Ohio Bike Week featured on TV tonight

Destination America spotlights Sandusky
Andy Ouriel
Feb 26, 2014


A record 160,000 people attended Ohio Bike Week festivities a year ago.

Tonight, millions more can tune in to see firsthand the popularity of the Sandusky-based motorcycle festival.

A three-part documentary series on motorcycle festivals premiering tonight includes an hourlong focus on Ohio Bike Week, which plays out in Sandusky every summer.

Want to watch?
Ohio Bike Week featured on three-part TV documentary series “Road to Sturgis”
WHEN: 8-9 p.m. tonight
WHERE: Cable channel Destination America, channel 286 on Direct TV; channel 156 on Time Warner Cable in Port Clinton; channel 204 on Buckeye Cable
INFO: destinationamerica.com/tv-shows/road-tosturgis

The other episodes feature motorcycle rallies in Laconia in New Hampshire and Sturgis in South Dakota.    This past summer, camera crews followed local authorities around mostly during Ohio Bike Week’s block party portion, when the festival overtakes downtown Sandusky for several days.

“It’s going to be like an episode of ‘Cops’” Ohio Bike Week’s primary organizer Steve Ernst said. “People should tune in because our hometown area is going national. We are really excited that our rally will be recognized nationally. It’s one of the most exciting things”

Police personnel are looking forward to tonight’s airing. Their interactions with people who attended the event “will be a good reflection for our community, which has been our focus for the past year,” Sandusky police Chief John Orzech said.

The official episode description: “Sandusky, Ohio, is transformed by hundreds of thousands of rowdy bikers into party central, and local cops have their hands full with drunk and disorderly bikers, vicious assaults and serious accidents amidst a celebration of bikinis and biker-stunt shows”

Ohio Bike Week returns once again this year. The 2014 edition runs from May 29 through June 7.



And that description sounds like it is good for this area that comes from "Cops"? OMG...it makes it sound dreadful.


This year's bike week is going to be packed after this. But like always it will be a blast


Great place for a terrorist attack.


Not gonna be on Buckeye Cable...SANDUSKY'S CABLE COMPANY!!......LOL

Good 2 B Me

It certainly was on Buckeye. Channel 204. It is listed in the article AND on the Guide on Buckeye Cable!

Erie County Resident

Watching the so called show. Not even half way thru it and it proves my point of nothing but drunk biker trash.
Yeah quote me your crap about "but nobody was arrested". BS, Erie Co. jail isn't big enough to hold all the idiots that should have been just during the first half of the show.


Exactly! Give that man a cigar!!


You must be old. Shut it


Go George...


Just got done watching the show. I need to point out, that not a single person they showed in handcuffs rides a Harley!

The arrests shown were kids in their 20's who can't handle their alcohol, NOT BIKERS!

Having said that, I want to really commend the Sandusky PD. I was really proud of how they handled themselves. Nice job guys, well done. You made Sandusky proud, tonight.


Hey....it's not my cup of tea either, but thousands came, almost all behaved, and they spent a ton of money in our county.

The program showed the Sandusky Police Department doing a great job keeping everyone safe.


I watched the show. (although my show description on Dish wasn't nearly what it says in this article).

I have to say it made the Sandusky police department look REALLY GOOD. It also made Bike week look great for the city of Sandusky and should probably be more here this year than last year.

Too bad NH didn't look as good.

@cjbell....terrorist hope to frighten people. that is why they call them terrorist. please do not live in fear that with every gathering that comes our way, a terrorist attack may come with it. you will live your entire life in fear and no one should have to live like that. Change the things you can, and worry not about those you cannot change. God Bless.


Great show!!!!!! Looked like an episode of Cops during Mardi Gras.


I hate agreeing with you, but it was a great show. I can't help but think the PD played up the "caring" role a bit much. They even offered to take fat and drunk to his mommies house and it didn't sound like she even wanted him. No cameras around and that guy woulda been cuffed and stuffed before he got a fart out!

WinstonSmith's picture

Peaceful Streets had a lot to do with SPD's behavior during Bike Week. Those guys had their cameras on the cops the entire week.