Obama announces new Midwest manufacturing hubs

"I don't want the next big job-creating discovery to come from Germany or China or Japan. I want it to be made here in America."
Associated Press
Feb 25, 2014

President Barack Obama on Tuesday announced the creation of two Pentagon-led institutes to boost advanced high-tech manufacturing, with the eventual goal of creating jobs that have been lost to global competition.

As part of his year-old promise to expand public-private manufacturing partnerships across the country, Obama announced a new center in his hometown of Chicago, concentrating on high-tech digital manufacturing and design. The other new hub will be located in Canton, Mich., outside Detroit, and specialize in light metal manufacturing.

"If we want to attract more good manufacturing jobs to America, we've got to make sure we're on the cutting edge of new manufacturing techniques and technologies," Obama said from the White House.

Obama announced during his State of the Union address last year he would spend $200 million to create the manufacturing hubs that bring together companies and universities for research and development of products. Obama said Tuesday  he could envision the creation of a sheet a metal as thin as paper and strong as steel that would be in demand by the military and private sector.

Obama made the announcement from a dais in the East Room that also held a supporting frame for a fighter jet, a helicopter engine, a robotic arm used by the Navy for underwater explosive disposal and a 3D printer. Obama joked that it seemed like he was standing among all that "cool stuff" to announce the creation of Iron Man.

"This has been a secret project we've been working on for a while," he said with a chuckle. "Not really ... "

The administration previously had a manufacturing hub pilot program in Youngstown, Ohio, and Obama announced the creation of another Energy Department-led hub in Raleigh, N.C., last month. He encouraged Congress to approve funding for even more to keep up with global competition.

"I'm really excited about these four hubs. The only problem is Germany has 60 of them," Obama said.

"I don't want the next big job-creating discovery to come from Germany or China or Japan. I want it to be made here in America," Obama said.

Obama said even without Congress, his administration would create four additional hubs this year, through a competition by the Department of Energy.


The Big Dog's back

Hear Hear Mr. President.

Darwin's choice

From msnbc today....." President Obama today confirmed the number of sign ups for the ACA has reached nearly 4 million.."

Haven't you and coasterfan been throwing 6-7 million numbers out in your blatherings?

Seems you're cut from the same "liar" cloth....


Nope. What I SAID is that current signup rates indicate that more than 6 million will have signed up by the end of the initial signup period - which is March 31st, more than a month from now. It was a prediction made in late January as to how things will be come March 31st, and 5 weeks from now, we'll find out if the prediction I read was correct. In the meantime, if you're going to quote me, why not surprise us all, and quote me correctly?

I did enjoy how you brought up something that wasn't even in the article, so that you didn't have to address the obvious good news IN the article: your president is directly responsible for a bunch of new manufacturing jobs. Do those sorts of distraction ploys actually work with the other mouth breathing Fox News viewers you know?

Darwin's choice

Well mouth breather, the groundhog makes predictions that are just about as reliable as your presidents.

And you may want to check your post(lie) youposted. You never said anything about a date! And just like your president, more lies!


Re: "more than 6 million will have signed up,"

How many are new enrollees, Medicaid, those with previous health ins. et. al?

Without a break-down these "estimates" are meaningless.

Typical fallacy and ultimate failure of centralized planning: Focus on quantity, NOT quality.

The govt. CAN NOT coordinate quality health care for 300 million people.


Congrats on Obamacare. Spent Billions of dollars, raised insurance rates on millions more, millions dropped from the plans that the President said they could keep, and you've successfully added 5 million college kids that would have had insurance, if there were any jobs around for them to work at.

Seriously, we're 5 years into this Presidential term. Where is the job creation.


There are plenty of jobs out there. All you need to have are 2 requirements meant. #1 Be willing to work #2 Pass a drug test Easier said than done.


Re: "Nope. What I SAID is that current signup rates indicate that more than 6 million will have signed up by the end of the initial signup period - which is March 31st,"

Please advise of the 4 million that have signed up how many have paid? How many went into medicaid paid for by the workers taxes? How many that signed up have actually paid a premium and have valid coverage? How many persons have been cancelled by their companies? Do you somehow think that more persons have been cancelled by their companies than are singed up for Obamacare other than medicaid ,actually paid a premium and have valid coverage?

Simple Enough II

Some folks I know who were forced to go this route were told by the sight that they would be going on Medicaid. What a joke of a system.


Does anybody really listen to anything coasternut and big dog's anus has to say anyway? Honestly, do some research on the crud they post, none of it can be backed up which leads me to believe they are paid bloggers for the Democrat party. They will both have stroke during the midterms when they lose control of the senate. The polls are already showing that it is likely to happen. The fact is that nobody, even most dems are not buying the lies and the constant blaming of republicans for all the problems. Lets face it, when the dems had complete control of both houses and the Presidency they couldn't accomplish anything, they said repubs were obstructing, now they don't have total control and they are still saying the same thing. The only thing the dems have been able to accomplish is the passing of the ACA boondoggle. A program the vast majority of Americans want repealed because of the pain it is causing. Let the coasternut cheerleading continue, he apparently has no problem going down with the sinking ship.


Hear Hear!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


If you like your Dr you can keep your Dr, if you like your an you can keep your plan. STFU LIAR.


Will he get the same reaction as Mike Rowe?


Shovel ready jobs, BITCHE$ !

Too bad the 90% of the losers that voted for him, don't want to work! They are even too lazy to sign up for "free" ObamaCare.

They love their Xbox and free Obama phones!


Re: Yea the problem Romney had is that he promised jobs for people that don't want to work.


The real laugh is the fact that several polls questioning people who helped put Obama back into office show the majority of them now have buyers regret and would overwhelmingly vote for Romney. I have to laugh, let them suffer, they wanted him back, they can deal with it


LOL. Leave it to rightwingnuts to complain when Obama CREATES JOBS.

Obama Derangement Syndrome is now epidemic. If the man cured cancer, Republicans would complain that he put oncologists out of work, and cured cancer without Congressional Approval.

Darwin's choice

If the moron would stop lying every time he opens his mouth.... nevermind, it won't happen.



Govt. can't spend $1.00 that it doesn't take from somewhere else.

Only socialist-progressive Obamanistas would believe that a govt. can "create" jobs. lol


Re: "Govt. can't spend $1.00 that it doesn't take from somewhere else."

Yea I do earn money that I do not get to keep because the government takes it away from me to give it to someone that does not have to work to earn their own.

Maybe I should just stop working and let the government take the money away from someone else that has worked to earn it for me.


Uhh, this is an idea, and it hasn't created a single job yet. Better to be deranged than suffer from Obama DELUSION Disorder.

Peninsula Pundit

Ah, see here!
Tango says govt doesn't create jobs,knuckledragger complains that he hasn't created a job.
You see this throughout the Republicans:
Half cry 'where's the jobs?' and the other half says 'Govt can't create jobs.'
Please figure it out, guys, and let us know what the real position is.
You really can't have it both ways, y'know.
At least outside the confines of your own skulls, that is.


Re: "Ah,"

Enjoy 'playing in the weeds' do ya?

So, tell me exactly 'how' do govt's "create" jobs?

Peninsula Pundit

I agree with your position. Govt's do not create jobs.
But I believe a case can be made for a WPA type of thing to rebuild our infrastructure throughout this country.
Please explain to your comrades here who post otherwise when they continuously ask the president, 'where are the jobs?'


Re: "WPA type"

Govt. make-work "jobs."

Also, times are different. Most work is mechanized; few picks and shovels. Have to hire Mexes.

Also, the funding comes from where?

Debt is already $17T and climbing. Fiscally the country was in better shape in the 1930s.

Jobs come from the private sector - tax and regulatory changes 'seriously' need to be made.

Pres. Obama is a centralized planning guy, not a private sector promoter – Keystone XL Pipeline.


He couldn't have picked 2 worse cities. One is so broke it can't afford to say the word broke and the other has one of the highest tax base in the country. What a dumba$$.

Peninsula Pundit

So which is which, Running on Empty?
I've been to Canton, Michigan.
You won't mistake it for Detroit.


Canton, suburb of D-town. Thanks for the info.

Peninsula Pundit

I didn't post to be thanked, I posted in query to which you were calling which in the original post.
You will not mistake Canton for Detroit.
No car older than 5 years old on the streets.
Cop cars, fire services say,'Canton' on them, not 'Detroit.'
Looks like Upper Arlington, Ohio.


Upper Arlington is a suburb of Columbus. Michigan is sinking financially just like Illinois. Sinkinnnnnnnggggggggggggg.