Snow emergency level cancellations

All area counties under an advisory; check back for updates.
Sandusky Register
Feb 17, 2014


Updated at 3 p.m. today.

•Erie County:  None.

•Huron County:  Level 2 winter road condition advisory until further notice.

•Ottawa County:  None.

•Sandusky County: Level 1 winter road condition advisory until further notice.

•Seneca County: Level 1 winter road condition advisory until further notice.

•There is a parking ban for the entire city of Norwalk until further notice. Residents are urged to move any vehicles that are parked in the streets to allow city to clear the roads.



Level 1 - Roadways are hazardous due to accumulated snow or ice. Drive cautiously.

Level 2 - Roadways are hazardous due to blowing and drifting snow and/or ice cover. Only those who believe it is necessary to drive should be on the roadways. Contact your employer to determine if you should report to work.

Level 3 - Roadways are closed to all non-emergency travel due to extremely hazardous conditions. No one should be on the roadway unless it is absolutely essential to travel. Those operating vehicles on the roadway for non-emergency reasons may be subject to arrest.





Erie county level 3, sr if your going to have the road advisory posted you can atleast update it when it changes


The Sheriff's website indicates a Level 3 at this moment. An Erie County-wide "Level 3" is not justified at this time. It will be lifted soon (or maybe, the website will be corrected.).


Wigglewagon is right, Level 3 for Erie County according to the Sheriffs website.


Agree..Erie County is Level 3, please update before people make the decision to go out in this. Secondly, if you did not get your cars off the road last night..Good Luck they are now iced in and you are not going anywhere for awhile. Even if not a snow street at 4 points good luck!

Common Sense

Despite the warnings from the sheriff's office, KBI remains open today. As long as they have their lots plowed, you must get in to receive payment for the day regardless of salary or union standing.


You shouldn't be paid, but you should be able to miss work without penalty.

From the Grave

I guess they better work while they are still in business...


Well from what I understand, a lot of places will remain open until the Sheriffs Dept physically walks in and shuts them down. Pretty bad when they want to make the sheriff do more than what they already do. So unless they start handing out tickets we will all have to be to work. I know the first time I get one that will be the last one.


I hope the sandusky register doesn't expect their paper delivered at the risk of life and limb. the paper can wait. safety first. stay home and bgsu should close for the day with a level three warning. Wake up out there.


Is it me, or does Erie County hand out Level 3's like candy during Halloween. I can see the country roads being an issue, but in the city, come on.


It's you!

Perkins Resident

Non country roads are clear.

Kottage Kat

Huron County: Level 2


Has anyone seen anything about rt 269 north of Bellevue being closed? Or the there's a semi turned over on rt 4?


I heard that there was an accident on 269 @ Mason road. However it is cleared up. The problem with it is that the road is drifted shut. People who live in a city or town have no idea how high the drifts can get in the country. This includes state routes.


Thanks Grandmasgirl


I do not know when people became so "sissified". I know the last few years the winters were pretty mild but WOW. All the level 3's are crazy! Seems like 20 or so years ago when I was starting out in life there were NO Levels. I went to work, no questions asked. I dressed warm. I packed a few things in the car. I had my bag of kitty litter. I did NOT have a fancy AWD Sport Utility...I had a hatchback 5spd. I left for work over an hour EARLY and wished for the best! I never had an accident, I never had to have someone tell me it was too bad to drive to work. Yes ONE time I put my car in the ditch. I also got myself out of the ditch, and continued on to work.
Why is it so much worse NOW then it was then? Grow a pair people. Be adults. You do get snow days anymore. How do you pay your bills? No work, no pay? If you cannot or do not like driving in snow, I guess you could move. It is is a hint. It might snow again next winter.


I agree.. we should all follow your lead and shove our heads into the sand when it comes to this issue. Lets continue driving in blizzard like conditions and create potentially life-threatening hazards for ourselves and others!


So you ARE one of those that needs someone to tell you when you can and cannot do something? Do you need a "snow day" too? I was taught how to drive in the snow. I took drivers ed and my parents taught me as well. If you feel as if you cannot handle it by all means STAY HOME. I feel as if I can drive IF I NEED to. I do not need someone to tell me I can or cannot.


You just admitted that you once lost control and drove your vehicle into a ditch because of inclement weather, but yet here you are screaming "nobody can tell me what not to do!"

Luckily it was a ditch and not somebody's house!


Yep. There were NO snow emergency levels!!!! I had to go to work. And yes I slowly slid around a curve and stuffed the front of my car in a ditch/snow drift. At 20mph....I doubt I would have hit someone's house. And you are right NOONE will tell me what to do. If you need someone to tell you that is fine. I do not. I had a job. I needed money to pay my bills. There were no snow emergencies, and I had to go to work. As adults we didn't get snow days. Grow up.

Common Sense

As I read this post, I have to wonder if you have taken into consideration the number of vehicles currently on the roads at any given time. Many of the drivers today are in their teens with their ow vehicles and lack the experience of driving in the snow. Also, any weather historian will tell you that this is one of the worst winters on record in terms of snowfall.
I don't think it is that we need someone to tell us what to do. I, for one, appreciate knowing that the roads are "not so kind" this morning and that if I can (and I can), I should stay off the roads to allow our safety forces to perform the tasks of pulling people out of ditches and cleaning snow-drifted roads.
We all need money to pay our bills, but I also think it would be tragic if someone was seriously injured (or worse) trying to get to work.
There were no snow emergency levels when we were younger. Technology today allows us to determine the level of driving and also allows us to get help quickly to those who are in need during these times.
I hope this perspective will allow you to understand why there are changes.


I am not saying that everyone just needs to go out and driving around to see the sights and grab a milkshake. It is the fact that IF YOU NEED to be out, you should be able to make that decision for yourself. As for TEENS that is a parents decision. The parent owns the car, the insurance and the right to tell the teen NO DRIVING.

Common Sense

erased the double post


No one is happy...... People complaining about no level 3 because it's so dangerous & then others talking about the old days when people walked in blizzards to work/school. I am just glad my family is safe at home with all the accidents that are being reported.


Don't forget that they walked to school uphill both ways. ;)

People were complaining during the last storm that Erie County DIDN'T go to a Level 3. No pleasing people.

I don't think Erie County has overused the Level 3 this year. People act like they've called one once a week.