Ard to be honored as part of Black History Month

The celebration is 6-8 p.m. today in the Decade Meeting Room at the Board of Education at 407 Decatur St., Sandusky.
Feb 20, 2014

The public is invited to join a celebration in honor of Black History Month and City Manager Nicole Ard.

A group of citizens, religious leaders and civic organizations is hosting the event in recognition of Ard. In addition to being the first black Sandusky city manager, Ard is the first female to hold the position.

The celebration is 6-8 p.m. today in the Decade Meeting Room at the Board of Education at 407 Decatur St., Sandusky.


mimi's word

So honoring someone who does do a great job instead of some one who has a poor record I think would better represent the black community then someone who isn't supported for anything other than her color. I am sorry if this was a story about women in history I would not want her listed other than she was the first to hold the job. no award. I hear her award should be getting paid for a job she doesn't do. I understand it is not about her performance but the representation is. The way she shows up for meetings she probably won't even show.


Thank you for your insight and placing the issue in terms anybody should be able to understand. If a social or political organization wants to recognize one of their own, who are any of us to judge their choice?

I hope that Ms. Ard seizes the platform she has been given to spell out her vision for Sandusky before a friendly audience. She could mobilize the black community, women, and safety forces/city workers to support an admissions tax increase to 8% coupled with an income tax decrease. Such an approach would raise revenues to improve infrastructure while attracting new businesses, residents, and possibly expand the city's borders to foster economic development because of the lower tax rate for residents and businesses.

She could point out how the attacks on her have been orchestrated by the multi generational self serving greedy power structure in Sandusky that never wants to see anybody other than members of their "GOB club" prosper, while asking everyone else to fund their prosperity through tax abatement, cost shifting, and back room deals.

Left Sandtown

Well if I needed any DARTS,I know where I was going tonight.


"""In addition to being the first black Sandusky city manager, Ard is the first female to hold the position."""

Nowhere in the article does it say Ard is being honored as "City Manager of the Year".


I believe you've very well highlighted the conflict with the award: Ms. Ard is being honored because of her race and gender while at the same time her performance in the position is so lacking to the point she is being required to work through a short term corrective action plan with the real possibility of her receiving this award in February and receiving a termination notice in March.

Kottage Kat

I am sure Sandusky has equally deserving women of colour.
To honor one of those local women would be far more impressive and logical.
Not being from Sandusky do not know anyone qualified. Gotta be one out there.


Stella Hunter Anderson
Peggy Hollies Mayo
Barbara Johnson
Gaye Harris Miles
Diedre Cole

Ned Mandingo

Isn't she the same person that is incompetent at her job? Why would anyone honor her, regardless of her skin.


Because, contrary to what certain groups would suggest, skin color apparently DOES matter. In fact, it matters SO much that some should be shamed for it though they don't deserve to be, while others should be HONORED for it though they don't deserve to be.


Skin color definitely matters when interviewing for a job.

Dr. Information

Yup because if you are black, you get positions based on color and not being the best qualified.


No if you are Black, the application goes in the trash as soon as you leave! Get it right!

mimi's word

Is that why you are on here so job cause of your color???


Here's a LEGITIMATE nominee: Luvada Wilson. She fits the only apparent criteria seeing as how she's both black and a female. Where she differs, however, is that she actually seems to understand her job description and is performing at a high level.

Darwin's choice

^^ Agree ^^


She's not the first black female to hold that job. For the last time Sham, this is not about job performance!!!!!!!


No, she isn't. In fact, she's still cleaning up from the poor performance of the previous black female occupant.

Now, pay careful attention deertracker: We all KNOW this isn't about job performance (obviously)! It's ABOUT BEING BLACK. And that's ALL it's about. And THAT'S what many of us find objectionable.


Why do you object? Are you black? Did you hire Ms. Ard? Are YOU giving her an award? MYOB if you find it "objectionable".


If you care what color I am, then you're a racist. If you DON'T care what color somebody is, then what difference does their color make?

Here's what's objectionable (since it's clear somebody has to spell it out for you): Black History Month is supposed to show everybody that black men and women have contributed many things to our country and that they should be remembered for those achievements. It's very much an "equalizer" of sorts, showing that white people aren't the only ones who do important things. That's fair. That's reasonable. But pretending Ard is anything special solely because she's black is like saying George Washington only went down in history because he was white.

George Washington (the Revolutionary War general and the first President) WAS important, and George Washington Carver (the scientist, inventor, and teacher) was ALSO important. That's true because of what they DID, not how they looked. What has Ard done BESIDES be born black (something for which she bears no credit OR blame)?

Most of us, including a consensus of City Commissioners, consider Ard a dismal failure as City Manager. Are we giving out awards for LACK of contributions now? Or again, are we honoring people based entirely on the notion that skin color makes somebody better or worse than anybody else? THAT, deertracker, is TRULY racism!


As usual you are completely clueless!

Dr. Information

Add usual deer, you post the same responses when faced with intellectual paragraphs.

Julie R.

@SamAdams: Just out of curiosity, how do you know so much about the Clerk of Court's office?


I'm so confused....she IS doing a wonderful job as city manager, Isn't she? She got a glowing review last year. Smith, Grohe, Farrar, Brown and Hamilton signed it. I believe them, she did exactly as they instructed her. She takes her direction from the commission.



An innocuous celebration of black history and the vitriolic comments begin. This thread reads like the minutes to a Klan meeting.


sorry bob..

Ned Mandingo

i can't wait till this month is over.

Teeter's picture

This is hilariously sad that something so meaningful is being used in this way to support someone that bilks the public of an undeserved salary for doing nothing....amazing but not surprising all considered. It's embarrassing and demeaning, especially to others who have accomplished so much for so long.

Diedre Cole

Julie R.

The way I understand this she was chosen not only because she's the first black person to hold the title of Sandusky city manager, she's also the first female to hold the position, so I really fail to see why that would be embarrassing & demeaning.

As an afterthought, the way Sandusky goes through city managers, I think she should be awarded for taking the job to begin with!


Sour grapes Diedre?


Yeah, I was kind of thinking that too. Sorry Diedre.