Man accused of killing wife with screwdriver faces murder charges

The man accused of using a screwdriver to stab and kill his estranged wife was indicted Tuesday on charges of aggravated murder.
Emil Whitis
Jul 14, 2011


The man accused of using a screwdriver to stab and kill his estranged wife was indicted Tuesday on charges of aggravated murder.

An Erie County grand jury indicted Jeremy Gallant, 26, on additional charges of grand theft of a motor vehicle.

Gallant is accused of stabbing his estranged wife, Maria Vera, 22, multiple times in the head and body. Vera later died from her wounds.

Deputies were called to Gallant's mother's Hill Road home in Berlin Township on June 1. They arrived to find Vera suffering from stab wounds to the face, head and body.

She was flown by medical helicopter to St. Vincent Medical Center in Toledo, where she died about two weeks later.

After stabbing Vera, Gallant stole her 1999 Buick and fled, deputies said. Authorities later convinced him to surrender, and he was arrested near Oberlin.

"This is a very serious case," Capt. Paul Sigsworth said. "It was a very vicious and savage attack, but we'll have to let the case run its course."

Erie County prosecutor Kevin Baxter did not return multiple phone messages Wednesday seeking comment.

Tuesday's indictment did not indicate prosecutors are seeking the death penalty in the case.

Gallant has a hearing scheduled for 9 a.m. July 16 in Erie County Common Pleas Court.



My heart and soul goes out to this girls family, her poor babies will grow up without a mother now because of this monster.... It's such a tragedy





Our Fair LAWS, Whitey Bolger - Boston Gangster - spouse charged with Harboring a fugitive from justice. THERE are just under 12 MILLION illegal Aliens in the USA, and SOMEONE plural, are doing the Same, Harboring fugitives from justice, without charges.    

Giving them Jobs, letting them stay somewhere, feeding them, transportation, etc;etc;etc;etc;etc;etc ...............................................


We Love & Miss You Maria!


We Love & Miss You Maria!


My prayers go out to Maria's family and her beautiful little children. They will never have the pleasure of knowing their mom personally......they will only know her from the memory of her other family members.

Hope Gallant gets what he deserves!


He'll never get the death sentance, and if he gets life he will be paroled.

He will claim the nut job excuse.

Another example of a godless society trying to define what is right and wrong.

The Bible doesn't make ANY excuse for murder, even if the person is a nut job. You murder someone your exectued and God will sort it out when the accused stands before Him. Case closed........IF this country had more people with morality running it instead of the typlical sodomites and trolls that usually post here against anything that remotely connects itself to God.


It seems to me that Bailey has gotten it exactly backward.  The Bible says "Thou shall not kill".  It does not say that Thou shall kill someone who kills someone else.  How exactly is it moral for the government to commit a killing? 

curious lee

sweet mari did not deserve any of this, noone deserves vicious attacks like this. a month ago today maria sadly lost her fight with domestic violence but her family & friends are left behind still fighting, fighting for other domestic violence victims and also marias young children. there is still a bank account open at any PNC bank where donations can be made for Marias Fight & her children.

I would also like to share that marias family is fighting for laws to be changed called Marias Law.. the law stated her vicious attacker was still her next of kin so for a big period of time he had control over what happen to maria while she was left on life support and he was sitting in jail. due to him having legal rights to keep her on life support even though drs suggested otherwise by time things finally got pushed through courts for him to release his rights to Maria her organs was no longer able to be donated, which her family held on to hoping if god forbid maria did not make it they would have some comfort in knowing her life went on to help others. & that is exactly what Marias Law is for, to change the law where any domestic violence attacker would automatically lose all legal rights if he/she is the victims spouse/ next of kin & the reason they are in a hospital suffering from an attack.. it is not fair that these victims & their true family / loved ones must still suffer pain in the hands of their attackers just so the person can try to dodge Murder Charges. please take a few seconds out of your time to sign this online petition and join in on Marias Fight for Life.  here is the link to the petition!!  Rest In Peace Sweet Mari!, it is horrible you are gone but we are here fighting for your voice to still be heard!


I hope that other young women in abusive relationships use this tragedy as a wake up call.  As much as you try, you cannot change him.  It will just escalate.  Get out while you can,