Hey Mom, I'm home

PFC Meghan Tetzloff brought her mom Becky to tears with a surprise visit earlier today. (Includes video of reunion)
Jason Werling
Feb 23, 2014


Meghan Tetzloff surprised her family including her mother Becky during a 7th birthday party for Meghan's niece Annaliesa Blake at Chet & Matt's pizza on Sunday.

See more photos of the reunion HERE

PFC Tetzloff is home for two weeks leave from Germany before she is sent to Kuwait to work on Apache helicopters.

The surprise was planned by Becky's sisters.

Watch video of the reunion in the player below


Dont Worry Be Happy

This was a wonderful surprise for mom im sure. Meghan be safe and thank you for your service.


When you personally address your mother - "Mom" should be capitalized.


What a great day for this family!

And when you personally address mother, it should be "your", not "you're".


Absolutely. I love when people correct grammar with improper grammar. Nice burn.


Yep, and I corrected it. However, I don't work for a paper.

Spy's picture

Still doesn't change the fact that you are trying to correct someone's grammar while not being perfect yourself. It's hypocrisy.


I just LOVE the happy stories! We need more of them!


Awesome! Thank you for your service!

Jason Werling

We corrected it as well. Now everyone can continue with their, they're, there reading.