Register sets pace

Newsroom beats competition in best journalism contest
Feb 27, 2014


The Sandusky Register set the pace in the annual Associated Press best journalism competition, earning 20 nominations, the most among all the newspapers in Ohio that competed in its category. 

The nominations were announced Wednesday. 

The SR's "Decision 2013" election programming was nominated in the best use of multi-media digital newspaper category. The Register's election programming included daily campaign coverage, hard copy and digital election guides, a series of live debates and live election night coverage with up-to-the-minute results. 

The Defiance Crescent-News also was nominated in the expansive category for its high school sports digital programming. 

The Register's August 2013 special magazine, "100 Years Forward," a tribute to Knute Rockne and the perfection of football's forward pass on the Cedar Point beach, earned a nomination as the best special section of the year. 

The Register's hard-hitting series "Stabbed, beaten, burned and zapped: Autopsies often say what police want them to say," was recognized as the best investigative reporting in 2013, up against work by the Warren Tribune Chronicle and the Elyria Chronicle-Telegram. 

The newsroom's design editors and the multi-media staff snagged top honors in a variety of fields in the competition.

Chief photographer Luke Wark and photographer Angela Wilhelm scooped up two of the three slots in the best photographer in the state category and lead design editor Nick Davis earned nominations in the graphics, best page one and best design categories. 

Design chief Mike Schaffer and design editor Karen Mork earned best headline writer nominations and Schaffer also was selected for best page one. 

The annual Associated Press awards banquet happens in May, where the winners and placements will be announced and the "Best Daily" newspaper in the state distinction will be awarded. There are just four winners in the general excellence award category each year from a competition that includes all Ohio AP newspapers in every circulation category. 

The Register has been nominated by the Associated Press judges for the "Best Daily" award every year since 2008, winning the recognition five years straight. 

Here is the list of Register nominations: 

• Best Headline Writer: Design chief Mike Schaffer; design editor Karen Mork 

• Best Business Writer: Reporter Andy Ouriel 

• Best Editorial Writer: Managing editor Matt Westerhold

• Best Graphics Artist: Design editor Karen Holcomb

• Best Photographer: Chief photographer Luke Wark; photographer Angela Wilhelm

• Best Special Sports Section: Sports editor Mark Hazelwood "100 Years Forward"

• Best Informational Graphics: Lead design editor Nick Davis, "Crash Map"

• Best Breaking News Photo: Luke Wark, "A Mighty Wind" and Luke Wark, "The Roof is on Fire"

• Best General News Photo: Luke Wark, "A Father's Grief"

• Best Sports Photo: Angela Wilhelm, "Shot Denied"

• Best Photo Essay: Angela Wilhelm, "The Perfect Legacy" and Luke Wark, "Kyra's Story"

• Best Breaking News Coverage: Reporter Courtney Astolfi, "Campbell Street House Fire, Murder"

• Best Investigative Reporting: Reporters Jessica Cuffman and Courtney Astolfi, "Stabbed, Beaten, Burned and Zapped: Autopsies often say what police want them to say"

• Best Full Page Layout: Nick Davis, "MLB Stadium Tour"

• Best Page One Layout: Mike Schaffer and Nick Davis, Sandusky Register

• Best Use of Multimedia: Sandusky Register's "Decision 2013" election coverage


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Best newspaper website! Although for how much longer before they decide to muck it up is anyone’s guess.


Agree, best newspaper website! They have the guts to cover stories that the News mess in Fremont won't even touch.


^ Totally Agree!


Way to go SR! And way to bring the usual conservative grumpy outlook to the discussion, thinkagain.

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You always find a way to insert your anger/contempt for those with opposing viewpoints and that is your defining characteristic. Yours must be a lonely existence, and I'm sad for you.


Despite the occasional grammatical errors and spelling mishaps, the SR is a totally decent paper.


Congrats and good luck!


Congrats SR!

Fibber Mcgee

How many papers are in the same division as the SR?

Matt Westerhold

There are 13 Ohio newspapers in Division III, including the Register. 

Fibber Mcgee

Thanks for the reply. That decent competition, Grats SR


Best compared to what, the RFD News?


It's the only one I read.


Great for you! Keep these blogs is a source of valid info for you.



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The Hero Zone

Congratulations to the SR and its staff! To hop on Kurt's point above, please make sure that you can continue to "help us help you" by providing moderation but openness in the discussion of stories, sharing of resources, and even leads/insight when it arises.

Together as a community we can continue to help each other become distinct and leaders in our own areas!


At a time when independent newspapers are disappearing all over the US, Sandusky is lucky to have one that reports all the news that's fit to print. Congratulations.


Congrats & Good Luck SR.. Keep up the great work!