Wrong way driver hits vehicle head-on

Accident in westbound lanes on Route 2 closed highway for an hour
Feb 22, 2014


A wrongway driver in the westbound lanes on state Route 2 struck an oncoming vehicle head-on Saturday afternoon, sending two people to Firelands Regional Medical Center.

Mary A. Fox,  81, of Sandusky, was driving a  2004 Honda Accord when she drove into the wesbound lanes of Route 2 from U.S. 250. She suffered incapacitating injuries, the Highway Patrol said.  

Fox struck Jaqueline Zupka, 60, Macedonia, who was driving a 2012 Chevrolet Equinox. Zupka also was transported to Firelands Regional Medical Center suffering minor injuries.

Both vehicles sustained severe damage, the Patrol said. Both women also were wearing seat belts, and alcohol is not suspected as a factor in the accident.

The westbound lanes were closed for about an hour after the 1:30 p.m. accident, the Patrol said.



Come on SR. Get a proof reader. "she suffered incapcitating"? Hope everyone recovers quickly.


Time to take 'mom's" keys away. I had to do that with both my father and father-in-law.... It's not easy. It's actually horrible. But it had to be done to save lives.


And everyone's worried about teenage drivers.......

Don S

When are state officials going to wake up and have tire spikes put in the off ramps ???? This would flatten the tires of cars going the wrong way !!!!!


That's a good idea in general but as I understand it would not have helped in this instance. She evidently drove up the westbound ramp in the correct direction then did a u turn at the top of the ramp.


Was she texting? Maybe to busy putting on make-up! Damn kids now a days!!!


Ohio's driving rules need to be similar to Florida's on this topic. STOP DRIVING MARY


This is another prime example of why the elderly (should) be retested when they get to a certain age... You can't be impaired while driving, because it's dangerous (obviously), but by god, you can be ancient as hell and drive a road missile if you want to and that's okay.. NO, it's not!.. wtf?


Agreed. Most older people don't want to admit that they're not competent to drive anymore, and when friends or family try to take away the keys, it's often ugly. I'm sure there are as many ways to broach the issue as there are people who need the intervention, but I've never yet heard of one of them that leaves everybody feeling all warm and fuzzy afterward!

A test is objective, and it's administered by strangers with zero interest in the circumstances beyond the safety of the general public. You either pass or you don't. It would save family strife, of course, but it would also save LIVES, including that of the elderly driver. That's got to be worth something, isn't it???


It is ugly. After my father and father-in-law I was accused of everything from "cutting my legs out from under me" ; "You stole my car." ; "You've never loved me, because if you did you'd find my keys!"


Last fall my husband and I were at the DMV to get the tags for our car. We were waiting in line and watched an elderly woman, I am talking close to 90, getting her eye test to renew her license. The register was pretty much "talking" her thru it. Asking her repeatedly if she saw the flashing lights. Telling her they could be anywhere in the view finder. Reminding her they could be any color, any where, either, side. Are you sure you don't see them. There was a younger woman, her daughter I assume stand with her, helping her along as well. After about 10 minutes of this careful prodding, the old woman finally decided she saw them and responded that yes she saw them. The register passed her, took her picture and sent her on her way. Now, if the vision test is so well controlled and carefully administered I can only imagine how well the driving re-test would be conducted.


Hell Sam, most PEOPLE don't want to admit they can't drive...


I followed a driver who was all over the two-lane roads and was told to not follow the driver home, after the sheriff's deputies finally arrived. I was giving updates and gasping every time she went left of center on a country road with zero sight distance. Found out later she was having a migrane. They told her not to drive if she was not feeling well. Complain all you want and nothing gets done. People with medical issues KNOW they shouldn't be driving, but they do anyway.


It's funny how no one "commented" on the 38 year old semi driver who rammed into the back of a 67 year old and pushed his car into another semi, killing the 67 year old.