" because their tastes, preferences and habits are shaped in the earliest years of their lives, he said.

In October 2012, The Learning Care Group voluntarily put in place guidelines that mirror the steps the first lady has asked child care centers to take.

Formally adopting the first lady's guidelines means the rules will be institutionalized across the company. The Learning Care Group will also now answer to the Partnership for a Healthier America, a third-party organization that supports the first lady's effort by holding companies accountable for the commitments they make to improve the health of Americans.




Because Michelle is the poster child of obesity!


Why you jealous of her?


Typical YoMamma comment. Mouth set on "Fast Forward". Brain set on "Pause".


What brain?


Nothing quite like having the State feed, educate, house & entertain millions of children in order to help create a nation of future socio-economic dependents, who will tend to vote for and rabidly support their autocratic political class masters.



So how is the state feeding and housing its daycare. Since you don't have kids that young and I do have kids in daycare while we work there is no problem with what they are doing.


Re: "no problem with what they are doing."

Not surprised that you would see "no problem."

Did you vote for Michelle's husband?


Re: "The Learning Care Group"

They like those govt. (taxpayer funded) contracts.


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Nothing like sharing my country with someone who doesn't think we should try to help the less fortunate of us, who apparently thinks we should let small children should go hungry.

We all know what you REALLY stand for, Contango: it's an "I Got Mine. To heck with everyone else". I'm different, I guess. I"m thankful for what I have, and actually want to help other people.

The unspoken thing about all the Republican complaints is that the amount of money we spend on food stamps is miniscule compared to the amount of money we spend on new tanks for the military and subsidies/tax breaks for oil companies.

Anyone who truly cares about our future and our future economy understands that it is FAR better to exert an ounce of prevention, than to later pay for a pound of cure. If we do nothing, and let another generation of Americans adopt poor eating habits, WE get to pay for their inevitable increased health issues.

I recently read that the current youth generation is the first in American history with a lower life expectancy than that of their parents. If you don't think it's a smart move to try to prevent future health problems, then you're entitled to your ignorance, I guess.

Reading the wording and tone of your emails, I gotta say: you sound far more scary than 99% of the people I interact with. The non-stop tone of paranoia and anger, is something I would associate with a David Koresh-type. In short, an outlier, someone who really doesn't fit in with the rest of us Americans.


Re: "Nothing like sharing my country (snip),"

Hypothetical nonsense and wrong-headed assumptions.

One word: Charities.



Re: "new tanks,"

Off-topic 'but': Watch the Ukraine.


Some analysts expected Putin to 'pull something' after the Olympics.

What will Comrade President Obama do?


He should do NOTHING! It is not America's business!


I hate the Obamas, that's been stated......but I can't for the life of me understand why they would serve fried foods and sugary drinks at daycare. My kid loves milk and fruit cups. This is something that should never have been an issue. It's not like the Queen made it a law, she is pushing for healthier kids and I'm totally cool with that. Our kids need to be healthy. Glad the Obamas aren't totally worthless!


Why hate the Obamas or anyone that's promoting healthy eating for kids? A doctor will promote the same. Milk? Yuk!


I am cool with it! I have zero problems with this article. Why are you jumping on my nuts? It doesn't change our economy, it's not a law, it's an organization that took someone's advice. I agree with the advice. Barry is still a bad President, as was Bush, as was Clinton. Can't even give Michelle a compliment without Deertracker Jackson chiming in.


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Tango: It's only hypothetical nonsense in that hypothetical nonsense world of Conservative talk radio and on Fox. Conservatives have noooooo problem accepting handouts, be it from FEMA or subsidies/tax breaks, but they have a huge huge huge problem returning the favor. This is what we call greed.


Re: "It's (snip)"


NO, your rant towards me was hypothetical nonsense and full of wrong-headed assumptions.


You've admitted that you're an authoritarian Statist - ALL I need to know.

Otto von Bismarck, the creator of the modern welfare state would be proud.


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Actually, a token white kid would be an inaccurate picture. Republicans don't want you to know this, but more than 50% of food stamp recipients are (gasp!) white people.


Re: "white people."

So what?

The Political Ruling Class will take their droids wherever they can find them.

Food stamps: The 21st Century equivalent of the 30s bread lines and soup kitchens.

We are in a "hidden economic depression."

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It's: Your, not "you're."

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