Ard to be honored as part of Black History Month

The celebration is 6-8 p.m. today in the Decade Meeting Room at the Board of Education at 407 Decatur St., Sandusky.
Feb 20, 2014

The public is invited to join a celebration in honor of Black History Month and City Manager Nicole Ard.

A group of citizens, religious leaders and civic organizations is hosting the event in recognition of Ard. In addition to being the first black Sandusky city manager, Ard is the first female to hold the position.

The celebration is 6-8 p.m. today in the Decade Meeting Room at the Board of Education at 407 Decatur St., Sandusky.



Hey Ms. Cole should not feel left out. She made Dick Tracey's list of worthy nominees!

Dr. Information

If this is all they could come up with to honor, all I can say is wow. There isn't a more qualified black person who is actually doing their job to honor in Sandusky. I saw a black man on the grounds clean up crew at Cedar Point last year. Way more qualified.

Julie R.

Geez, all these derogatory comments just because Ms. Ard was honored as part of Black History Month for being the first black Sandusky city manager? Were there this many derogatory comments when Kevin Baxter was chosen "Prosecutor of the Year?"


Geez, no matter what the topic is, Julie will find a way to bring in her vendetta against Baxter.


LOL, that's exactly right Julie! This is all about a social organization choosing to honor one of their own for their own reasons. It's identical to the Prosecutor's association selecting winners of their annual award for political reasons.

Come on.. Kevin Baxter Prosecutor of the Year AFTER the AG admits they had reliable evidence of his illegal drug abuse for years and he lost a libel case to the SR over the issue. That was all about trying to restore his tattered reputation. Then there was the award to former Cuyahoga County prosecutor Bill Mason AFTER the Feds convicted over 40 officials, LEO's and lawyers for public corruption under Bill's nose!


The fact that African Americans have to debate, argue or defend a NON VIOLENT celebration is the exact reason why there is still a need for black history month. HAPPY BLACK HISTORY MONTH! I'm also looking forward to St. Patrick's Day next! :-)


Honored for what???? She is so arrogant that she doesn't feel she needs to do the duties she is required to do, just because SHE doesn't feel they're important. She makes major financial decisions without consulting her bosses....she has put that city into such financial ruin that firefighters must now lose their jobs...and she's being honored???? Wow she has really set the bar low, way to go Nicole....your only quality is your skin color

Julie R.

Nicole Ard put the city of Sandusky into financial ruin? Give me a break.

BTW, did you Sanduskians ever find out how much the rent-a-judges & Cleveland attorneys made off of the fixed Nuesse fiasco?


Anyone?????? I want to know too!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Dr. Information

Do your own homework and stop asking others to do it for you. Lazy.

Julie R.

Duh ..... how can anybody do their homework when the records are being concealed? Didn't they say it was nobody's business what the Sandusky taxpayers ended up paying for that sham firing of the female police chief?


Did Ms. Ard attend the event and receive the award in person? Did she speak at all other than saying "Thank You"?

I'm surprised the Sandusky Register did not post an online story plus a picture or even a video of Ms. Ard receiving the award.


After conducting a web search, I found much data supporting what I believe most already know, namely the percentage of Black/African Americans, male or female, in positions of management is low. In this context, Ms. Ard receiving an award for being not only the first Black/African American Sandusky City Manager, but also the first Female to hold the position, would indeed be an appropriate and worthy honor.

What raised an eyebrow for me when I read of Ms. Ard being awarded for her achievement is her performance in the role of City Manager since being hired has been anything but stellar. I understand those who believe it's entirely appropriate for Ms. Ard to receive the award. As for me, at this time I just can't separate Ms. Ard's award for achievement from her subsequent performance.

To those who chose to award Ms. Ard: Why do so now when a month from now Ms. Ard may be terminated due to poor performance in the role of City Manager?


The rating of her performance as City Manager is pretty much subjective. See Fireside's post in this thread.

The city manager serves at the pleasure of the City Commission. The City Commission's performance over the last couple years has left much to be desired. It's hardly fair to dump all their inadequacies at her doorstep.

Just a Girl

She has more than enough inadequacy all on her own. Yes, I'm disappointed in commissioners Smith and Hamilton, who I thought would do so well. I'm disappointed that Diedre Cole who cares so much, didn't complete her paperwork correctly to get her name on the ballot. But Ard's problem is her job performance, not the commissioners, except that they've allowed her to stay so long. She looked good on paper and I was excited when she was hired, after the disasters of Rick Finn, Matt Kline, etc. But it's been downhill from there.

Brick Hamland

If you had to list the top 5 people in sandusky to be honored for black history month, who would they be?

Just a Girl

1. Yvette Shores-Boy Scout scoutmaster
2. Luvada Wilson, Clerk of Courts
3. Tracy Shoemo, Pastor
4. El Da'Sheon Nix, Community Organizer
5. Naomi Twine, City Commissioner
What do they have in common? They get things done!