Snowmobiler rescued on ice

Ottawa County sheriff's deputies, U.S. Coast Guard found him injured offshore about a mile after he called for help
Feb 17, 2014


Ottawa County sheriff's deputies located a missing and injured snowmobiler Sunday about 1 mile off shore on the ice of Lake Erie in Jerusalem Township near Crane Creek, the U.S. Coast Guard is reporting. 

The sheriff's office requested assistance from the Coast Guard Station in Marblehead. The injured snowmobiler, who called for assistance, was located by an Ottawa County Sheriff’s officer who walked offshore on foot to assist.  

A Coast Guard ice rescue team responded aboard an airboat with emergency medical services personnel and an inflatable rescue craft. The airboat crew arrived on scene at 11:37 a.m.

Fire department personnel assisted the snowmobiler and secured him to a backboard. Meanwhile, the Coast Guard ice rescue team was placed in the rescue raft and towed to shore by his own snowmobile.

The name of the injured snowmobiler was not being released by the USCG. He was transferred to Lucas County Hospital by ambulance.

In a related news release, a Coast Guard crew from Michigan rescued a snowmobiler Saturday after he fell through ice.


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Are the boaters who go out in the summer and have accidents or health problems and need help idiots? I don't understand why people who use the lake in the wintertime are considered idiots?

Fibber Mcgee

I'm sure most know what they are doing and things do happen, but just the idea that , boats float and snowmobiles do not, makes me stay on solid ground.


Just guessing here... but I bet there are a lot more boats at the bottom of the lake than snowmobiles!

No Wake

They don't float, but they can skip across open water if you get going fast enough!

Truth or Dare

This is just one example of what we pay our safety services, such as LE and the Coast Guard to do! That cold-weather/water rescue training pays off! For the first time in a long time there are 100's of "idiots" out there on the Bay and Lake ice-fishing, using snowmobiles. It's not for me, but as long as they're doing so with caution, observing signs/warnings, more power to them.


Even though the lake is supposedly completely frozen, it still poses a danger. I believe the snowmobiler hit a crack in the ice which caused him injury. In any event, it's not safe out on the ice and it's not really safe out on the water either. That's why I stay home.


It is not safe driving either. Do you not drive?

Whiskey Tango F...

I was in that area all weekend fishing. Us idiots were on 18" of ice. Conditions were perfect and it was a great weekend. We live on a lake, get over it people. The coast guard is always proud, ready, and willing to assist. I appreciate them as well as every other sportsman that uses the lake. Is a person who slides in the ditch and requires the help of a county sheriff held to the same standard?

4-wheeler al

ice fishing is safer than summer time boating with the island hopping drinking parties on boats.


A group of us rode from Catawba to Put in Bay, Middle Bass, then back on Saturday afternoon. To me; on that day, it felt safer than riding locally around here. That being said; it IS Mother Nature, and she can be unpredictable.


You can crash in a field and get hurt just like he crashed on the ice and got hurt. He's not an idiot, he's embracing our beautiful Ohio winter. It doesn't say he went into open water, or broke through the ice, he just crashed. Stop being nancies.