Obama announces new Midwest manufacturing hubs

"I don't want the next big job-creating discovery to come from Germany or China or Japan. I want it to be made here in America."
Associated Press
Feb 25, 2014

President Barack Obama on Tuesday announced the creation of two Pentagon-led institutes to boost advanced high-tech manufacturing, with the eventual goal of creating jobs that have been lost to global competition.

As part of his year-old promise to expand public-private manufacturing partnerships across the country, Obama announced a new center in his hometown of Chicago, concentrating on high-tech digital manufacturing and design. The other new hub will be located in Canton, Mich., outside Detroit, and specialize in light metal manufacturing.

"If we want to attract more good manufacturing jobs to America, we've got to make sure we're on the cutting edge of new manufacturing techniques and technologies," Obama said from the White House.

Obama announced during his State of the Union address last year he would spend $200 million to create the manufacturing hubs that bring together companies and universities for research and development of products. Obama said Tuesday  he could envision the creation of a sheet a metal as thin as paper and strong as steel that would be in demand by the military and private sector.

Obama made the announcement from a dais in the East Room that also held a supporting frame for a fighter jet, a helicopter engine, a robotic arm used by the Navy for underwater explosive disposal and a 3D printer. Obama joked that it seemed like he was standing among all that "cool stuff" to announce the creation of Iron Man.

"This has been a secret project we've been working on for a while," he said with a chuckle. "Not really ... "

The administration previously had a manufacturing hub pilot program in Youngstown, Ohio, and Obama announced the creation of another Energy Department-led hub in Raleigh, N.C., last month. He encouraged Congress to approve funding for even more to keep up with global competition.

"I'm really excited about these four hubs. The only problem is Germany has 60 of them," Obama said.

"I don't want the next big job-creating discovery to come from Germany or China or Japan. I want it to be made here in America," Obama said.

Obama said even without Congress, his administration would create four additional hubs this year, through a competition by the Department of Energy.



He picked a broke city that needs jobs. REALLY are you that simple ? Who is the dumb one here ? He could not of picked a better city.


Yes YoMamma, Mike was a little off base, not knowing the history of the Walton empire. More smoke and mirrors to heard the sheep into their stores just like dad did. 4 of the richest people in the us are Walton's. Lets see, beat down US manufacturers and their employees, provide a slight discount to customers and clean up financially.


Re: "Walton's."

Publically owned co.; don't shop there.

Whereas, Pres. Obama treats taxpayer spending like his own private piggybank with his harebrained, proven failure, Soviet centralized planning thinking.


Dang it, nocents, I hate when someone actually starts their own business and builds it into an empire. Maybe you will do something one day like start your own business and build it. It probably didn't come easy. If you hate them so much then never spend another 2cents (haha) there.

Peninsula Pundit

Tesla is trying to enter the car business, but current auto manufacturers are bribing the statehouses to make laws that won't allow them to compete.
There is the flaw in your simple pronouncements. With the way it is done today, it's 'build your empire and then buy off the system so you can have the federal govt subsidize your employees and cap minimum wages.'


Re: "Tesla is trying to enter the car business,"

At $90K plus, it sure ain't "The People's Car."

Buy some shares of stock (TSLA) - put your money where your misdirected mind is.

Peninsula Pundit

Thanks for responding to my point so succinctly.
Talk about misdirection......
Speaking of stock, yours keeps falling as to the veracity of your comments.
Heading for the 'penny' stock department in a hurry.
But it will still be 2cents worth, I guess.


Re: "Thanks (snip)"

You're welcome. If you're posts aren't misdirected, I don't mind commenting on them.


Peninsula Pundit gets five ***** stars!

(The truth's glaring reality is blinding for those who don't open their eyes.)


There is absolutely nothing wrong with a Capitalistic Society. It's when the checks and balances AND morality have been purchased by those who want all the cookies and cream for themselves. Our new service-base economy leaves little room for individuals to rise up through the ranks no matter how good of a new widget they create. And...when they do...they too will most likely off-shore its production. It's a vicious and self-perpetuating vortex of Free Enterprise on steroids. Game. Set. Match.


2cents; I agree in so much that the Walmart affect was another major contributor to the demise of our downtowns. The time has come, unfortunately, where it is very difficult to wean people off their Walmart addiction. Walmart did their homework, implemented their plan and work at it daily. It seems people don't realize that their shopping habits also have a direct impact on those same people's jobs. "Let's save a little even if it means cutting our own long-term jobs." The pendulum will be hard (at minimum) to reset.

Dr. Information

America will be spending more annually on our debt interest alone than on the yearly military budget in just a couple years. Thanks Obama.


I have no problem with that, Doc. I'd much rather pay our bills than spend more on our hugely overbloated defense budget, wouldn't you? You DO know that we had a budget surplus until Bush decided to put few unnecessary wars on our credit card, right? You do understand that this is where the debt interest came from, right?

Darwin's choice

You do understand you're the biggest azz kissing troll here, right?


Re: "overbloated defense budget,"

Agree with providing for a 'Protect America First' defense budget.

However, let's see how those Dem members of Congress react when defense jobs are lost in their states and districts through the cuts.


Re: "over bloated defense budget,"

We will be downsizing our military while Russia, China, North Korea, and Iran continue to expand their military is anyone worried ? Does anyone think all the other countries are expanding their military just to have some place they can spend their excess money ?


Paying interest on your debt isn't exactly paying your bills when you have to borrow money to operate every day.

You probably believe Bush caused the 9/11 terrorist attacks.

Peninsula Pundit

He didn't cause them, not smart enough.
Cheney? More likely.
No one in that administration did anything to prevent them, although they were specifically warned of who and how it was going to be done.
That fact is indisputable.
And is completely off-topic to this board.


Re: "And is completely off-topic to this board."


But keep spewing those ridiculous Demo-bot talking points anyway. lol

Peninsula Pundit

Careful, now.
You're agreeing with me to the detriment of one of your comrades.
You aren't going to let your monomaniacal world view be disrupted by a true statement, are you?
Stay in line,tango.


Re: "You're agreeing with me,"

Only that it was "off-topic."

You merely confirmed that you're nutzy enough to be a 9.11 truther.


You and people like you are the greatest threat to the US. " I'd much rather pay our bills than spend more on our hugely overbloated defense budget" So you would rather have your tax money go over seas to just pay the interest than create a job here in the states. You know all those defense contractors and such will be jobless because you have a thing for paying off communist regimes. You do realize that Obama has added to that debt more than all the other presidents now? Now he has not only doubled the debt but the interest as well. Learn some economics instead of getting your fiscal advice from a street corner community organizer.

The Big Dog's back

Actually you right wingnuts are the greatest threat. Fact.


Only in your world, You people would love the chance to kill off fellow citizens because you hate their rights or re-educate them and call it freedom.
As I said before dog, you and people like you scare normal Americans. Your worse that terrorist.


2cents you also forgot about local governments paying for those jobs because most aren't full time. (workers get various forms of aid)


Even the liberal Washington Post calls Obama a liar and gave him a Pinocchio nose rating. Very enlightening article. Seems we have heard this mantra from libtards since Obama's start of his treasonous occupation.


Peninsula Pundit

The Post is a damnable liberal rag until it posts something the republicans like. Then it is the 'undisputed truth.'
It sure gets old real quick.

Really are you ...

Hey Obama! The next big job-creating discovery should have already, can, and probably will come from right here in North Central Ohio. Obama, put one of your incubators, excellerators, think tanks, work tanks,or whatever you want to call them around here. There is no change if you keep doing the same thing.


So what he is saying is that private industry can't figure out new ways to manufacture things without his intervention.


Can this guy be any more out of touch with reality?

Peninsula Pundit

Next, you'll cry he 'hasn't created any jobs.'